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7 NIGHTS: Interlaken (2N) → Zermatt (2N) → Lucerne (3N)

2 Hotels Activities Private transfer Flights

8 NIGHTS: Interlaken (2N) → Zurich (2N) → Paris (2N) → Amsterdam (2N)

3 Hotels Activities Private transfer Flights

6 NIGHTS: Paris (2N) → Lucerne (3N) → Paris (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

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8 NIGHTS: Zurich (1N) → Lucerne (2N) → Paris (5N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

5 NIGHTS: Lucerne (3N) → Paris (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Private transfer

6 NIGHTS: Interlaken (4N) → Zermatt (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

14 NIGHTS: Rome (2N) → Florence (2N) → Venice (2N) → Lucerne (3N) → Interlaken (3N) → Zurich (2N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

5 NIGHTS: Zurich (3N) → Paris (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

9 NIGHTS: Munich (2N) → Lucerne (3N) → Interlaken (3N) → Zurich (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

9 NIGHTS: Lucerne (3N) → Paris (2N) → Amsterdam (4N)

Flights 4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer
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Spectacular Switzerland Tour Packages

Picture Switzerland. Chocolate factories, spectacular snow-covered alps, medieval castles and ski resorts. Fabulous innit'? It comes of no doubt, how Switzerland has inspired people to visit its scenic lakes, bustling cities and ravishing scenery. Ever since Bollywood made this county its preferred film shooting destination, Switzerland holidays for Indians have become a must-do. Located in Central Europe, the best Switzerland tour packages include Zurich, Interlaken, Zermatt and Lucerne. The country's scenic lakesides, villages make it an ideal destination for leisure lovers.

What to do in Switzerland Tour

An ideal Switzerland holidayshould include the contrasting sides of the country. Leisurely hikes through the rural parts of Switzerland will take you through little villages that make their cheese or a casual festival that sees the locals come together in a yodelling concert. On the other hand, ensure you see the bustling cities such as Bern that are a study in contrast with their old town buildings and contemporary lifestyle. Switzerland tour packages are popular with families as they often include trains that take you through chocolate factories, ski resort stays and amazing food. Switzerland makes for a great Honeymoon destination too with its stunning scenery that is the dream of most couples.

Popular Switzerland Holiday Packages

Itinerary Price*/person Duration Cities Covered Inclusions
Marvellous Swiss itinerary Rs.82,500 8D/7N Interlaken (2N) → Zermatt (2N) → Lucerne (3N) Hotels, Activities, Private Transfer
Rejuvenating Europe itinerary Rs.1,02,000* 9D/8N Interlaken (2N) → Zurich (2N) → Paris (2N) → Amsterdam (2N) Hotels, Activities, Private Transfer
Lovely Europe itinerary for the Family travellers Rs.1,02,467* 7D/6N Paris (2N) → Lucerne (3N) → Paris (1N) Flights, Hotels, Activities, Private Transfer
An epic Swiss itinerary for the wanderers Rs.1,22,500* 6D/5N Lucerne (3N) → Paris (2N) Flights, Hotels, Activities, Private Transfer
The perfect Swiss honeymoon itinerary Rs.1,30,723* 7D/6N Interlaken (4N) → Zermatt (2N) Flights, Hotels, Activities, Private Transfer

Best time to go

Switzerland has something for everyone for most part of the year. January to March may be the high winter months, but these are also a great time for winter sports. June is when Switzerland starts opening up with the heavy snow clearing away, holidays at this time may still not be ideal for Switzerland tour packages.

July, August and September would be the best time to go to Switzerland. This is when summer sets in and a Switzerland holiday package in these months would give you the best of outdoor sports like paragliding, hiking and also the best time for sightseeing. December is a good time to visit Switzerland for its Christmas markets and lovely festive atmosphere.

Flights to Switzerland from India

Flights operate from most Indian International airports to Zurich, which is the main International Airport in Switzerland. Popular operators in this route are Jet Airways, Swiss International, Lufthansa and Aeroflot. Best rates for this route is usually available when you book 6-7 months prior.

Delhi 15h, 1 stop Rs. 19961
Mumbai 13h, 1 stop Rs. 24184
Chennai 13h, 1 stop Rs. 30657
Bangalore 13h, 1 stop Rs. 27256
Hyderabad 13h, 1 stop Rs. 34039
Kolkata 16h, 1 stop Rs. 33428
Kochi 14h, 1 stop Rs. 27151
Trichy 18h, 2 stops Rs. 38370

Interesting Switzerland Facts

  • The all-time famous Roger Federer is from Switzerland!
  • Seven billion chunks of Toblerone are made each year, all in Bern
  • The Rhine Falls are Europe’s largest waterfalls.
  • Zurich and Geneva have both been named as two of the top ten most liveable cities in the world
  • Switzerland produces the most chocolate in the world
  • Switzerland’s highest point is the Dufour Peak at 15,199 feet height.
  • Switzerland has more than 1,500 lakes
  • Nescafe, the world’s first instant coffee was invented in Switzerland
  • Most Indian films are shot in Switzerland
  • The world’s largest nuclear shelter, the Sonnenberg Tunnel, is in Switzerland

Frequently Asked Questions about Switzerland Packages

What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

Although Switzerland is perennially good to go anytime, June - August is the best time to be here given all activities are available. If you want to try out winter sports and want to experience winter here, January & February are the months for you.

What is the ideal stay duration for a Switzerland tour?

While there are about twenty six cantons here in Switzerland, exploring just two cities would take anywhere between 5 - 6 days.

What is the Switzerland Tourist Visa process for Indians?

You can apply for a Schengen Visa that permits stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days. The Visa takes about 10 - 20 working days to be processed.

What are the main regions of the country worth exploring?

Bern, Zermatt, Lucerne, Zurich, Interlaken, Geneva and Montreaux are definite must-adds to your Switzerland itinerary. With these places, you catch a glimpse of both Switzerland's glitzy cities and its rustic alpine landscapes.

Which currency should I use in Switzerland>

You should carry your money in Swiss franc. Euro is also accepted but in very few places. For longer stays, it is better to carry Swiss franc.

How reliable is the public transport at Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to one of the world's best public transport system. The rail system is not only well-connected and salient but offers panoramic views of mountains and alpine valleys nearby. The Swiss Rail Pass lets you access everything from trains to buses to boats and even cable cars.

What are the most scenic Switzerland train tour to take here?

The railway isn't just an impeccably connected way to travel inside Switzerland. It is also a brilliant way to access the country's best views. Bernina and the Glacier Express are two train journeys that you absolutely must take while there.

How's the culture and etiquette of Switzerland like?

Switzerland is renowned for its share of scenic places to visit and lovely locals to bond with. The Swiss believe in neutrality and peace, and take pride in being one among the most peaceful countries in the world. They are known for their punctuality and conservative attire. They are fond of their wines and beers and follow unique and rich culinary customs. Meetings in Switzerland begin with grüezi(hello) and end with adieu(goodbye) accompanied by handshakes.

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