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An itinerary across the locations for Game of Thrones Season 7

The 7th and penultimate season of Game of Thrones is here – finally! The show has got all your attention. We decided to add to this excitement and give you a special treat. Look below!

Game of Thrones itinerary in here!

Yes, that is right. Your very own chance to discover the places where your favourite and love-to-hate Game of Thrones characters breathed life. Come explore them with Pickyourtrail!

 Malpartida, Spain

In a little town in Spain called Malpartida, sources have confirmed that shooting was done. Though we don’t know the exact scene, the location looks like some part of Westeros. Could this be where Daenerys lands with her army of unsullied?  

Location for Game of Thrones season 7
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Italica, Rome

Hundreds of years ago, a Roman Amphitheatre, which seated more than 20,000 people, is now one of the Game of Thrones locations. By the looks of it, it looks like a place in Essos. But Dany left Essos. Why do we need to see that again?

Dany did leave, yes. But a grey-scale ridden Ser Jorah, and Dario Naheris who now has the responsibility of maintaining peace which Dany restored, are still in Essos. And we also got a glimpse of Ser Jorah’s arm in the trailer. Need I say more?

Location for Game of Thrones season 7
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Zumaia, Spain

Zumaia, a small town in northern Spain can also be considered as a spot for Dany to land with her fleet of unsullied. This town has 2 beaches and sources confirmed that shooting will take place on both land and sea. Is it going to be another Blackwater? Spain is as beautiful as is its food, so while you are ogling at these sights, don’t forget to gorge on some Spanish tapas

Location for Game of Thrones season 7
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 Zafra Castle, Guadalajara

The Zafra Castle in Guadalajara looks like it might make another appearance in season 7. Better known to the fans as the Tower of Joy, it was used in season to film Lyanna giving birth to Jon (R+L=J, guys.) Will we see the “R” in season 7? Do we get to see some more of pregnant Lyanna? (#GiveBranMoreVisions2k17).

Location for Game of Throne season 7
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 Trujillo Castle, Spain

It looks like excitement was building up at the Trujillo Castle in Spain, as over a hundred extras were called into the location. Fans got a little more inside on the information when a picture with the Lannister Flags flying at the Castle Towers was released. Is Cersei battling her enemies from one of the directions from here? Is this castle going to host one of the two major battles of the season?

Location for Game of Thrones season 7

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Location for Game of Thrones season 7
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Apart from these locations, the old sets and spots in Ireland, Iceland and Morocco were also extensively used.

From the trailer, official pictures, and Dany finally landing in Westeros and Cersei on the Iron Throne (Long may she reign!), it has become a very difficult wait for the fans. But we remain, unbowed, unbent and unbroken.

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  Winter is (finally) here!

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