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Lovely as ever – Top off beat things to do in Australia

When we say Australia, what pops into your mind? The unravelled adventure? Delicious food options? Peaceful island grounds or the culture bubbling cities? The country with its vast geographical area and various set of places to visit might get you all overwhelmed. This is precisely why we have made our list of the top off beat things to do in Australia to fill your trip with incredible memories for a lifetime. Take a read!

1. Horseback riding: Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains,things to do in Australia
Image credit- experienceoz

Known as “brumbies” – the private sanctuary in the Snowy Mountain’s foothills, houses wild horses which have been in existence for many generations now. Even though you wouldn’t be allowed to embark on horseback rides, to watch those wild horses race or gaze along the saddle lanes would definitely be one of the top off beat things to do in Australia. Do give it a try mate!

2. The Haunted Bookshop – Melbourne

The Haunted Bookshop,things to do in Australia
Image credit- whatsonblogmelbourne

Attention here book lovers, and oh also those of you who have a thing for quirky stuff! – The Haunted Bookshop in Melbourne is loaded with books which talk about Aleister Crowley works, satanism, witchcraft, ghosts, vampires, zombies and much more. The official myspace handle of this bookstore goes “Only out of the womb of darkness is born the light of knowledge …”

If that doesn’t push you ahead of your creep level handling threshold, be a part of the ghost tours offered by the bookstore where you can discover the dark secrets and tales of Melbourne.

3. The graffiti alleys of Melbourne

graffiti alleys of Melbourne,things to do in Australia
Image credit- pinterest

How can you wrap up a visit to Melbourne without snapping vibrant Instagram worthy pictures at the top graffiti infested streets? Known for extraordinary street artworks on the walls which will not fail to amuse you, head to the streets listed below with your cameras to get some walking and clicking done!
Hosier and Rutledge lanes
Presgrave Place
AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place
Union Lane
Croft Alley
Centre Place
Russell Place
Flinders Court

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4. The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road,things to do in Australia
Image credit- pixabay 

Take a road trip by the Ocean Road where you will be exposed to waterfall walks, lush green forests and scenic coastlines. You can also find multiple chocolate shops and ice cream hubs offering tantalising flavours. Once you are done with this, be a part of the Great South West Walk where you can take some time out by the ocean air and later head to the Cape Nelson Lighthouse. We’d recommend you to book in prior since the walk attracts many tourists.

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5. William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts Sanctuary,things to do in Australia
Image credit- visitvictoria

Located at 40 km to the east of Melbourne, the William Ricketts Sanctuary is where nature meets human work. The mystical statues here were sculpted and designed by William Ricketts who wanted to pay homage to the native Australians. Called as the ‘Potter’s Sanctuary – you can find the masterpieces amidst the mountain ash trees, forest covers and fern. Some of the ceramic sculptures blend with nature’s background which makes them look even more perfect. Don’t believe us? Take a trip to the sanctuary and find it out for yourself as to why a visit to William Ricketts Sanctuary is one of the top  off beat things to do in Australia!

6. Shop at the Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market ,things to do in Australia
Image credit- beat

Take back home something from the amazing deals offered at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. The night markets will be opened on Wednesdays alone, where you can find themed settings along the marketplace, various food vendors, great deals on drinks. The Queen Victoria market has won the hearts of many locals and tourists in terms of the LIT shopping scenes and massive collections of goodies. The day market will not operate on Mondays and Wednesdays alone.

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7. Swim at the Rockingham Bay

Rockingham Bay ,things to do in Australia
Image credit- travelcounsellors

It’s time to befriend the dolphins aye! Get into your wetsuit and brace yourself to jump into the water at  Rockingham Bay which is home to 200 dolphins. You don’t have to be a snorkeling expert to get this done, for this will be monitored by a guide throughout. Take a happy break spending some time with the mammals. More joy to you fellas!

8. Entertainment at Luna Park – Melbourne

Luna Park ,things to do in Australia
Image credit- timeout

Get amused and retro at the Luna Park in Melbourne. The park has been operating for more than a century now – featuring adrenaline-pumping rides. Even though many of the rides have been demolished and replaced, the all-time favourites here are the roller coaster, ghost train and hall of mirrors.

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9. South Bank Streets Beach

South Bank's Streets Beach ,things to do in Australia
Image credit- momvoyagehilton

When in Brisbane which is set on the banks of Brisbane River, make it a point to take a dip in the swimming pool at South Bank Streets Beach. The pool might strike as a natural lake given its sandy beach setting, creeks and garden constructed in a tropical manner. Not only is the entry to the beach free but you will also be at a close proximity to a variety of marketplaces and museums.

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10. The Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground,things to do in Australia
Image credit- thenortheasttoday

Ardent cricket lovers should definitely head to MCG or The Melbourne Cricket Ground which is one of the top things to do in Australia. The ground has 100,000 seats and holds the pride for being the largest cricket ground in the world. You can be a part of the stadium tour which will take you through the trophy cabinets, dining areas and locker rooms.

Suit yourself with the most comfortable pair of shoes – for using our list of the top  off beat things to do in Australia will keep you occupied to the greatest extent!

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