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Colour your world under the Northern Lights

Frozen lakes, snow-covered rocks and skies bearing happy colors. Imagine yourself chasing after the Northern Lights amidst the snow-covered landscapes. How much picturesque can nature get? A natural phenomenon with so much beauty, that it consumes whatever love is left in your heart! Don’t believe us? Well go through our Northern Lights itineraries and brace yourself to get dazzled with the charm these lights behold!

Colourful 5 nights itinerary to witness Northern Lights

5 nights: Geysir (2N) → Akureyri (1N) → Reykjavik (1N) → Vik (1N)


7 nights itinerary to fall in love with Norway

7 nights: Bergen(2N) → Tromsø (1N) → Oslo (2N) → Stavanger (2N)


6 nights itinerary to fascinating Finland

6 nights: Helsinki (3N) → Rovaniemi (3N)


9 nights itinerary to discover Denmark

9 nights: Copenhagen (5N) → Faroe Islands (1N) → Esbjerg (1N) → Odense (2N)


5 night itinerary to explore Vienna

5 nights: Vienna (5N)