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adventure places to visit in Italy
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Keep Calm And Explore – Top Adventure Places to Visit in Italy

When it comes to Italy you might think its all about pizzas from Napoli or wines at Tuscany or romantic boat rides at Venice. Grab your popcorn packet and hear us out now well and good! The adventurous activities in Italy will kindle enthralling experiences within you. Pack some extra sporty wears and gloves, as we list down the top adventure places to visit in Italy.

Ready for some adrenaline rush filled trip yeah?

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 1. Le Marche – All-rounder For A Reason..!

This little wonder of a region at Italy called Le Marche is every outdoor addicts’ dream. Housing the best adventurous ventures in Italy like the hiking sessions, skiing in the winter and mountain biking in and around the Apennine mountains; Le Marche also has a picturesque landscape which is definitely *Instagram-able!*  

photo,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – travelwithjane

But what really makes this place a WOW spot?

Take a deep breathe before you peek into the ever gorgeous cave formations of Grotte di Frasassi. With the touch of River Sentino, these caves have stretches featuring the stalagmite and stalactite formations. Brush up some of your geographical skills as you can also see the long cavern chambers like the Ancona Abyss and Niagara- Giant crystallized cascade. And oh! To indulge in some virtual OMGs visit the official website of Grotte di Frasassi.

le marche,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – activeandadventurous

2. Mountains of Dolomite – All In All!

Dolomite,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – pixabay

The ever majestic mountains of Dolomites would be the perfect paradise for hardcore adventurers – YAAS! they have an ample number of things to do! If you thought we were just talking about the hiking sessions, wait-up! You can ski your hearts out, parasail to feel the rush, snowboard your way out, kayak a bit and even embark on some bike trips. The infinite number of trails for hiking can be done all by yourself or you can take help from tour operators.

Up for some challenging feat?

Try climbing the famous World War I mountain – Via Ferrata; where the route is accessed via bridges, iron cables and ladder.

Dolomite,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – westword

The evergreen terrains and charming villages by the countryside bubbling with traditional Italian culture can also be explored. Prepare yourself to feel infinite, for Dolomite has 450 kilometres of perfect natural setting, a bit of wilderness and nature trails that will be suitable for any type of hiker.

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3. Ride the Roman Way – Some cardio sessions?

Won’t it be amazing if you could just keep travelling at your pace not having to worry much about anything? To make it even better, what if you could just travel at a high speed to explore some city? No, you are not dreaming and YES we are actually talking about bike tripping in and around Rome.

Rome,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – imgur

What better place than the central spot for history and culture to do some cycling/biking around? Given the raging popularity, you can find so many places waiting for you to rent bikes! It’s time for you to take a break in this city. Land yourself on a bike and simply traverse along the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps.

The second best part is that you can twist and turn your way out in these busy Roman blocks. Of course, a lazy brunch or stopping for some good meal HAS to be the first best part indeed!

Rome,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – imgur

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4. Naples – A bit of kayaking!

Do not bookmark Naples for just their delicious dishes. You would be stunned for real to check out the kayaking experiences offered by this city. Buckle up your belts as you slowly kayak towards Procida Island after which you get to head to Capri. What do you see from there? You’ve got it right! A pleasant open water kayaking arena with featured caves and an epic view of the LIT rock formation which goes by the name Faraglioni di Capri. Did we highlight the additional inlets and mighty caves in between?

Naples,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – imgur

Interested in knowing more about Naples? Click here!

5. Piedmont – The Alps and Heli-Skiing PUHLEEZ!

Hey, you dare-devils! Head out here for, Piedmont’s snowy mountains with its smooth alps would be perfect for some heli-skiing. You must ski in Valle Stura where you can thoroughly feel a pure sensation of powder skiing with a tinge of wilderness. Sounds pretty cool uh? Try getting a helicopter ride to these mountain tops to boast a HELLA lot more to your mates!

Heli Skiing, adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – thredbo

Oh, we aren’t done yet, brace yourself for a whooping flow of adrenaline from the bottom of your stomach to the top of your head when you swoosh your way down the snowy slopes.

thredbo,adventure places to visit in Italy
Image credit – thredbo

Take a peek at the Italy package for an overall idea!

5.  Sicily – Time for time snorkelling

Ready to hop into the water and discover some unwater mystery? With nooks and crannies to check out; pump yourself up for some quality snorkelling in Sicily. Given the outer cover of the Mediterranean Sea, you can explore your way out the three different sides of this beautiful island location. Bonus brownies for you! Check out the tantalizing sea cave named, Grotto Azzurra of Taormina in Sicily.

Say hello to the coloured sea sponges, multi-textured algae, some brick red coral in deep areas and different varieties of fish whilst you are busy having some snorkelling fun.


Alright now that you know when, where, and how to enjoy the vast collection of adventurous places to visit in Italy, the only thing missing is exploring Italy with Pickyourtrail’s comprehensive Italy packages. Loosen up a bit because we’ve got your end to end covered!

Have you already been on your own adventures trips in Italy? We’d love to hear about them here! 

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