Poland Packages

Witness the blend of history, architecture and breathtaking scenery
4.0 from 33 travellers
Poland Packages
4.0from 33 travellers

Poland Travel Packages

Poland presents you with its enchanting lands for an exhilarating international trip. The vibrant Poland brings you a rich amalgamation of culture, history and natural wonders. With its diversity in culture, landscapes and cuisines, it is truly a must visit destination to create new core memories. From its pristine beaches and majestic landscapes, it offers a visual treat for the traveler's soul. The hospitality of the people is something to say and is renowned for their unique friendliness and traditions. Explore the attractions of this beautiful Poland, which tells tales of its origin. It boasts pride in its unique cuisine and brings a unique blend of tradition and modernity. PickYourTrail provides the best Europe travel packages with all the inclusions you'd need for a hassle-free holiday.

Pickyourtrail's Poland Package Inclusions

  • Customized itinerary

  • Flights

  • Accommodations

  • Activities

  • Transfers

  • Food

  • Exclusive coupons

  • Visa

  • Travel Insurance

Check a box off your international trip bucket list and visit Poland! This beautiful nation is a rich tapestry of tradition, flavors and landscapes that will leave you wanting more. From bustling cities to serene countryside, Poland is indeed a very captivating destination. Poland is a spectrum of experiences to explore. The strength of its people and their commitment to upholding their culture and traditions are what make this a must visit destination. Marvel at the historical sites while indulging in the local customs and cuisines. Poland is a destination that invites the world to discover its charm and authenticity ingrained in its identity.

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No of days
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7 nights:

Gdansk (3N)

Warsaw (4N)

7 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
AED 4,897 per person
  • Main Town Gda?sk Walking Tour
+ 6 more
6 nights:

Krakow (3N)

Warsaw (3N)

5 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
AED 2,964 per person
  • Krakow to Auschwitz Birkenau Optional Guided Tour with FREE ebook
+ 4 more
12 nights:

Krakow (6N)

Warsaw (6N)

7 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
AED 3,599 per person
  • Sukiennice The Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art
+ 6 more
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