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Travel 101: how to fund your travel using art and coffee cups

How far would you go to make your travel dreams real? Never mind, this paper cup artist has one-upped you anyway. Meet Berk Armağan, a Turkey-based paper cup who funds his travels by selling his paper-cup art.

It all began when he first discovered his lust for travel but realized he had no way to fund himself. That’s when he came up with the genius idea of selling art on coffee cups. He earned his first $150 on the very day he began. Setting up his Instagram account @seyyahart then hasn’t looked back since.

He has been to 35 cities in 18 countries since and funds himself by selling the coffee cups before he sets off on a journey. While travelling, he tries to capture the culture and icons of the city he is in.

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From France to Slovakia, Berk has been to all the major countries in Europe.

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 Magnificent, isn’t she? Discover what else you can do in Paris.

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But it isn’t just the city icons he manages to capture on his little canvas. He captures the little quirks of cities he has been to.

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Like this UFO Bridge in Bratislava

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This fine specimen of vibrant street art at Turkey

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That being said, here are our absolute favourites from his paper cup collection:

#1 This well-framed picture mirroring our sentiments towards Pennywise, the clown from It. *Shudder*

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#2 This really close imitation of the Mona Lisa painting

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#3 This Amsterdam scene that we all want to live!

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#4 This creative solution to long flight journeys ~

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#5 This accurate imagery of the charming House of Music in Dresden, Germany.

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#6 This really, really, really accurate representation of our heart’s deepest desires.

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Want more than just a sneak peek into this avid traveller’s life? Follow Berk on @seyyahart to experience every new place he travels to.

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