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Top free things to do in the UK
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on April 18, 2018 Share on

Low on budget , high on memories – Top free things to do in the UK

When in Britain, you cannot resist wallet-friendly ventures. Right from taking strolls around gardens which radiate serenity to gawking at artworks at museums – there is a wide range of free things to do in the UK. Here, we have a list made for you to explore the unexplored!

1. Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- hadrianswallcountry

The Arbeia Roman Fort was once home to the army troupe who were in-charge of guarding the Tyne inlet. With the inner walls portraying the different lifestyles of Roman life, other works that can be found in this museum are – gravestone of Victor and a tablet with Emperor Alexander Severus’s name inscribed on it.

Quick Tip: Free-parking space provided

2. The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- wikipedia

Established in 1670, the ever-beautiful Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburg houses a rare set of plants and wildflowers from China. Close to 13,302 plant species can be spotted here. All through the year, the garden hosts live performances, guided tours and exhibitions. Right from chilling with family to embarking on a hand-in-hand stroll with a loved one – a visit to The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the top free things to do in the UK.

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3. The Tolkien Trail, Birmingham

The Tolkien Trail,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- birminghammail

Be ready to cherish your hobbit moments by embarking on the Tolkien Trail in Birmingham. You can download the guide created by the tourist board of Birmingham city to navigate safely. Sarehole – starting point on the city’s outskirts – is where JRR Tolkien is said to have taken the inspiration for Hobbiton and the Shire. King Edward’s Grammar School was Tolkien’s school and the other Lord Of the Rings references you can find here are the Moseley Bog and Victorian waterworks.

4. The Potter Trail, Edinburgh

The Potter Trail,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- tripadvisor

If you are a Potter-head, brace yourself for the perfect Harry Potter outing! Meet the fellow Harry Potter fanatics at the statue of Greyfriars Bobby on George IV Bridge and be a part of ‘The Potter Trail’.  There’s a free walking tour which will take you around the areas that inspired JK Rowling to write this marvel of a series. Potter-head or not, the Potter Trail is definitely one of the top free things to do in the UK.

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Get ready to hyperventilate more as you cross the cafe where JKR penned down the first book of the Harry Potter series. Fascinated much?

5. The National Football Museum, Manchester

The National Football Museum,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- pinterest

If you are a fanatic who’ll go crazy with anything and everything related to football, wait no more! The National Football Museum in Manchester is where you can find multiple footie artefacts and computer games. From clicking a selfie with the jerseys worn by legendary players like Maradona to shaping up your football skills at the electronic play area – this place is filled with history, pride and sportsmanship. You can also get some football commentary done at the ‘Match of the Day Commentary Challenge’ on the first floor of the museum.

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6.  Chester Roman Garden

Chester Roman Garden,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- wikimedia

The Chester Roman Gardens – seated between River Dee and Pepper Street – is a park that houses the Roman buildings. The garden also displays different varieties of plants and trees. The top things to be noticed in this garden are – Roman Baths, Roman gymnasium and the roof of Deva Victrix fortress. You can also check out the nearby places of Grosvenor Park and the Chester Roman Amphitheatre.

7. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- visitgreenwich

Enjoy your walk up the hill’s top at The Greenwich Park in London and we assure you the view from there will blow your mind away! You can spot the 17th century Queen’s House, Canary Warf’s skyscrapers and Thames river. What better place to settle for a picnic in the capital city?

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8. Wallace Collection

Wallace Collection,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- artfund

The Wallace collection is where you can observe a wide variety of art pieces with the notable ones being miniatures, porcelain statues and 18th-century French paintings. You’ll lose track of time looking at the finest works of Rembrandt, Velázquez, Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds.

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9. Wimbledon Common

Wimbledon Common,Top free things to do in the UK
Image credit- gardenvisit

Wimbledon Common in London is more of a conservation area. Along with the ‘stag beetle’ you can find many other varieties of insect species. Best place for evening strolls and picnic, do visit to the Wimbledon Common – which is one of the top free things to do in the United Kingdom.

From picnics and gardens to museums and picturesque areas – hop to the various destinations in the UK which are free of cost!

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