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Written by Deepak K on November 14, 2017 Share on

Embrace the dark side in the star wars themed pop-up bar in the US

If you are a star wars fan, then you would be on cloud nine after watching Star Wars – The Last Jedi trailer and would be eagerly awaiting the release of the movie on December 15th. While it’s very hard to hold on till then, there is a special something that is coming for the US fans this November 15 – Star Wars themed pop-up bar offering an intergalactic immersive experience.

Set to open in three different locations in the US – Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles, the aptly named Darkside bar is created as a tribute to the dark forces. The interior of the bar is worked upon by Hollywood set designers and carries a glowing tinge of red neon extended over a dark backdrop. And it is not just the decor that is styled this way.

The menu boasts of six different cocktails that glow, smoke or sizzle, each representing different parts of the galaxy. These include Blue Force, Red Force, the Dark Side, the Imperial, the Galaxy, and the Mindtrick. Enjoyed all the hand-crafted cocktails from the bar? Darkside bar also hosts nightly events and parties you can be a part of.

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From themed dance & DJ nights to intergalactic burlesque show (where the performers are dressed up like aliens) to alien speed dating (where space nerds can meet each other) to games of chance, there’s plenty of action at the Darkside bar.

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Patrons entering the bar are encouraged to dress up as their favourite star wars characters but it is not mandatory. The bar creator Zach Neil also made a funny remark on this front,

“If people don’t dress up we’re going to let them in but we’re going to frown at them the whole time.”

It is highly recommended that you book a table before going. Reservation costs $33 per person which includes two signature custom cocktails. On the other hand, you can also walk in, which costs $40 per person.

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The food inside the bar includes bbq glazed octopus skewers, vegan sushi egg rolls and other small bites. It is also interesting to note that all the three stores are pop-up bars and will be shutting doors on January 14th.

So, if you are a Star Wars fan, now is the time to prove!

Let darkness prevail over light, at least for a while.

*evil laughter follows*

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