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Spend your next holiday in these beautiful islands of Paradise!

Touring off an exotic island is much more fun than it was for Tom Hanks in Castaway, take my word for it. What with the brimming luxury and the celebrity-like touch to it! If you ever find yourself in a fix, unable to decide on a location for your next voyage, consult this list like it’s the Bible. We’ve put up a list of all the blazing hot and trendy holiday locations, cz if you can travel in style, why miss it? Here you go, text-book famous, wallpaper-worthy and stunningly beautiful islands of the world…

#11. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Australia‘s white sunny beaches see no end with as much as 7000 of them lined up one after another. Whitsunday islands off one such sunny coastline are the best of all when you need a change of air and would like a calm view of things. The Great Barrier Reef is just around the corner, so you know what amazing benefits snorkelling and scuba diving here will give you.

#10. Maui, Hawai

I’m sure no one needs an introduction to Disney’s Moana. For the ones who need a hint as to what Maui really means, let me give you a heads-up. Maui is a Maori demigod who’s an equivalent to Norse’s Loki. His naughty endeavours and exotic charm somehow connected up to Hawai’s Maui and hence the name. The Valley State Park, Banyan Tree Park, the Old Lahaina Luau and the Haleakala volcano are some world famous spots you that should never miss.

#9. Tahiti, French Polynesia

This piece of land lures the most number of tourists in French Polynesia. Every waterfall, volcano and lagoon yells ‘exotic’ and the number of properties with private lagoon areas is astounding. There are never-before-seen black sand beaches too.

#8. Fiji

Holiday? Fiji! Luxury- FIJI!! We’ve by now lost count of the number of 5-star resorts and the aspiring 7-star hotels that adorn this island. Take a look at that sunset, aren’t you already in love? Not only that, the kind of culture here that allures tourists worldwide is unbelievable too. Don’t miss a chance to vacation here,as it is getting crowdier by the day.

#7. Capri, Italy

More beautiful European coasts don’t exist and believe me when I say that! You could always trust Italy to add that extra bit of beauty to your trip. Capri is one such spot with rugged landscapes that ice the soul. The very houses that were once haphazardly built are now elements of the grand painting. There’s even a glowing cave settled deep in the island. The wafting flavours of Caprese salad will drag your feet across oceans into their delightful eateries.

#6. Lofoten Islands, Norway

These Islands are a constituent of Norway’s Vikings regions. Mountains that rise up to the sky, vibrantly painted wooden cabins and rocky fishing villages are common sights here. Obviously, I don’t have much to say about the Northern Lights that come to play here every night.

#5. Phuket, Thailand

I think by now it’s a well-established fact that Phuket is Thailand’s party capital. This is where the wildest nights go down and the most undomesticated party animals are found in their natural habitat. Each festival, including the New Year’s, is notably lit! Phuket is home to some of the best nightclubs, casinos, spas and shopping markets and is a city that is alive well into the night too.

#4. Santorini, Greece

Rated one of the best islands in the world, is Santorini, a group of islands that is as old as Greece itself. It is also rightly called the gem of the Aegean Sea. The entire landscape sits on top of a cliffy crater and each street is made up of cute little volcanic pebbles. Kissing here under the watchful eyes of a sunset is considered one of the most romantic things ever.

#3. Bali, Indonesia

I’d describe Bali as Earth’s green paradise. The endless pastures and forests of lush green continue to amaze us for years. The ancient temples that make up for great Instagram shots and the number of beaches and water activities will leave you wanting for more. The touristy food is worth mentioning too.

#2. Seychelles

Seychelles is a beautiful island situated in the Pacific Ocean that is home to numerous holiday resorts and beach properties. Honeymooners consider this paradise, thanks to the memorable beaches spread across the island.

#1. Maldives

Architectural wonders, right-inside-the-ocean villas, unforgettable food, island-cocktails and great vibes- this is what a typical day on this beautiful island is like. The Maldives spurs a lot of memories in people, always sunny ones. Any random picture of the island will have waters the bluest shade of ocean and villas that look like they’ve dropped straight out of heaven. If you ever want to holiday in a dream, you know where to go! Do check out our Maldives package.

Romance is in the air! Go catch some of it by booking a trip.

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