Maldives Tour Package

    Our Maldives packages from India capture the romantic spirit and luxurious aura of this breathtaking island getaway. From luxury bungalows stretching over turquoise waters and private poolside beach villas to spa days and stargazing with your loved one, our Maldives tour packages have it all. 

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    Maldives all inclusive Packages for a perfect Maldives holiday

    Planning a Maldives holiday? Pickyourtrail is your go-to place. We craft tailor-made Maldives holiday packages and let travellers discover the beauty of the destination at their own pace. Suiting all kinds of travel interests and preferences, you will find appropriate Maldives trip packages here at Pickyourtrail. Whether you are looking for romantic Maldives honeymoon packages for couples to soak in the sun with your loved one, or a Maldives package for friends to party till you drop, we’ve got it all! We also have an exclusive Maldives tour package for family to ensure you and your loved ones have a ball of a time! Pickyourtrail helps you chalk out a Maldives holiday package from India that will give you utmost satisfaction and the most memorable Maldives experience. We curate packages that take into account intricate details and craft the best Maldives all inclusive holidays package that makes your trip an experience more than a vacation. Check out our amazing Maldives holiday packages that let you discover the best of the destination and make your Maldives holidays happy and fun.

    Maldives tour package from India - pristine white sand beaches and cyan-blue waters

    Maldives all inclusive Packages

    Best Deals For Maldives Holiday Packages No of days/nights Price*
    Going beyond the Maldives Luxury trail 4 days/3 nights Rs. 40,608
    Maldives honeymoon special: Perfect 3 nights itinerary to rejuvenate 4 days/3 Nights Rs. 43,031
    Classic 3 nights Maldives holidays to completely let loose 4 days/3 nights Rs. 43,031
    A fun Maldives holiday package to indulge in jaw dropping luxury 4 days/3 nights Rs. 43,094

    With its unparalleled luxury packages, diverse aquatic life, pristine white sand beaches and cyan blue waters, Maldives is a destination that is every traveller’s dream. Its huge collection of coral islands and extensive coral reefs make Maldives an excellent spot for couples looking to indulge in some adventure with the Maldives travel package.From extensive opportunities to dive underwater and experience the thrilling adventures of snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing, or to diving with the hammers and swimming with whale sharks, with our Maldives adventure package you will experience the holiday of a lifetime. But hey! If you're one of those laid back folks who'd love to sit back and bask in the warm sun from your romantic villa, Maldives offers you that too. There’s nothing like enjoying a soothing soak in the jacuzzi or chilling in your private pool sipping luscious wine with your partner! With the best Maldives holiday package from India, you can also go on a culinary adventure and explore the local cuisine of Maldives! In the evenings, after a pleasant walk down the pristine beaches, while basking in the glory of the setting sun, the happening nightlife of Maldives awaits you. For all the party animals and insomniacs out there, how is it truly a Maldives trip from India until you and your buddies rock the buzzing nightlife in Maldives? Choose from the best things to do in Maldives, and we will curate the best Maldives trip package for you.

    Best Maldives islands and things to do

    Malé Island - Visit this luxury island on your Maldives trip from India to and pray at the Grand Friday Mosque and pay your respects to the souls we lost at the Tsunami Monument.

    Vaadhoo Island - Relax by the bioluminescent sea of stars at night for a mystical surprise with our Maldives all inclusive packages.

    Mirihi - Spot sharks on our Maldives holiday package from India and completely rejuvenate yourself on this small island with Maldives’ first overwater bungalows.

    Baros - Snorkel in the azure waters with our Maldives trip package from India and enjoy a feast of the finest food in Maldives

    Hulhumalé Island - At the Hulhumale Beach, enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Surround yourself with the breathtaking beauty of nature at the Hulhumale Central Park with our Maldives travel package.

    Biyadhoo Island - Get a thrill out of windsurfing, and snorkelling in the clear waters with our Maldives holiday package. Feast on delectable seafood and indulge in soothing massages.

    Fihalhohi Island - Take your loved one on a romantic walk by the beach under the shade of coconut palm trees and partake rejuvenating spa sessions with our Maldives tour package from India.

    Maafushi Island - Snorkel or take scenic catamaran rides gazing at the sparkling ocean waters with our cheap Maldives holidays package.

    Milaidhoo - Bring out your adventurous side and go scuba diving and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters. Or simply relax on the white sandy beaches with our best Maldives holiday package from India.

    Kuredu - Take an exhilarating aircraft ride over the ocean and watch the sun setting into the sea. You can also get the rare view of ocean life while dining at an underwater restaurant with our Maldives trip package.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Maldives Holidays

    Which is the best time to visit the Maldives?

    Sun-kissed year long, the Maldives is a string of coral atolls with beautiful overwater bungalows and stunning infinity pools. A tropical paradise on earth, the Maldives houses white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. The average temperature varies from 23ºC-31ºC. and the best time to visit the Maldives is between November to April. There will be very little or no rain showers during this time, making it an ideal destination for tourists to travel. If you're looking to travel in a budget, May-August is your best bet since it's mostly defined by the monsoons. During this time, the activities will be lesser in number, however, you can always chill by the beach and enjoy a drink or two in your resort.

    What is the ideal time to spend in the Maldives?

    Generally 3 nights 4 days or 4 nights 5 days is the ideal time to spend in the Maldives lazing in the luxury of your resort and discovering its pristine white beaches and clear waters.

    Is the Maldives a good place for family travel?

    The Maldives is one of the world’s most attractive destinations, and it is also a common destination amongst families. Kid-friendly resorts in the Maldives are in abundance where families can relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Top family-friendly resorts like Olhuveli - Sun Siyam, Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Adaaran Hudhuranfushi & Paradise have kid-friendly activities and family-friendly facilities. While kids can make the most of their Maldives holidays inside the recreational arena or taking a walk on the beach and swimming during the day, grown-ups can try their hands on fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Kanuhura Resort is yet another family-friendly Maldives resort that houses a plethora of activities such as beach volleyball, scuba diving, tennis, yoga classes and much more. Almost all the resorts in the Maldives have their own groovy nightclubs and outdoor sports activities to keep families entertained.

    How many days should I spend in the Maldives?

    The Maldives is every couple's dream place and it's no lesser of a paradise for being travelling with family too. The idyllic beaches, colourful fish, reefs and crystal clear waters never fail to entice the eyes of the beholder. While 7 nights and 8 days will be perfect for a romantic getaway to the Maldives, if you're travelling with family or you're one of those people who's into water sports - 10 days and 9 nights should be more than enough. In this period, you can relax by the waters, bring out your adventurous side with some scuba diving or snorkelling done and also try out the varied Maldivian cuisines.

    How do you get to your resort in the Maldives?

    Most resorts offer a speed boat transport from the airport to the resort. For resorts which are far off from the airport, they offer a domestic flight from the international airport to the domestic airport and then a speed boat transfer from the airport to the resort. Some other resorts offer an upgrade of a sea plane transfer, which is a very unique experience, although it is an expensive affair that costs about $200-300 per person.

    What are the various meal plans available in Maldives?

    In the meal plans available, the Half board meal plan is the most economical and pocket-friendly meal plan which includes breakfast and dinner. The other option is the Full board meal plan that is ideal for families with kids as all the meals are sorted in this plan. The last option is the all inclusive meal plan which is a perfect meal plan for alcohol lovers that provides unlimited access to alcohol.

    What are the things to know before travelling to Maldives?

    You cannot carry alcohol into Maldives. There is drinking water scarcity in Maldives, so spend water wisely. Your rooms will be replenished with only two water bottles in a day. While booking your Maldives trip, make sure your transfers are already booked, because if they are not, it gets very difficult to arrange for them later.

    How does the visa process work for Maldives?

    Travellers can enter Maldives with a valid passport. For Indians, it is free visa on arrival to Maldives on arrival at Male. All you need to do is just furnish the return flight ticket and hotel confirmation.

    What are the best things to do in Maldives?

    Maldives is famous for its watersports due to its amazing underwater visibility. Snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing are good sports that can be indulged in while on your Maldives vacation due to its exotic large variety of coral reefs and beautiful marine life. You can also directly take up excursions at your resort at your own expense while on your stay.

    What about the currency?

    Most resorts widely accept US dollars. About $400 per person is a good cash to keep in hand, in case you want to indulge in a spa, take up a meal plan if not already taken, or go for some activities while there.

    Is Maldives a good destination for a family vacation?

    The Island is best suited for all kinds of travellers, be it family, friends or couples. Extra research has to be put in while booking the resort as there are specific family friendly resorts that provide activities that are suitable for families with kids making it a memorable holiday for them.

    Choose a Maldives Travel Theme
    We offer four types of vacation-themed packages in Maldives:
    Maldives Beach Resort Packages
    Maldives Family Packages
    Maldives Honeymoon Package
    Choose a Departure City for your Maldives Vacation

    How many days should I plan my Maldives trip for?

    5-7 days are more than enough to absolutely enjoy the Maldives experience. All tourist attraction spots, shopping and beaches can be covered within this time period.

    Which is the best time to plan a trip to Maldives?

    Maldives is hot and sunny all year round, with average temperatures of 23°C-31°C.

    The best weather – and the best time to visit the Maldives – is between November and April.

    The high season falls between December and March. So, one can plan a trip before or after, to avoid huge tourist crowds.

    The monsoon runs from May to October, peaking around June. Beaches are usually closed around this time, so avoid travelling to Maldives during this period.

    Things I should know before I travel to the Maldives?

    • Plan your trip according to the weather.

    • Choose your transfer rides wisely.

    • Follow the basic unwritten rules of the land.

    • Choose affordable accommodation and transportation.

    • Go for all-inclusive package to avoid unexpected costs.

    • Pack smart and light.

    • Check and compare water activities prices.

    • Do not miss out on the bioluminescent beach.

    • Keep an eye out for tax and hidden costs.

    • Do not carry alcohol in the country.

    • Keep USD for transactions.

    • Carry an apt amount of sunscreen.

    • Bikinis are not allowed everywhere.

    How to save money when on a trip to Maldives?

    • Compare prices

    • Plan your trip way in advance

    • Choose resorts closer to Male’

    • Pack the simplest of things, so you don’t have to spend there

    • Travel in off-season, by reading weather reports constantly

    • Get an all-inclusive meal plan

    • Exchange your currency beforehand

    • Bargain before purchasing

    • Don’t quit asking for freebies, because it’s a tourist-friendly nation

    How’s the nightlife in Maldives?

    The nightlife in the Maldives is modest. There are no huge nightclubs; however, there are some interesting things to do and nice people to meet when hanging out in the local bars or when having a cocktail at a resort.

    Some things to do at night would be:

    • Local Bars

    • Resort Bars

    • Sangu Beach Bar

    • Nautilus Bar

    • Crab Racing

    What are some things I should bring with me, and some I shouldn’t?

    • These are some things you should definitely bring along

    • Swimwear

    • Sun hat

    • Sun cream

    • Sun glasses

    • Beach bag

    • Sporty clothes

    • Sandals

    • Charging adapter

    • Underwater camera, for brilliant shots

    • A dry bag

    • Snorkelling gear

    • Kindle – If you’re a book lover

    These are some things you should not bring with you

    • Computer

    • Alcohol

    • Pork or its by-products

    • Warm clothes, because you won’t be needing them

    • More than 2 pairs of footwear, because hotels provide flip flops

    What are some of the best places to visit in Maldives?

    • COMO Cocoa Islands

    • Baros Island

    • Emboodhu Finolhu Island

    • Mihiri Island

    • Male Island

    • Kanuhura Island

    • Rangali Island

    • Huvahendhoo Island

    • Halaveli Island

    • Dhigu Island

    Why choose Pickyourtrail for Maldives holidays?

    With a myriad of things to see and experience, where do you even start? Leave the worries to us. Our state of the art itineraries for Maldives holidays are specifically made for you and are the best you can find. Right from flights, luxurious resorts and delectable food to pristine underwaters, we come up with perfect Maldives Holiday Packages crafted based entirely on your interests to make sure you have a magical time with your better-half or family and friends, whoever you choose to travel with. Not happy with the itinerary? We encourage you to change it the way you want - every detail can be customised to your liking and interests making it a personalised budget-friendly Maldives tour package you can’t stop raving about.

    So, what do you have to think about? Book a trip with us, Visit Maldives and make every minute of your Maldives Holidays special.

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