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Top Indian Restaurants in New Zealand – Gastronomical Guide

Craving Indian food in New Zealand? No worries, here are some of the best Indian restaurants to fix your desi cravings!

So you are having an awesome trip to New Zealand. The one little thing that bothers you may be the lack of familiar food. Craving for Indian food and have no idea where to head to? Worry not! We at Pickyourtrail have an exclusive list of top Indian restaurants in New Zealand across ten destinations like Auckland, Queenstown, Rotorua and more, to help you make your vacation an awesome one. So stop fretting and start feasting!

1. Auckland


Cassia is where you should head to if you want to experience traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist. With their friendly service and warmth, this restaurant makes you forget that you are in a foreign land. An authentic Indian experience is what Cassia promises, with an emphasis on combining Indian spices and Flavours with modern, locally sourced ingredients.

Cuisine: Indian cuisine

Where: 90 Federal Street, Auckland

Timings: 5PM-9:30 PM

Meal: NZ $3 to $40 per person

Dosa Plaza 

An exclusive vegetarian restaurant, Dosa Plaza is known for its Indo-Chinese food. And if the name suggests only dosa, rest assured, you’ll feast on a full meal here! Apart from – at least – 50 different varieties of dosa, this fast food restaurant chain offers a variety of other Indian dishes like Chole bhature, Mumbai chaats and some traditional south Indian dishes.  A must try for the Indian foodie in New Zealand.

Cuisine: Pan-Indian

Where: Mount Roskill, Auckland. Also across other NZ cities.

Timings: 10AM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $30

2. Hamilton

   Little India 

Little India prides itself on being a family restaurant for more than two decades now. So much so that nearly every Indian who visits New Zealand must have visited Little India at least once! The menu caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, their specialty being Punjabi cuisine. Impeccable service and awesome food are what you will find here. Also, open in Christchurch.

Cuisine: North Indian

Where: 4 Alexandra Street, Hamilton.

When: 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $40

  Jaipur Indian restaurant 

For all the dal baati churma lovers out there, this restaurant is going to be your haven in New Zealand. You might want to pinch yourself to double check if you are in New Zealand as you enjoy their authentic Jaipur food! With lots of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to try out, be assured that you’ll be addicted to this place for the rest of your New Zealand stay. Good ambience and great food, too!

Cuisine: Authentic Jaipur

Where: 793 Victoria street, Hamilton

When: Wed-Fri: 12-2PM; Dinner: 5 PM onwards.

Meal for two: NZ $60

3. Rotorua

  Indian Star Tandoori 

A menu that’ll have you salivating plus a great ambience and friendly staff give you a restaurant which just cannot be overlooked. With its outdoor seating, this restaurant has the right blend of style and an authentic menu offering a mouth-watering platter.

Cuisine: Pan-Indian

Where: 1118 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua.

When: 11AM-2PM; 5-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $70

  Tandoori Palace 

Located in eight different locations across New Zealand, this restaurant is famous for its Reshmi kebabs. With friendly staff and a beautiful ambience, the place also offers takeaway options. A must try place for a hungry foodie craving for Indian food in Queenstown. There are branches across New Zealand, in Queenstown and ChristChurch.

Cuisine: North Indian

Where: 1152 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua.

When: 12-2PM;5PM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $60

4. Paihia

  Greens Traditional Indian & Thai Cuisine 

Looking for some home style food? Greens is where you could have an option between Indian and Thai food. This waterfront restaurant has a cool contemporary ambience, not to mention awesome, authentic Indian meals as well as amazing Thai cuisine. Loads of options to choose from for the foodies visiting Paihia!

Cuisine: Indian and Thai

Where: 96 Marsden Road, Paihia.

When: 11:30AM-2PM; 4:30PM-10PM

Average price range: NZ $16-$30

 Indian Fusion Restaurant 

A twist to traditional Indian cuisine is what this restaurant is all about. Their butter chicken and fish pakoras are some must-try items on their menu! Affordable prices, amazing food and a serene ambience makes it an irresistible combination for every food lover out there!

Cuisine: Halal and Indian

Where: 41 Williams Road, Paihia.

When: 11:30AM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $40

5. Wellington

  Zaika Indian Bistro & Bar 

Be ready to be blown away by Zaika where traditional Indian food meets contemporary presentation. Amazing food coupled with an equally good decor is a deadly combination which is hard to resist. Give in to the temptation and you’ll realise that this is one of the best restaurants in Wellington which provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. You’ll find a branch of this restaurant in Dunedin too.

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine/ Indian street food/ Indo-Chinese

Where: 160 Willis Street, Te Aro

When: 11:30 AM-2PM; 5:30AM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $50

 Tandoori Heritage 

An authentic Punjabi restaurant, this place transports you to the land of Punjab through its ambience itself. For more than 2 decades now, this restaurant has provided authentic Punjabi food for the hungry Indian traveller craving for home food. Dine like a true blue Punjabi in this Indian restaurant in Wellington.

Cuisine: Punjabi cuisine

Where: 23 Coutts Street, Wellington

When: 11;30AM-2:30PM;5:30PM-9:30PM

Meal for two: NZ $40

6. Christchurch

 Maharaja Indian restaurant 

Gorgeous setting combined with brilliant North Indian food makes it one of the best places to dine in with your family in New Zealand. Warm service and spicy food will make you want to go back to the restaurant each time you go to Christchurch.

Cuisine: North Indian

Where: 452 Papanui Road

When: 5PM-10PM

Meal for two: N/A

7. Kaikoura


Touted to be the best Indian restaurant in Kaikoura, Corianders provides a fine dining experience with authentic Indian food and an excellent aura. An eatery which resembles a colonial building, the place brings you very close to home through its ambience. Apart from that, this restaurant offers its customers the opportunity of witnessing how their dish is being cooked.

Cuisine: North Indian

Where: 17 Beach Road, Kaikoura

When: 11AM-2PM; 5PM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $55

8. Dunedin

 India Garden 

For more than a decade now, they are the experts in town when it comes to Indian food. Experience the fine taste of both north as well as south Indian food coupled with an ambience that takes you back home. This is the perfect go-to place for every traveller in Dunedin who is in dire need of Indian food.  

Cuisine: Pan-Indian

Where: 10 Hanover Street, Dunedin.

When: 11:30AM-2PM; 5PM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $60

 Taj Mahal 

An outdoor restaurant, Taj Mahal serves authentic Indian food at affordable prices. Providing Indian food with a twist, this budget restaurant is the best place in Dunedin which will have you coming back again and again. A small tip: Don’t forget to try out their extremely delicious Madras chicken and Mango chicken.    

Cuisine: Pan-Indian

Where: 442 George Street, Dunedin

When: 11:30PM-2:30PM; 5PM-10:30PM

Meal for two: N/A

9. Wanaka

 The Spice Room 

With a modern touch to the age-old Indian dishes, this lounge restaurant offers a delectable platter which is too good to resist. A cosy little outlet which provides hot Indian dishes, treat yourself to their yummy scallop salad and sabz paneer.

Cuisine: North Indian

Where: 43 Helwick Street, Wanaka

When: 5PM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $50

10. Queenstown

 Bombay Palace 

For every Mumbaikaar craving home food, this place will be your version of heaven on earth. With a fine blend of Indian spices and New Zealand’s local produce, this restaurant provides the best authentic regional food in a foreign land. Also located in Wanaka, this restaurant offers the best Lamb Biriyani in the city.

Cuisine: North Indian

Where: 66 Shotover Street, Queenstown

When: 12-2PM; 5PM-10PM

Meal for two: NZ $60

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Is Indian food available in New Zealand?

Yes, there are several Indian restaurants that you can find in all the major cities in New Zealand.

Where do most Indians live in New Zealand?

Majority of the Indians reside in Auckland. While you can also find Indian population in Wellington and Waikato.

Is New Zealand a good place for Indians?

Definitely, New Zealand is one of the safest countries and you can find so many Indians living in New Zealand.

Is New Zealand expensive for Indians?

The cost of living in New Zealand is considered to be slightly expensive. Cost of Living would range between NZ $15,000 to NZ $20,000 inclusive of accommodation, travel and food.

Is New Zealand a friend of India?

Yes, New Zealand and India have a friendly relation with each other.

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