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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 23, 2019 Share on

Vivid Sydney 2019: The celebration of colours, music, light and life

Can we ever get enough of these hemispherical shells? Sydney opera house, the paradigm of 20th century architecture where brilliance and artistry come together, is the most happening art venue that’s there. Now be prepared for a frenetically crowded Oz waiting to be swept off its feet by the world’s largest light festival, Vivid Sydney.

Vivid Sydney, with exciting events lined up in store focussed at celebrating Australia’s contemporary culture, music and ideas, is all set to cast its magical light upon the Sydney harbour for the 11th time. The amazing news is that you absolutely don’t need a fat wallet to relish in this cultural extravaganza. Witness the Sydney masterpiece being illuminated from 6 PM to 11 PM for 23 consecutive nights, between May 24 and June 15, for free!!

Here’s our guide that pinpoints the insanely exciting things to watch out for in this vibrant fest.

Sail off on the Sydney’s harbour cruise:

Because who wouldn’t want to go on the cruise of a lifetime in what looks as magical as a child’s beautiful canvas painting?

Hit the harbour for the utter delight of watching the opera house in a whole new light, both literally and metaphorically as you yacht through the coathanger bridge sipping on some delicious wine.

Ever dreamt of encountering lit-up animated animals?

You can as well see that manifested into reality at the Taronga zoo light show.

In addition to being an absolute jaw dropper, this show sheds light also on the need for wildlife preservation through the staging of beguiling light sculptures of endangered Sumatran tigers, gorillas, serene turtles and pangolin to name a few.

Gawk at an entire garden brightened up by flocks of fireflies

Because here at Sydney even fireflies can set up your mood on fire!

Looking too natural to be a setting, the fireflies are created by fastening LED light bulbs onto transparent capsules, which are then tied to the ground by inconspicuous metal strings. Altogether the blinking lights and wavering pinheads work in setting a perfect mood.

Relive your childhood by watching the evolution of 30 years of Pixar animation in the Argyle cut

Best described as stargazing in style, except that its our favourite Pixar buddies instead of stars.

Somewhere between yearning for a friend like Woody and wishing that Anton Ego likes Remy’s ratatouille, we all grew up. Take a trip down the memory lane as the Pixar studios features on Argyle cut’s rooftop, the 30 years of its end-to-end filmmaking journey.

Hang on, Vivid is not just about lights!

At the Vivid ideas festival, the epicentre of knowledge sharing, get a hang of what’s thriving in the business place by taking part in a plethora of tech events such as Vogue codes, Oscar-winning Spike Lee’s game changers series, acclaimed journalist Van Badham’s guide to becoming a columnist, Ikea future design show and a 205 other events spanning across domains such as fashion, future society, arts among others.

When it comes down to “A little bit of partying wouldn’t hurt”(not judging :p )

If you wish there could be a tint of madness to this festival apart from all the idea movements(definitely not judging!), unveil the wild sides in you for the music and dance shows of a lifetime with Vivid music. With events from open-air party with harbour view and FKA twigs’s exclusive concert to the curve ball dance shows, the real party is here!!

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