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Raving on the lone little oceanic realm- Australia

A country predominantly formed upon the advent of colonization, Australia is a true representative of its indigenous and immigrant populations. People from all over the world seek Australia for its solitariness from the rest of the world. It is a land full of vibrant colours. Scattered with mountains, pink lakes, canyons, steely rivers and even desert lands that are wallpaper-worthy, this continent is the perfect getaway. The land that produced Thor and Wolverine has so much more to offer than what is seen. With so many things to do, Australia is the dream.

Lake Clifton, Australia
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While in Australia, if you cycle along a woody road with pastures on either side of it, a kangaroo might come to say hello, if you’re lucky. Maybe one of them will even stop for a selfie but those odds are thin. Many flora and fauna. Think not just Koala bears and Kangaroos but Great White Sharks, are specific to Australia and are found nowhere else. This makes Australia very special. If you are a dog lover, like me, you will find a lot of amazing dog breeds that are native to the place; Australian Shepherd, Kelpie, Australian Kangaroo dog to name a few.

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Australia is a fun place to be due to the rich culture of its people, more specifically their unique talents with linguistics. In other words, their accents. The world-famous Australian stereotype never fails to amaze. The strayans have a knack for shortening literally anything. So much so that The McDonalds in Australia is called The Maccas.

An average Australian spends his/her life in harmony with a lot of birds (not always kangaroos), snakes, spiders (sometimes jellyfish) and the lot, much to his/her annoyance and to the world’s comic relief. Food in Australia is the ideal blend of all the different cuisines in the world. Fine dining is more on the eastern style cooking while everyday meals have American influences. Nevertheless, their top game is dessert making like Pavlova (Not Vegemite!). Other main dishes in Australia are sausages, meat pie, Lamington, and Barbeques and Crustacean foods. You could always head down to the local Masterchef owned food joints and enjoy their signature dishes.

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Australia mainly drives its way through life. Breathtaking roads are peppered all over the country. Driving through Australian roads that span hundreds of miles will satisfy your wanderlust and spur adrenaline. Victoria and New South Wales are full of these roads. Great Alpine road & Bogong Alpine way, Macquarie pass, Great Ocean Road, Lake Mountain road, Grand Pacific Drive, Barrington tops Forest road – The names say it all. Adelaide hills road, a thick network of winding roads is any cyclist’s dream. Cairns to Cape Tribulation road encounters the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree rainforest trails along its path. The road extending from Sydney to Brisbane is a magical one too, running amidst sunny beaches, seaside towns, and bright city lights.

Great Ocean Road

The nation is also known for its sturdy cricketing side all over the world. Hence, it is a host to great cricket grounds that exist as testimonies to its love for the game. The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is the largest in the world and is a sight to watch on Boxing Day matches. Sydney Cricket Ground, Adelaide Oval, The Gabba are notable stadiums too. Australia also fares well in Golf.

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Melbourne Cricket Ground
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Moving on to tourist attractions, the first in the list would be The Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef – A stretch of corals so large and astounding that it is an ecosystem by itself. It is the largest natural made structure that stretches 2500 km off the coast of Queensland. It fosters several species of marine life. The Barrier is a structure so magnificent that it is a dream technicolour sight. Now imagine going scuba diving there. Yes, imagine delving into that ocean gliding alongside fish, turtles, and dolphins and exploring that splendid cluster of coral reefs. This is the grandest experience Australia provides and is a beautiful one at that.

Coral Reef
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Some of the other places to visit are The Sydney Opera house, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Fraser Island, Uluru, Bondi beach, Chapel Street (Melbourne), Margaret River, Broome, Kangaroo Island, Twelve Apostles, Hobart (Tasmania), Turquoise Bay, Lake Mungo etc.

For a taste of the unspoilt part of Australia, fly over to the heart-shaped island of Hamilton or just fly away from it on a hot air balloon for a sight you wouldn’t have seen before. There’s wine aplenty in South Australia and d’Arenberg Cube is where you will get to taste some of the finest in a Rubik’s Cube set up.

Australia is blessed with up to 7000 beaches. That means all the more surfing, sunbathing, scuba diving and beach volleyball. Coastal weather is hence predominant but it has its fair share of continental warmth over the savannas and deserts. The continent somehow never runs of breathtaking sunsets and spectacular panoramic views.

Twelve Apostles
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What started off with fresh immigrants at its source, has settled down as a country quite well.  It now has a culture of its own. The citizens are more outgoing and less formal. The quality of life here is elevated due to a stable economy. Jobs opportunities are always on the rise and business is thriving. Summing up, Australia is an affluent nation and its citizens happy. Immigrants favor it because there isn’t a better start in life. Tourists love it because they can’t get enough of it.

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