Philippines Tour Packages

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3 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → Cebu (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

3 NIGHTS: Manila (3N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

6 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → El Nido (2N) → Cebu (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

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5 NIGHTS: Manila (1N) → Palawan (3N) → Cebu (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

4 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → Cebu (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

4 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → Cebu (2N)

4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees Flights

5 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → Palawan (1N) → Cebu (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

8 NIGHTS: Manila (1N) → El Nido (3N) → Boracay (3N) → Cebu (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

8 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → Bohol (1N) → Manila (2N) → Kuta (2N) → Nusa Dua (1N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

6 NIGHTS: Manila (2N) → Palawan (2N) → Cebu (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees
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Philippines Tour Packages

With Philippines tour package, discover the Philippines an archipelago country with over 7000 picture-perfect islands. A strikingly different island nation most identified with people for its emerald rice terraces, artistic jeepneys, swarming megacities, abandoned slicks of sand in the middle of the ocean, and warm and welcoming locals, Philippines is an islander's paradise. With its thousands of inviting islands, it is a beach lovers' delight. On your Philippines tour go on an island hopping tour with our Philippines package and discover the island nation's sprawling islands like Luzon and Mindanao and also its perfect pristine white sandy beaches. If you are an adventure seeker, pitch a tent on an abandoned stretch of Palawan and enjoy the perks of solo travelling. If you are into water sports and also if you are a diver, you have plenty of reasons to be happy on your trip to Philippines. Kayaking, Surfing, Kiteboarding can be done at North Luzon and Northern Palawan with your Philippines holiday packages. For trekking and mountain biking as well, Philippines offers aplenty making it a wholesome destination to book your leisure and laid back vacation to with Philippines travel packages.

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Trending Philippines Travel Packages

Philippines Tour Packages No of days Price*
Incredible 3 nights Philippines tour for budget travellers 4 days/3 nights Rs. 38,286(with airfare, hotels)
The perfect low cost 6 nights trip to Philippines 7 days/6 Nights Rs. 46,195(with airfare, hotels)
An epic feel good 5 nights Philippines holiday itinerary 6 days/5 nights Rs. 46,578 (with airfare, hotels)
A 9 nights fun-filled Philippines travel 10 days/9 nights Rs. 92,985 (with airfare, hotels)

Philippines Package Highlights

  • A swim in the dark waters of Hinagdanan Cave
  • Kayak on the Panagsama Beach in Moalboal
  • Hike up to Chocolate hills viewing deck for a magnificent view
  • A walk across the delicate Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Bohol
  • An adrenaline-pumping zipline in Boracay with splendid beach views

More activities that you can include to your Philippines Package

  • Surf a kite in the strong winds of Bulabog Beach
  • Get a rejuvenating spa at Massage centers in Clark
  • Bet your money at Casino gaming centers of Widus Hotel & Casino
  • Scuba dive in El Nido to see Manta Rays & Green Sea Turtles
  • Trek up the active Taal Volcano
  • Taste the local flavourful cuisine in Tagaytay
  • Swim at the fresh water Barracuda lake in Coron
  • Take a dip in the Twin Lagoon in Coron
  • Visit Sky Eye for panoramic views of Tagaytay city
  • Shop local at the local flea market - Farm Fresh in Clark
  • Jam to the house music at Prive Luxury Club in Manila

Things to do on your Philippines Tour

The country has an island to suit every taste. With Philippines travel packages that we offer at Pickyourtrail, make your long-lived island-hop on and hop off dream come true and check off that long pending item from your bucket list. Here are some island's you can't resist on your Philippines package.

Palawan Island- An island packed with exotic wildlife, old fashioned fishing villages, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Palawan is a slice of heaven. Take a guided boat tour on your Philippines tour through the island's wildlife, jungle mountains, and beautiful beaches and get blown away by its beauty.

Cebu- It is one of the Philippines's most developed islands and offers some of the best natural attractions, one of which is the Kawasan Falls. After a canyoneering tour through the Filipino jungle, reach the main waterfalls and enjoy a good swim in its turquoise waters. Also enjoy a hike for a breath-taking view of the sunrise at the mountain range, Osmena Peak and click those million-dollar selfies for your Instagram account.

Bohol - It is 10th largest Filipino island comprising of pristine white sand beaches, lush green forests, and unbelievable underwater life. Although in comparison with other islands Bohol lags behind; its closeness to nature gives it a unique charm. Witness Chocolate hills, that arrived its name from highly unnatural looking dome-shaped mounds covered with grass that dry up in summer and become brown giving it the name it bores.

Places to visit on your Trip to Philippines

Tubbataha Reef diving dares, Mayon Volcano’s magnificent beauty, Bohol’s unique Chocolate Hills are some of what the Philippines has to offer. Philippines tour package should include some wonderful vacation spots and here is a traveller’s guide to skim through for easy Philippines trip planning.

Tier upon tier of tremendous Rice Terraces:
Possibly the best place to lay eyes on a trip to Philippines, the Banaue Rice Terraces are dubbed a magnum opus in the Philippine province of Ifugao and they stand tall in their splendour true to the title. Place bets against tearing your eyes from this mammoth of a tremendous landmark, which is an incredible feat to have accomplished by hand-constructing steps to a raging 5000 feet into heaven on sides of the mountains.

Revel in the wonderful spread of Banaue’s rice paddies along with sweeping fields at Batad, Kiangan, and Hungduan. The road up to the Banaue Rice terraces is streaked with viewpoints which also has a few indigenous Ifugao and Bontoc women donned in traditional wear who are ready to for some selfies with admirers of the location.

A little hidden gem in the locality is the 200-feet Tappiya Falls cascading down the gorge and into the must-see category.

Breathe out worries at the Batanes Islands:
Such attractive cultures backed with breathtaking landscapes, the Sabtang, Batan and Itbayat inhibited islands slip right into any Philippines travel package.

Skip to the striking beaches of the land to lounge and bask in the sun. Atypical from other Philippine white beaches, the boulders carpeted Chadpidan Beach may not be the ideal spot for a sunbathing but it’s overlooking the west making it the best spot to catch a famously spectacular Batan sunset, whereas the similar Valugan Beach is the east-facing cousin bathed in stunning sunrises. Sabtang Island is home to a seaside wonder of picturesque foliage-covered limestone arch catching sunsets and hearts across the warm sandy Nakabuang or Morang Beach.

Rolling green hills of the Batanes Islands look right out of the ‘Sound of Music’ movie highlighted best in the Vayang Rolling Hills, the Naidi Hills and the Mahatao Hills, all located in Baten Islands making it a serene paradise that raptures travellers to rest and rejuvenate the wanderlust.

Pleasing Palawan province:
Busy and popular is the destination celebrating tourism in Palawan, it is the El Nido municipality, easily the best place for a laidback Philippines tour. Already popular for off-shore islands covered with limestone cliffs overseeing hidden lagoons, the sea-nery is remarkable and is celebrated as one of the most picturesque water views in the world.

Ferry yourself to the peaceful Coron, just as charming as El Nido but strewn with even more terrific underwater views. I would recommend choosing Coron for its other-worldly shipwreck diving, seabeds draped with corals paving way for the perfect snorkelling event to flip your Philippines travel package into an extraordinary one. The best spot to snorkel is at the Twin Lagoon, famous for the mix of fresh and salt waters, is worth squeezing through crevices from one lagoon to another and ending in an enticing deep dive snorkelling.

Puerto Princesa Underground River winds down a span of five-miles through caves of limestone karst, best traversed by cruising in guided navigation, sprinkled with fascinating facts about the National Park, and is a popular shoo-in into any Philippines travel package. Classed as one of the New7Wonders of Nature is this incredible, naturally formed UNESCO world heritage site.

Boracay’s breathtaking beaches:

Tropical palm trees? Check. White sand beaches? Check. Crystal clear turquoise waters? Check. Boracay Islands is an ideal paradisical island strewn with beaches that are so arresting in their beauty a trip to the Philippines would be incomplete without a visit to Boracay. White Beach is arguably the most beautiful and frequented but Diniwid Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach or the Puka Shell Beach cannot be missed. Boracay’s nightlife isn’t what it used to be due to the negative impact of tourism but the indoor parties still rage on in full effect.

As the saying goes, take only photos and leave only footprints to protect these incredible landmarks and attractions of pretty Philippines. This archipelago’s admirable beauty can be explored to the full extent with Pickyourtrail’s optimizable travel packages. Say goodbye to worries and say hello to fantastic Filipino venture.

Best time to visit Philippines

Philippines is best to visit during the dry season. The best time to visit the island is between November - April when the temperatures are cooler and all the islands and the remote areas are fully accessible.

Book Philippines Tour Package with Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail offers highly customizable and personalized Philippines tour package options to suit every vacation type. A friends-only trip to philippines, a family trip, or a honeymoon trip, we cater to all themes and travel types. Our 5-nights low-cost trip covering the capital city Manila, Cebu and Palawan is a traveller's delight. A spectacular 10-night vacation to Palawan, Bohol, Manila, El Nido, Boracay, and Cebu at budget rates is a calling for every traveller to catch the hint and book their Philippines vacation. Pickyourtrail provides infinite other itineraries for a serene and tranquil experience at the Philippines. So, don’t wait up, and book your Philippines travel package now and make your trip to Philippines.

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