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Written by Deepak K on November 10, 2017 Share on

Paris goes naked! – Gets its first nudist restaurant with fine dining experience

There are Michelin starred restaurants, casual dining restaurants, drive-thru restaurants, and hell even, underwater restaurants. But Paris went a step further and opened its first nudist restaurant.

Known for a very vocal nudist community, Paris is leaving no stones unturned for the naturists. Believe it or not, France has over 2.6 million people practising nudity in some form or the other, a stat reported by France 4 Naturism association (that’s a lot of people).

Tapping into the desire of the million naturists is the new nudist restaurant of O’Naturel.

nudist restaurant
Image credit – Onaturel

Set in Rue de Gravelle in the city’s 12th arrondissement, the fine dining restaurant of O’Naturel takes nudism to a whole new level by encouraging the diners to shed their clothes and dine with openness.

Visitors entering the restaurant are first asked to disrobe in the cloakroom before they are shown to their table. The managers, Mike & Stéphane Saada, along with the waiters and cooks are the only people allowed to keep their clothes on for hygiene purposes.

nudist restaurant
Image credit – Onaturel

O’Naturel had a soft-opening on November 2 with the members of the Paris Nudist Association warming up the tables. And it is believed that the members were very happy about the establishment and the overall dining experience, which is a huge boost.

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The restaurant carries a curtain-covered window which prevents the outsiders from having a peek inside and there is also an interior black-out curtain which safeguards the privacy of the diners when the door opens. Meanwhile, there aren’t any curtains inside the restaurant nor private tables, meaning everyone in the restaurant can see everybody else.

It should be noted that a similar naked restaurant called ‘The Bunyadi’ opened its door in London sometime in 2016 but is temporarily closed since August 2016 after receiving over 46,000 online applications.

O’Naturel can house 40 people at a time and a meal costs around €36. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday – 7.30 pm to 11 pm and online reservation is mandatory. The restaurant is also in close proximity to Bois de Vincennes Park, which has a secluded section for nudists.

Would you dine at the new naked restaurant in Paris? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, for all your travel hiccups, go Pickyourtrail.


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