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Shop your way out – Top places to shop during Australia travel

Punctuated by high-end shopping fashion boutiques, artifacts and souvenirs, your Australia travel would be incomplete without shopping at the best places. Know where to go and what to buy using this list of best places to shop during your trip to Australia from India.

1. Yubu Napa Art Gallery

Address: 65 Hartley St, Alice Springs NT 0870, Australia

Yubu Napa Art Gallery,Australia travel
Image credit- myheartbeets

Opened next to the famous Panorama Guth Building in Hartley Street, Yuba Napa Art Gallery is a wonderful art gallery and gift shop. It’s known for its wide collection of handcrafted artwork and souvenirs. An establishment that supports the Aboriginals of Central Australia, this art gallery offers an indigenous touch to every item on display.

What to buy?

Artwork by Nellie Marks

Local photography pieces

Home decors

2. Melshell Oysters

Address: 9 Yellow Sandbanks Rd, Dolphin Sands TAS 7190, Australia

oysters,Australia travel
Image credit- pixabay

If Oysters are your thing, head to Melshell Oyster Farm. With oysters harvested fresh and new, this farm is surrounded by the beautiful Swan River. You will not only get to taste the delicious oysters but also get to know interesting facts about them. After a fine dining session at Melshell Oysters, you can visit the nearby Kings Gallery.

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3. Bunbury Farmers Market

Address: 2 Vittoria Rd, Glen Iris WA 6230, Australia

Bunbury Farmers Market,Australia travel
Image credit- robdose.

If you’re for a healthy bite, head to The Bunbury Farmers market to find the freshest of authentic Western Australian produces. They have the best range of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Few tasting stations will also offer samples for you to relish and enjoy. Don’t you feel Bunbury Farmers Market is definitely a must-visit during your Australia travel?

What to buy?

Raw meat and fish

Milk & Cheese

4.   John Murray Art Gallery

Address: 48A Morilla St, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834, Australia

johnfrancismurray,Australia travel
Image credit- johnfrancismurray

Your visit to the Lightning Ridge will not be complete unless you check out the John Murray Art Gallery. Featuring  John and Viki Murray’s evergreen acrylic paintings and photographs, the Gallery is home to canvas prints, mounts and local postcards. From breathtaking shots clicked in coastal regions of Australia, India and Bali to the wooden and aluminium prints, the quirky collections at John Murray Art Gallery will definitely put a smile on your face.

What to buy?

Vikki Murray’s photography works

Sturdy Glasses

Retro souvenirs

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5. Nutpatch Handmade Fine Chocolate

Address: 2956 Channel Hwy, Kettering TAS 7155, Australia

Nutpatch Handmade Fine Chocolate,Australia travel
Image credit- facebook

Nutpatch chocolate shop is the perfect spot to pamper your sweet tooth. Their chocolates are handmade with a perfect blend of fine Belgium chocolates like Callebaut. The pure flavour of these chocolates will linger on your taste buds for a long time.

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6. Rich Glen Olive Estate

Address: 734 Murray Valley Hwy, Yarrawonga VIC 3730, Australia

Rich Glen Olive Estate,Australia travel
Image credit-  Rich Glen Olive Estate

Bring out the inner beauty naturally with the help of natural skin care products and soaps at Rich Glen Olive Estate. The whole estate is set up in a tranquil environment with a separate team to manage the garden area. You could also get to taste their natural products over a lunch, where the in-house chefs use their own seasonal produce.

What to buy?

Natural soaps & solutions

Tasty Olive Leaf Teas

Perfect salad dressings

7. Opalios

Address: 8 Hutchison St, Coober Pedy SA 5723, Australia

Australia shopping,Australia travel
Image credit- pixabay

Since 1973, Opalios has been a famous mining spot in the Coober Pedy opal fields. Right from opal mining to selling the valuable pieces on-site, you can find the finest standard of Opal jewellery here. With good quality, value for money and skilled craftsmanship, your visit to Opalios would be the perfect time to buy souvenirs for your dear ones!

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8. Moon Haven

Address: 1/69 Bussell Hwy, Cowaramup WA 6284, Australia

Moon Haven,Australia travel
Image credit- tripadvisor

Set amidst the placid region of Cowaramup village, Moon Haven is famous for its herbal products and adorable handmade goodies. Given their vast collection, you’ll find it hard to pick your favourite souvenir from the display arena. Colourful displays, pleasant perfumes and what not? Get the best of Moon Haven already!

What to buy?

Hand-made kaleidoscopes & music boxes

Skin care and herbal products

Get packing to embark on a happy shopping experience during your Australia travel and let us know how good your trip was!

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