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5 islands in Italy you should bucketlist!

When planning a vacation to Italy, most of us would think about the mainland destinations. Little do we know, Italy is a country which has over 80 serene islands, right from Gorgona in the North to Lampedusa in the south. Italy’s top islands make great vacation destinations and most of them have great beaches that are especially popular in summer. These Italian islands can be visited almost all year, although winter can be very cold. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful islands in Italy worth visiting. When you do get planning, don’t forget to ask us how.


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• Capri Island

Image Credits: Capri

Located in the Bay of Naples, Capri is one of the islands in Italy that is rich in mythology and history. The crags and grottoes of Capri have been dazzling visitors since the Ancient Greeks first settled the island. It’s easy to understand why artists and writers have been immortalizing Capri’s beauty and history for centuries. Villa Jovis, the emperor’s imperial residence, is one of the island’s most popular attractions. Capri’s most famous natural attraction is the Blue Grotto, a waterfront cave that’s accessible by boat when the tide is right. The sunlight pouring in from the entrance turns the water a glowing turquoise blue. Riding the Seggiovia chair-lift in the city of Anacapri to the summit of Monte Solaro is a favourite activity too.

Villa Jovis, Capri Island ~

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Image Credits: studyblue

 Blue Grotto, Capri Island ~

Image Credits: mstecker

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• Sicily Island

Image Credits: Sicilytours

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy that also includes several islands and archipelagos. Sicily is separated from the mainland by the two-mile-wide Strait of Messina and is reached by boat, plane, hydrofoil or ferry. The island’s most striking geological feature is Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, but the island’s beaches, seaside resorts and sunny, dry climate are Sicily’s biggest tourist attractions. Unless you have more than a week to visit Sicily, it’s best to visit one or two parts rather than trying to see the whole island.

 Mount Etna, Sicily Island

Image Credits: prweb

• Sardinia Island

Image Credits: fortvillageresort

Next to Sicily, Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Standing between the countries of Italy, Spain and Tunisia, Sardinia is an official autonomous region of Italy, reason why we have it under the islands in Italy list! It is one of the world’s most famous cultural and musical destinations, being home to the oldest forms of vocal polyphony, music icons like Frank Zappa, and distinct musical instruments. The island also boasts of its gold and silver mines and continues to be one of the strongest tourism industries in Italy.  Highlights include its beaches, the prehistoric stone towers called nuraghi that dot the island, the mountain towns like Orgosolo whose walls are covered with murals, the seaside town of Alghero, and Cagliari, the island’s largest city. Sardinia can be reached by air arriving in Cagliari or Alghero or by ferry from the mainland, Sicily, or Corsica. Hiking, climbing and camping are favourite activities for visitors who want to escape crowded beaches and explore the island’s hilly inlands.

 A popular Nuraghi structure, Sardinia Island

Image Credits:

• Lampedusa Island

Image Credits: lazypenguins

Lampedusa is Italy’s southernmost island (near Tunisia), with blinding white cliffs, fluorescent blue waters, African-like temperatures and dry desert. The heart-shaped Rabbits’ Islet beach, one of the world’s best beaches, is what makes this island special. At the harbor, visitors can rent a boat for a tour around the island and nearby volcanic isle of Linosa, featuring a spectacular black and red Mars-like beach.

In the summer, it is served by low-cost Italian airlines with direct flights from several mainland cities, as well as ferry service from Sicily. Lampedusa is treasured by visitors for it’s fine white sandy beaches, it’s clear turquoise waters and it’s excellent scuba diving.

 Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa Island

Image Credits: lifefoc

• Ischia Island

Image Credits: miriadna

Featuring sparkling waters gently crashing into sandy beaches, Ischia Island is one of the popular volcanic islands of Italy. At present times, the island is composed of many historic centers and thermal hot springs, where they say diseases of any kind can be cured by the thermal spa treatments. Other famous attractions of the island include the small chapel of Saint Francis, Cathedral of Assunta, Aragonese Castle built in 474 BC, the garden of La Mortella, and Maronti Beach.

 Aragonese Castle, Ischia Island

Image Credits: tripandtravelblog

 La Mortella Gardens, Ischia Islands

Image Credits: maistotravel

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