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Why travel insurance is a must when hurricanes strike?

With hurricane Irma hogging the limelight, we at Pickyourtrail got many queries from our travelers about ‘How travel insurance works in times of a hurricane’. So here is everything that you need about the importance of a travel insurance when hurricanes strike.

What does travel insurance cover?

A basic travel insurance would cover issues such as:

– Baggage loss
– Hospitalization or medical expenses
– Cashless medical facility abroad
– Flight delays and cancellations

How do I benefit when I’m stuck in a natural calamity such as a hurricane?

Natural calamities like hurricanes can cause your travel plans to go haywire. Here are some reasons why you should check your travel insurance for hurricane cover, especially if you are travelling to areas that are prone to warnings.

Reason #1

If you are having to cut short your trip because of a hurricane warning, many travel insurers reimburse you for travel costs and the cost of flights back home.

Reason #2

Stuck in the hurricane and your flight got cancelled? Travel insurance may reimburse you for the cost of a hotel room, meals, and other stay related expenses.

Reason #3

Hurricane injuries are at times also covered by insurers so you can get emergency medical transport and treatment benefits.

Reason #4

Travel insurance that includes natural disaster trip cancellation will refund trip expenses that you have already paid for; if you have to cancel before scheduled departure because of a hurricane.

What you need to look out for?

  • Check if your destination is prone to such warnings. If so, ensure that you purchase your travel plan before the storm is announced.
  • Read your policy documents to check if hurricanes are listed as a disaster cover and as a reason for trip cancellation.
  • If the hurricane or a calamity has passed your destination and the place where you are going to be staying has been affected, check if your policy covers that too.

Tips to avoid hurricanes

#1 Choose your destination wisely

Hurricanes normally follow the June to November seasonality, September being a month where they hit the hardest. Try picking destinations that are out of the hurricane belts during these times, such as the Aruba island or islands of Portugal.

#2 Stay alert

Yes, do stay alert to news about the destination you are travelling to. Also, ensure you sign up for alerts from your airline so you would know when your flight is delayed.

#3 Compensation claims

In case you do get stuck with a delayed flight and have to stay at a hotel, remember to keep the receipts of your hotel and expenses to claim them from the insurance company.

#4 Insure immediately

Remember to buy your travel insurance right after you book your flights. In cases of calamities like hurricanes, buying travel insurance just before the storm is announced doesn’t qualify for claims.

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