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The Ultimate adventure bucket list! How many do you care to dare?

The time to travel and explore is now! Nothing can be more thrilling than venturing on adventures you will remember for ever! For people wanting healthy dose of adrenaline running through their veins, we bring to you the ultimate adventure bucket list! Sign up for adventure here.

Bull Running in Spain

Bull Running
Image credit – mprnews

Yes, I am talking about the same Bull Running from the movie ‘Zindhagi Na Milegi Dobara’. Though it is certainly not for the faint of heart, feeble of mind, or the flawed of physique. Meanwhile there is only one rule: Run. Run as fast as you can. And try extremely hard not to get gored by a bull. But it is certainly one of the most adventurous experiences.

For those inclined towards lesser gore, more fun – here you go.

Heli-Skiing  in New Zealand

Credits : Methven Heliski

Here risk takers hop on a helicopter, which has to fight the turbulence to get to the access point and is dangerous in itself, then strap their skis on, cruise down a rocky and craggy mountain, avert and avoid either causing or being caught in an avalanche, and ensure any other number of things don’t go wrong before they reach the bottom. Do it for the fresh pow-pow.

Hiking the Caminito Del Rey in Spain

Hiking the Caminito Del Rey
Image credit – bbc

Walking the entire length of the 3 kilometer Caminito (sometimes called the Camino del Rey) has become an exclusive adventure sport for people crazy enough to attempt it. There are numerous sections where the concrete has collapsed, creating large open air gaps that are bridged by very narrow steel beams, themselves often rotting away.However the integrity of the safety cable running the length of the path is unknown, as it’s not officially maintained by anyone. So you must rely on it at your own risk.

Abseil into an active volcano in South Pacific

Image credit – mirror

What would you do for an adrenaline rush?? Abseil into an Active Volcano? It is considered to be one of the scariest adventures to have ever been attempted, abseiling into an active volcano would be a feat few would attempt. Standing near to a volcano can be unbearable, now imagine being as close as 100 ft to the molten lave lake. Watching a lava lake on an active volcano is a sight few can boast of. Call it extreme courage or pure adrenaline rush; this is by far the craziest and dangerous stunt to be attempted by anyone. You’d either have to be extremely brave or extremely crazy to try abseiling down towards one.

Speed riding the Eiger

credit : cloudbasemayhem

A sport that combines skiing, para-gliding and sky-diving.Have your ever imagined yourself  standing on the snow-clad peaks of the Eiger with the panoramic view  of Switzerland all around you. Eiger is a  mountain in the Bernese Alps.Considered one of the most Dangerous mountains in the world for its terrains, Eiger has been added  to speed rider’s checklist to feed their  adventurous zeal.Here the person first sky dives down the Eiger and then paraglides down the slopes skiing. At 13,025ft the Eiger mountains provide the perfect altitude and terrain to make your first speed riding experience a memory of a lifetime. Imagine skiing down the snow-clad slopes as you soar above the sky on your paraglide. Speed riding is the ultimate adventurous sport bringing the sky to your footsteps.

The Ultra Marathon at the Mont Blanc Circuit

Ultra Marathon
Image credit – chaletlaforet

So are you a marathon runner ? Then you must have heard of the ultra marathon on the Mont blanc circuit. It is the longest walking road of about 170 km. it extends from Switzerland, Italy and France. The road is full of dangerous curves and cuts, unlike any other marathon the speed during this marathon is comparatively higher, if you are health conscious and love social events then take part in this event and enjoy the marathon. participants from around the world take part in this great marathon, you’ll get an exclusive chance of not only exploring Mont blanc circuit but also experience beautiful serene atmosphere and enjoy a running marathon at a great natural place. Scenes surrounding will be so astonishing that you might forget marathon and get lost in those refreshing places. So grab your jogging shoes and get ready.

Bicycle from Argentina to Alaska

Bicycle from Argentina to Alaska
Image credit – businessinsider

Lets Drop all the ideas of  jumping off an airplane or jumping into the water , how about just bicycling ?If you want to see world through a different prospective and explore from different angle here is right choice for you. Traveling from Argentina to Alaska through bicycle is a kind of great fun; you will see such great places on your way that it will become a life time experience for you. Plus point of this travel is that you can also go with your family and enjoy adorable planes beautiful valleys and peace full villages coming in your way. One more thing cycling is also good for your own health.

Dive into the Blue Holes of the Bahamas

Blue Hole of Bahamas
Image credit – belizehub

Deep sea diving is always fascinating but diving into the oceans is something that any man (and sometimes his dog) can do whenever they feel the urge, but how many of you have dived into the mysterious depths of the ‘Blue Holes of the Bahamas’ I’m guessing not many of you? These massive holes in the bed of the ocean are just crazy, some of them go down hundreds of feet and some of them (although they are called blue holes) can become so dark that you cannot see your own hand in front of your face! This is something for those of you that aren’t scared of the dark, who knows what creatures lie beneath? are you up for the real deal ?

Wing Walking in Scotland

Wing Walking in Scotland
Image credit – aircharter

Consider yourself a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Then why not take the ultimate thrill ride with a unique wing walking experience! Wing walking has its roots in the early days of aviation, when reckless daredevils wowed the crowds with stunning displays of boldness and bravery. Now you too can join the ranks of the select few who have taken to the skies in style and pushed their courage to new limits.

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  • Whoa! I am not sure if I will take the dare to dive into the blue holes of the Bahamas. I was even scared to try scuba diving in Cebu Philippines before but when I did it for the first time months back it really felt great and even still doing it sometimes ’til now. Although what’s only scary is the first attempt, but I would never really dare going into those blue holes. I have my limits! 🙂