Singapore Tour Packages

    Singapore has the best of all worlds. With world-class theme parks, modern skyscrapers & architectural wonders all around the city, there's something special for everyone. Whether it's a regular Singapore travel package or customized Singapore tour packages to relax, we've got you covered!

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    Singapore Tour Package

    An island country renowned for its multicultural diversity, with major influences from the west and flocks of settlement from the east, Singapore is a perfect place where east meets west. With Pickyourtrail’s customised Singapore tour packages, take a tour of the man-made paradise of the Gardens by the bay or take a picnic with your family to the Universal Studios Singapore and relive your childhood by hopping on the themed rides. Embark on an unforgettable journey of Night Safari into the world's first nocturnal zoo on your Singapore tour package. Want more of the wildlife? Take a trip to the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and Underwater World on your Singapore tour. Breakaway from Singapore city for a while and explore Sentosa Island to the fullest. Make sure you include the awesome Flyer on your Singapore packages, to enjoy the unparalleled views from the top as you go round and round in the Singapore Flyer. Unwind by the East Coast Park and shop for the souvenirs from one of the many shopping centres. More of a shopping person? Singapore has a sea of shopping malls where you can browse for hours on your Singapore trip. After all the shopping, settle down for delicious Singaporean food which will surprise you with hints of Asian and Western cuisines. You can also take up Singapore cruise packages and sail away & discover lush tropical rainforests, open-air markets, ancient cities, and pristine white sand beaches. Overall you can be assured of a lot of activities on your Singapore holiday packages.

    Singapore Tour Package from India

    Singapore Tour Package with Cruise No of days/nights Price*
    Art lover's holiday: Lose yourself in dreamy Singapore for 6 nights 7 days/6 nights Rs. 33,624*
    A 6 day Singapore itinerary to quench your wanderlust this summer 6 days/5 Nights Rs. 25,236*
    A Universal studio itinerary for 3 Nights 5 days/4 nights Rs. 44,250*
    The perfect low priced 3 night Singapore itinerary 4 days/3 nights Rs. 45,186*
    Shop around and party to the fullest for 4 nights at Singapore 5 days/4 nights Rs. 31,128

    Things To Do on your Singapore Trip

    The lion city Singapore offers plenty of adventures to satiate the thirst of both wildlife lovers and adventure junkies. Be it night safari singapore to explore various animal species, the bird park to visit the largest bird species ever in asia with family, river safari to discover umpteen aquatic animals and plant species and singapore zoo to get upclose with your favourite animals, you can never run short of adventures to get your adrenaline pumping in Singapore.

    Wildlife in Singapore

    The below-listed wildlife activities are a must to add to your Singapore Tour.
    1. Jurong Bird Park - Asia’s largest bird park with over 3500 birds across 40 species, explore on your Singapore travel this bird park famous for its large walk-in aviaries such as Lory Loft, Jungle Jewels, and Waterfall Aviary. The Jurong Bird Park Singapore witness about 850,000 visitors every year. The Jurong bird park ticket price is $25 for an adult and $16 for a child.
    2. Night Safari - World’s first-ever nocturnal wildlife park, with over 1.3 million tourists every year, this night safari is one of the highly visited attractions on a Singapore trip. The Park is home to over 900 animals from nearly 100 species and works on the mission to promote biodiversity and focuses on captive breeding of threatened species.
    3. River Safari - Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park home to over 7500 aquatic animals and 400 plant species, the park aims at inspiring visitors to protect fragile freshwater ecosystems and save aquatic life. Discover on your Singapore travel package this wildlife park that houses species such as the giant panda, manatee and Mekong giant catfish. These magnificent animals are housed in themed exhibits that mirror iconic rivers of the world from the Mississippi to the Amazon.
    4. Singapore’s Zoo - Experience the wonders of nature at this world-famous zoo renowned internationally for its conservation initiatives and breeding programs. The zoo finds 1.9 million visitors annually and offers the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the wildlife of nature.

    Singapore Adventures

    Include these adrenaline-pumping adventures to your Singapore tour itinerary and have a fantastic Singapore trip.
    1. iFly Singapore - The world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, i-Fly Singapore is for everyone who dreams of soaring like a superhero.
    2. Megazip Singapore - Experience Southeast Asia’s steepest zip wire that nimbly races you through Sentosa’s lush jungles and white beaches from 450 meters in the air and brave new heights at Mega Adventure Park Singapore.
    3. Zipline Singapore - Enjoy panoramic views of lush green rainforests, observe the rich flora and fauna from the sky and also journey across 20 beautiful attractions in Sentosa in a cableway using the Faber Peak line or Sentosa line at Singapore Cable Car Network.
    4. WaveHouse Sentosa - With a special wave machine that pumps a thin sheet of water over a trampoline-like surface, recreating endlessly breaking waves, enjoy a fun Indoor Surfing or flowboarding experience at Wave House Sentosa on your Singapore Holiday Packages.
    5. Reverse Bungy - At Clarke Quay, enjoy the fun and fast G-Max Reverse Bungy that straps you into the capsule while on the ground and then catapults you 60 meters into the air at the press of a button. You can enjoy speeds reaching up to 200kmph and 5G of force here on your Singapore trip package. Get your adrenaline high with this ride which is smacking hit.
    6. Universal Studios Singapore - With 7 themed zones - Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Hollywood, Sci-fi city, Ancient Egypt and NewYork to give you unlimited fun, make the most of this place on your Singapore tour with its dueling coasters and near-miss collisions and find your adrenaline reach soaring heights.

    Singapore visa for Indians

    Below is the list of documents required for obtaining a Singapore visa for Indians. The visa processing takes about 3 - 4 working days.
    1) Application form to be filled by each person
    2) Authority Letter from each Applicant
    3) 3 passport size photos each as per specification (Three recent passport size colored photographs with the semi-matt or matt finish, 70%-80% face coverage, white background and without border & spectacles (Size: 35mm x 45mm).
    4) Covering letter ( to be typed out fully and physically signed in the last), (do mention the dates of travel along with Total Number of Travel Days) (main sponsor)
    5) Occupation proof ( main sponsor)
    6) NOC from the company on its letterhead
    7) 3 months pay slip
    8) Company’s Id card (Photo Copy)
    9) 3 months bank statement(main sponsor) and it should be sealed and Signed by the Bank.
    10) Original passports and also your old passport (If you will have any)

    Singapore Nightlife

    Singapore has some of the best clubs to spend the night dancing to the best tunes until dawn and gulping down the finest alcohol. Zouk Nightclub, Attica Nightclub, Canvas, Altimate, Bang Bang, Kilo Lounge, Cherry Discotheque are some of the best nightclubs to discover on your Singapore holiday packages.

    Want to go club-hopping? Here are some of best nightclubs in Singapore to explore on your Singapore trip.
    1. Clarke Quay and Riverside - Singapore’s most famous party hub, Clarke Quay is a labyrinth of bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, retail stores and recreation outlets with buzzing nightclubs, dazzling lights, and party freaks. Singapore Riverside is also another happening arena to visit a kaleidoscope of mind-blogging concept bars and pubs and dance the night away.
    2. Marina Bay Sands - With plenty of rooftop bars dotted around the bay, offering superb views of the city, and refreshing breezes, enjoy your drinks and party all night. Also, witness the famed light show by the bay that attracts a plethora of visitors.
    3. Zouk - One of the best clubbing places in Singapore, also compared to some of the best clubs in Europe, is built with high levels of sophistication and mainly plays house music to young crowds. Zouk’s music is spun by 7 resident DJs and finds regular live acts from visiting artists, right from The Chemical brothers to Kylie Minogue.
    4. Orchard’s Road - You will find pulsating nightlife at this famous shopping belt of Singapore. Emerald Hill, a tucked-away strip flanked by elegant row houses, is the place to go for atmospheric pubs and bars to taste strong tasty cocktails. Orchard Towers, the red-light zone has 4 floors of girlie bars and clubs with live music and dance shows.

    Shopping in Singapore

    From shopping the top-end luxury brands to cheap shopping in Singapore, you can find the numerous shopping places in Singapore to go on an endless shopping spree. Be it best brands shopping at Orchard Road Singapore, finding designer products at low prices at Mustafa center Singapore, or cheap shopping in Singapore at Chinatown, indulge in your kind of shopping on your Singapore travel package.

    Shop till you drop on your Singapore Tour on these streets!
    1. Bugis Street - One of the biggest, cheapest and hottest places to shop in Singapore, shop anything from souvenirs, accessories, clothes, cosmetics to electronics and houseware. Find keychains, postcards, and stationery for as little as S$1. Enjoy a good experience with over 800 shops of all haps and sizes to buy from and enjoy a bargain.
    2. Mustafa Center - For designer products at low prices, and for a 24-hour market style shopping experience, find everything from textiles, watches, and electronics on sale. Also, this place is famous for its jewelry section where gold can be picked up inexpensively. There is an eclectic ethnic touch to the products from here, be it bags or costume jewelry making it one of the best places for brilliant buys.
    3. Orchard’s Road - Named after nutmeg and pepper plantations that lined this boulevard once, Orchard’s Road is the epicenter of shopping in Singapore that is flanked on both sides by local and international department stores, boutiques, salons, spas, restaurants, and cafes. The boulevard finds shops that sell everything from consumer electronics to international fashion labels.
    4. Chinatown - One of the best budget shopping places in Singapore, to buy spices, satin Chinese style robes, souvenirs, and clothes at throwaway prices. Chinatown is for low-cost shopping budgets. Bargain till your heart’s content here and buy your favorite products.
    5. Vivo city - One of the largest shopping malls in Singapore renowned for an ultimate luxury shopping experience, coupled with unlimited entertainment, this mall is every shopper’s paradise. You can buy stylish clothes, elegant homewares, and accessories of all kinds at this shopping hub.

    Singapore Gardens

    With plenty of attractions in Singapore that can give you a tranquil and relaxing experience, you ought to visit these places on your Singapore travel and feel blissed out.

    Care for a breath of fresh air. Don't forget to visit these spots on your Singapore tour package.
    1. Gardens by the Bay - It is a highly colorful, futuristic park where mother nature seamlessly mixes with the metropolis. Taking a walk through a 419-foot aerial walkway called the OCBC Skyway, supported by Supertree groves gives a fantabulous view of the surrounding gardens and Marina Bay. To understand the sheer size of gardens, the view from Marina Bay Sands is where you must head to.
    2. Singapore Botanic Gardens - Country’s first UNESCO heritage sites, this 60-acre property has been converted into a recreation property. Take a walk through the peace and tranquil, and lush greenery of the gardens and choose your spot to relax, laze around and completely unwind.
    3. National Orchid Garden Singapore - Derive the pleasure of flora on your Singapore tour package from India in this garden that boasts the world’s largest display of plants and orchids. With over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display, the beauty of these gorgeous blooms at this really famous Singaporean garden remains unmatched.
    4. Cloud Forest Singapore- A large climate-controlled glass dome that is stunning inside out, has spiraling walkways, and houses one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls is Cloud Forest, Singapore’s one of the most impressive attractions. Entering the Cloud Forest seems like entering a mysterious world veiled in mist.

    Singapore Temples

    With immigrants from across various Asian nations, Singapore has Hindu temples, mosques, churches, and Sikh temples for all culture types. Visit the below listed multi-cultural religious establishments and get the essence of the lion city on your Singapore packages.

    Welcome the culture of temples on your cheapest Singapore Packages.
    1. Thian Hock Keng Temple - It is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore, dedicated to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea. This shrine is one the oldest and the most prominent shrines of the Hokkien community. Seafarers and immigrants of the Hokkien community gave thanks to the Goddess Mazu for a safe sea passage on their arrival to Singapore.
    2. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - It is a temple with richly designed interiors and comprehensive exhibits on Buddhist art and history. This temple also holds high prominence because it is home to one of Buddha's left canine tooth which has been recovered from his funeral pyre and now displayed on the temple’s grounds.
    3. Sri Mariamman Temple - This temple is a prominent place of worship for the Tamil Hindus in the country. The temple was built to honor Goddess Mariamman, a deity of disease and protection. The temple served as a center for the registry of Hindu marriages during the colonial era and now stands as a proud representation of rich Hindu culture in Singapore. Since 1973, the temple has also been recognized as a national monument.
    4. Sultan mosque - This mosque is one of Singapore’s most impressive places of worship. The story behind the building of the mosque’s dome’s base touches the heart. The dome’s base is decorated with glass bottle ends, which were donated by the poor Muslims during its construction, so that all Muslims, not just the rich, could contribute.

    Singapore Food

    Singapore being a multi-cultural city high on tradition has varied cuisines. Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Indonesian food culture is most predominant in Singapore. Here are some must-try Singapore dishes on your Singapore holiday packages.

    Feast your taste buds with the taste of Singaporean cuisine.
    1. Hokkien Mee - Egg and rice noodles simmering in a fragrant stock of fresh shrimps, dried prawns, squid, pork or chicken and then garnished with fish cake, deep-fried shallots, spring onions, and fresh lime is Hokkien Mee. The mixture is then fried till damp and the cooked noodles are served with sliced rice chilli and trusty sambal.
    2. Laksa - Essentially a spicy noodle soup, which translates to 'spicy sand' in Chinese, Laska is either made of rice noodles or rice vermicelli with a healthy serving of chicken, prawn or fish – the base flavour of which generally here is spice. Laska can be tweaked to different flavours based on your likes - curry laksa - a coconut milk curry soup with noodles or asam laksa - based on tamarind.
    3. Char kway teow - Flat rice noodles stir-fried over intense heat with light and dark soy sauce, chilli and a little bit of shrimp paste and combined with prawns, bean sprouts, chopped chives, egg, slices of fishcake and sausage is Char Kway Teow.
    4. Nasi Lemak - Nasi Lemak is a dish with the main ingredient being fluffy rice. The rice becomes fluffy due to coconut-milk being immersed in the rice while being cooked with a hint of ginger and lemongrass. It is then had with stir-fried sambal, a hot sauce made of chili peppers, ginger, garlic, shallots, shrimp paste and fish sauce.

    Best time to visit Singapore

    Singapore tourism will make you experience a tropical rainforest climate with consistent rainfall throughout the year. The peak season for a Singapore tour package is from June to August when it is the driest, making it the best time to go to Singapore. It is during this time, the city buzzes with tourists and the hotel prices are up as well. Singapore receives most of its rain between November and January. If you want to skip the crowd and get make the best of the lower prices, then try booking a Singapore tour between February and April, the best season to visit Singapore.

    Book Customised Singapore Tour Packages with Pickyourtrail

    The Singapore tour packages are influenced by various factors in this vibrant city. While one side of the city is overflowing with temples and historical attractions, the other side is known for its vibrant nightlife. There's plenty to do on a Singapore Trip. This diversity in the range of options to visit, culture and cuisine is what makes Singapore a popular destination for travellers. So book your Singapore trip package with Pickyourtrail and have an amazing Singapore tour.

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