Frequently asked questions


How are you different from other players?

No Pre-Packaged Tours- We are the world’s first ever platform to let travellers build, customize and edit their itineraries, based on their interests.

Quality Supply - We believe in genuineness, in building vacations true to our travellers’ hearts. Hence we only partner with the best partners who not only provide competitive rates, but also quality and reliable stays and experiences. Why don’t you check out our Facebook page? Thanks to our 9 point check before onboarding partners, we have 900+ 5 star reviews from genuine travellers like you.

Mobile Concierge - The only company to provide real time chat support - we will be there for you throughout your vacation. Want to upgrade your room, plan a surprise or change plans? Ping us and we will help you out!

Local travel agents take 24-48 hours to give me a customized itinerary. How do you do it so fast?

Our proprietary routing algorithm was built on our learning's from over 1000+ trails we have hand crafted. The algorithm not only helps you with activity suggestions based on your interests, it also works to combine your cities - keeping in mind both travel times and cost of travel across all available modes of transport.

Our machine learning algorithm ensures that each itinerary created on the platform helps refine our results and gives travellers the right itinerary. Our integrations with best in class partners ensures that you will be able to see your total trip cost in less than 50 seconds flat.

What do your services comprise of?

You have the option of visiting the website and making changes on the go to your hotels, activities, transfers, internal flights etc. A bit confused about the vastness of options? Fret not! You can connect with a professional consultant who will understand your requirements and help you build an itinerary, with the perfect combination of hotels, activities and transfers. Guess what? There are no extra charges for using the services of a consultant! So feel free to reach out to us via the chat option and we will connect you with one of our experts immediately.

Also, there’s more! Post booking you will be assisted by a team of experts who will guide you at every turn. Want a special request sent to the hotel for early check-in? Craving for gelato near your attraction? We are just a ping away. Reach out to our support team on the app and we’ll help you resolve your queries while you sit back and enjoy that well-deserved break.

Why should I update costs frequently after I have built my itinerary and costed it?

We partner with the world’s top tech companies to get you real time pricing. Unlike other places where they have "hotel a or similar" - at Pickyourtrail - what you see is what you get. As millions of travellers like you are looking to head out, and hence, the hotel and flight availability changes by the minute. To ensure that you get the best possible room, we need to continuously update the costing.

You are a young company, how do I trust you with my yearly break?

We are one of the top rated personalized vacations companies on Facebook and Google. We have created 20 years worth happiness through our trails. And 95% of our travellers have rated us 5 star! We have been featured in leading publications such as Skift, PhocusWright, Business Line, and Economic Times to name a few! We are one of the two Indian startups to be a part of the Amadeus Next program! We could go on, but we would rather you read testimonials from genuine travellers like you here. here.Give us a try. We assure you that you will not only enjoy the Pickyourtrail way of traveling, but keep wanting more of it!

What is your price match guarantee and how does it apply?

We work with suppliers from all across the world to get you the best possible pricing at most of the time. If you find a a lower price on the internet from any other online travel agent for the same inclusions on the same travel dates, we will match the quote you find and also waive our planning and concierge fee for you! Offer applicable against published rates of other online travel agents and not on off-line quotations / promo code applied rates.

Changes to itinerary

What if I want to make some changes to my personalized itinerary?

Raison d'Être. That's why we built the product. Go ahead, and click on the button next to hotels, flights, trains, transfer modes and voila you can change them then and there. We believe we have the most used cases covered, let us know if there is something else that we could add to make your experience awesome-er.. Drop us a line at

Can I book international flights from my home city?

Currently, the website doesn’t populate international flights from your home country to the destination you’re looking at, if you are residing outside of India. Keep checking this space to get an update soon! (edited)

How do I change the city?

Ahh, looks like we have an involved traveller. Fret not. We have you covered. Do you spot the Route Overview section on the right side of the Daywise plan? Click on the pencil icon next to it. You would be surprised by what a click of a button can do! You can change, replace or add a city :)

I want to spend more nights in a city and reduce nights from another city (ies). Is it possible?

Your wish is our command! In the day wise plan tab, hover over to the city of choice in the Route Overview section and click on the +/- button to add/remove days to your heart’s content.

Can I change the itinerary on mobile also?

Yes, you can! SmartPhones are amazing and we love them too. So go ahead, click on the city banner, and change to your hearts content. By the way, you can also get a real-time cost on mobile!

I want a quote on my email, how do I do that?

Bingo, do you see the button? Hit that, fill in your email, and voila! Your quote has reached your inbox! Share it with your fiance, family and let us know if there is something that we can do to help you book :)

Is there a way to change my hotel room?

Click on room details under the hotel listed. You will be able to view the room that is pre-selected. To change the room click on the ‘Select’ button which pops up on clicking room details. Easy-peasy!

I don’t see the city I want to visit on your website. What do I do?

Shucks. That’s bad. Maybe you are indeed one in a million. Fret not, you should be able to drop us a postcard from your product. If not - go ahead and send a mail to and we will reach out to you!

I want to take a flight instead of a train. Is that possible?

You can easily change your mode of transfer by hovering over the route between two cities of choice in the Route Overview section and clicking on replace transfer. You can swap between train, air and other available modes of transport.

What if the activity I want is not available with you?

Woah, you got us there. This is a rare case. Why don’t you drop us an email or chat with us to let us know? We will add that in a jiffy for you! And, by the way - you get a 10% discount on that activity. Finders keepers and all, you know! :)

I want to change the time of my activity, is that possible?

We try to slot activities in the best possible time slot. We take into consideration facts like the historical queue length, if it’s a view-point, what the best time to be there is, type of activity and other parameters. If you still want to go ahead and change the activity you can do so by removing it first from that time slot, and adding it in your desired time-slot.

I have a child with me, how do I know which activities are suitable for him / her?

We are glad you asked! There is a child-friendly filter on activities, too. We recommend you use it to find the relevant, best possible activities for him / her.

What is the customer rating next to hotels?

It’s a mix of both online and our customers’ reviews of hotels. The idea is to help you narrow down on a hotel of your choice quickly. While you are at it, go ahead and toggle with the breakfast and free wifi filters.

Before booking

What are the documents I need to submit to initiate booking?

Keep your passport copies handy. Kindly ensure that you type in the names only as per passport. In case you don’t have a last name on your passport, kindly give us a call.

What are the passport requirements for international travel?

Your passport needs to have a validity of 6 months from the date of arrival back into the country. There should have not been any observations made on your passport.

Can I freeze my rates once I have finalized the itinerary?

Yes, you can freeze the cost by paying 50% of the overall trip cost as booking confirmation fee.

What happens once I have made the payment?

Once you have made the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation. Our backend technology will initiate the booking process and we will keep you posted. You will then receive a status email of all your bookings within one hour.

What is the cancellation policy once payment is done?

The cancellation policy for flights, hotels, trains and car rental is as per their cancellation policy. Please refer to the line-wise cancellation policy that is mentioned and the overall cancellation policy for your itinerary, as cancellation policy varies with each itinerary.

After booking

What happens if I want to change activities after I have confirmed?

Cancellation of any activities is based on the cancellation policy stated on the voucher. If it is feasible and there is availability in the new activity that you want, you can go ahead and change the same.

Will the prices increase after I have booked my trip?

This is the rarest of rare case. This generally happens when multiple travellers are looking at the same room. Given we cannot block rooms and air tickets, there are chances that your prices may have changed after you booked. In such cases, we will intimate you as soon as we come to know of it and also ensure that we provide you suitable options.

I want to cancel my trip due to personal reasons, but there is no cancel button. How do I go about it?

You would need to write us an email as we will have to speak to all our partners to give you a consolidated cancellation amount. It will take anywhere between 48-72 hours for the same.

During travel

How can I get in touch with you during the vacation?

You can reach out to us on the dedicated support platform on the Pickyourtrail App. We are available 24 x 7 on the app. In times when we are not available you will be able to reach either or local partners or the direct activity provider mentioned in your voucher.

What if one of my scheduled experiences gets cancelled?

This is a rare event at Pickyourtrail, as we only work with top 5 partners in every destination. If sudden changes in weather or other such unforeseen events lead to cancellation, you will be refunded the amount for the experience as per the cancellation policy of the experience provider. Also, if there is sufficient heads up, we try and give you an equally exciting option, based on your interests.

Our normal refund policy is 15 working days from the date of the cancelled activity or any other inclusion In case there's a delay beyond this time, the team will keep the customer informed.

Who can help us with emergencies when we miss the flight or lose baggage?

It is always best to get in touch with the airline people directly to get a quick immediate solution. Additionally you can also reach out to us through the support group or call the emergency number listed in the support group so that we can assist you in the process as well.

How do we handle emergencies when we lose our passports?

You will have to lodge a police complaint or call up the embassy as the first steps to help you out. Again, please inform us about the same on the support group as well so that we can guide you through the next steps and process.

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