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Top Things to buy in Singapore on your Trip

A Singapore trip is really incomplete without shopping for family and friends. Singapore attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world for its huge and prospering markets & malls. If you’re looking for a memorable shopping experience, be sure to check out Singapore Tour Packages. The umpteen shops in the lanes and by-lanes of Singapore along with high rise malls showcase products from various local and international brands.

These tour packages offer a variety of shopping options, from high-end boutiques to street markets. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit some of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.


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Buy trendy garments at very low prices from the Instagram-worthy streets of Singapore. Most of the stores in Singapore have a dedicated clothes section for men and women. Some stores also sell first copies of branded clothes at less than half of the original price. There are also a few stores which give a discount on bulk purchase. So take your time to find and grab the best deals on clothing. “Bugis Street” is very famous for affordable cloth shopping in Singapore. Apart from clothing, home decor items and other accessories can also be purchased from the shops located here.


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Your search for any kind of handbag must end in Singapore. The variety of bags sold in Singapore is huge and you can choose the type of bags as per your personal taste. Whether you want a shopping bag or an office handbag or a fancy party handbag, you’ll definitely find it in Singapore malls or local markets. For buying bags, you can go to “Bugis Street”, the “Shoppes Complex” and “Clark Quay” mall.

3. Jewellery

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If you are not an ardent fan of precious jewellery and prefer something light and customizable, you can try out fashion jewellery from the “Bugis Street” in Singapore. You can find different kinds of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and rings at different price ranges. You can also ask the store owners to customize lockets and pendants as per your choice to add a personal touch to these beautiful pieces.

4. Electronic items

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Why invest in high-end electronic gadgets when you can buy similar gadgets at a much lower price? Sounds impossible? Try visiting a gadget store in Singapore and get ready to be astounded by the range of high-end electronic gadgets replicas on sale. Buy an I-Phone or an I-Pad at half the original rate at any of the Singapore gadget shops. To find a good collection of electronic goods, visit the “Shoppes Complex “in Singapore, you’ll find a number of stores selling electronic goods of the various price range.

5. Asian artefacts

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What’s the point of visiting Asia if you don’t buy a Buddha statue for your home or buy a Chinese lamp or vase or decorate your living room? In Singapore, you get ample Asian artefacts and handmade items. From paintings to wall hangings, pots, vases, statues and lamps, you’ll find everything at the local Singapore boutiques and shops. Make sure you bargain well or else they might charge you a fortune. Some of the best places to visit for authentic Asian items in Singapore are the “Asian Arts and Crafts” store and “Ion Orchard mall”.

6. Wristwatches

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You can buy stylish wrist watches for men and women from the street stalls of Singapore or from the shopping malls. The collection is huge and you will find watches of any colour, dial shape, and style. If you want to browse through a huge collection of wristwatches in a single place, “Watch Square” must be your go-to place for it.

Now so you know what to buy when you are in Singapore, you might as well start planning your trip to Singapore right away.


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