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Greece Honeymoon Packages

Identical sugar-cube houses with a tinge of blue, azure blue seas, exhaustive history, and exotic parties, Greece has become every honeymooner’s dream. Situated in Southeast Europe, Greece is known as the cradle of Western civilisation. Being one of the oldest countries in the world, Greece offers a quaint and serene atmosphere that surely adds sparkle and romance to your Greece honeymoon package. With several picturesque islands to its kitty, Greece boasts of architecture and landmarks dating back to 5th Century B.C. A Greece honeymoon is a perfect blend of history and culture in Athens, dark sandy beaches in Santorini and party scene in Mykonos. With tourists flocking the country throughout the year and hundreds of suggestions coming your way for your Greece tour packages for couple, Pickyourtrail is here to your rescue with its awesome Greece honeymoon packages from India!

Greece Honeymoon Packages from India for Newly Weds

Greece Honeymoon Packages No of days/nights Price* Inclusions
Romantic 6 nights Greece Honeymoon Trip 7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 43,419* Hotel, Activities, Transfers
Ideal 16 nights Greece Package for Couple 17 days/16 nights Rs. 51,059* Hotel, Activities, Transfers
Fantastic 10 nights Greece Couple Package 11 days/10 nights Rs. 53,638* Hotel, Activities, Transfers
Romantic 7 nights Greece Couple Tour Packages 8 days/7 Nights Rs. 54,750* Hotel, Activities, Transfers
Perfect 11 day Greece Honeymoon Package 11 days/10 nights Rs. 73,000* Hotel, Activities, Transfers
Lovely 7 day Greece Tour Packages for Couple 7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 81,137* Hotel, Activities, Transfers
Beautiful Greece Honeymoon Tour Packages 17 days/16 nights Rs. 1,06,462* Airfare, Hotels, Transfers, Activities

Places to visit in Greece for honeymoon

The most visited places in our Greece honeymoon packages from India are Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. Pickyourtrail's Greece couple packages cover the best of the islands very meticulously and ensure you don't miss the must-do's!

Places to visit in Athens

Acropolis of Athens - A visit to the Acropolis of Athens and the hike up to the famous Parthenon is sure to take you back to 447 B.C. Parthenon, an ancient temple built in marble that housed the Greek goddess Athena, has a magnificent Doric style architecture, and also extensive history attached to it, making it a must visit place on your Greece honeymoon.

Temple of Zeus - Enjoy the rich history of Athens with a visit to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, a 6th Century BC temple located at the centre of Athens. This temple is dedicated to the head of the Olympian gods, Zeus.

Guard change at Syntagma Square - Witness the hourly changing of Evzones guarding the tomb of an unknown soldier at the Syntagma Square on your Greece honeymoon package and get amazed by the spectacular coordination between the Evzones on their parade.

Monastiraki square - A lively and a busy square in Athens surrounded with traditional tavernas and restaurants and known for its iconic landmarks which include the ruins of Hadrian’s Library, the Ancient Agora, this square is a good site to try the world-famous Greek salad and a pita pocket.

Athens Flea Market - This is a line of shops selling everything from artisanal soaps, handmade sandals, to all kinds of souvenirs to take home.

Plaka - A stroll through the Plaka at night is just the right kind of leisure walk. Dimly lit streets, with restaurants and ice creams parlours lining up on both sides, with an incredible view of Acropolis at night, a walk through this avenue is a serene experience not worth a miss on your Greece honeymoon packages.

Panathenaic stadium - The only Olympic stadium in the world made out of complete Marble, make a visit to this stadium and run a fun race with your partner.

Places to visit in Mykonos

Little Venice - An impressive area in the heart of Mykonos built in Venetian style architecture with restaurants lined up by the shore, and with everything you see in Blue and white. Enter this space and get transported to a different world altogether. Stop by at the Caprice restaurant for a candlelit dinner by the shore and make your partner feel extra special on your honeymoon. Also visit the Paraportiani church, one of the very many there are on the island.

Windmills of Mykonos - Old age windmills, but now an iconic landmark of Mykonos that has been a prime location for various Bollywood movies, make your visit to the windmills on your Greece honeymoon packages all inclusive from India just in the nick of time and witness the most picturesque sunset in Mykonos.

Delos island - A 5-hour Delos Island Day trip from Mykonos to cruise out and explore the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and the Delos sanctuary is a tour to take on your honeymoon in Mykonos.

Super Paradise beach - This beach is synonymous to party in Mykonos. Clubbers, models, jet setters, VIPs, this is the place they come to, to party. Don’t be surprised if you find a celebrity in the crowd dancing next to you. Indulge in all kinds of water sports this place has to offer with your partner.

Places to visit in Santorini

Oia - A coastal town with jampacked whitewashed houses on clifftops that overlook a vast caldera of blue waters and provide a breathtaking view of Santorini sunset, Oia is a reason enough to make your Santorini honeymoon.

Amudi bay - A bay below the town of Oia is famous for restaurants found by the shore. Lunch or Dine by a restaurant and enjoy food while enjoying scenic views of the caldera on your Greece tour packages for couple.

Places to visit in Corfu

Canal d’amour - Canal d’ amour is one of the unique places that you happen to experience during your Greece honeymoon. Located in one of the busiest places of Corfu - Sidari, this beach cove has romantic elements and picturesque rock formations with classic sunbeds and bars giving you a perfect beach holiday.

Food stops - Corfu is never behind the list in serving some of the finest delicacies of Greece. Corfiot dishes like the Sofrito, Pastitsada, Savoro, Bianco and Tsigareli are worth the try. Your Greece couple tour package is absolutely complete only when you hop on various food stops across the island. Never miss the Sykomaïtha - truly satiates your dessert craving.

Porto Timoni - Porto Timoni is one of the best places to pick for your Greece honeymoon itinerary. And even if you go busy island hopping, visiting this place in Corfu is one of the mandatory things to do. A mix of light and dark blue evidently exposing the wonder of nature, this place is ideal for some picnic lunch.

Places to visit in Crete

The Palace of Knossos - This is an archeological site in Crete. But have you ever wondered if an historically important place could be romantic. Why not? Hold your partner’s hand and you will feel like the king and queen of the Knossos palace. Learning together is fun when you are with love. Walk through the piece of history which was abandoned in 1450 BC. Your Greece honeymoon package should have this place to celebrate your understanding of cross culture.

Chania - Your Greece honeymoon is incomplete without Chania. The waters of the Aegean sea with a background of ice capped mountains is absolutely the most beautiful spot your mind looks forward to some change. The party and hiking places are just endless. Getting a natural view, sitting back and enjoying a favourite cocktail has its own way of fun.

Samaria Gorge - If your Greece honeymoon packages from India turned you into a Crete admirer, then you must be probably standing on this beautiful place. Imbibed with the Samaria national park which is also an UNESCO world heritage site, this place is worth your visit. Hiking in this place may take up to 6 hours and starting early could be an ideal choice.

Places to visit in Rhodes

The Valley of the Butterflies - The valley of Butterflies should never be missed in your Greece honeymoon vacation packages. This place makes you realise the beauty of nature. If your Greece honeymoon is planned anytime during July and September, try not to miss this place. Give yourself a visual treat by witnessing the hundreds of butterflies covering the trees and the climate complimenting this will give you the best backgrounds for your favourite photos.

Tsambika Monastery - And sometimes in life, you just need to be quiet and observe what is happening to understand things better. That is exactly what you will be doing here. The monastery is however small and is located on a hilltop in a calm and serene location. With resting benches and shady trees in this monastery, climb up, sit back and watch the stunning views of beautiful Rhodes beaches.

Lindos - Lindos is one of the most picturesque villages in Greece. Enjoy the surreal view of the white buildings and the flavour of local shops and restaurants gives you a complete getaway mood your honeymoon in Greece is made for. Purchase the best memories of Rhodes and take home to forever remember your best honeymoon days. The Acropolis is the main attraction here and witness this amazing piece of amusement history has for us.

Places to visit in Milos

Plaka- Plaka is one of the most scenic places in the whole of Milos your Greece honeymoon trip will ever witness. This place is wild beauty mixed with the serene nature. With the view of the amazing seas, this place holds tight to the Venetian castle. At a height of 220 metres, this place is a must visit in your Greece honeymoon itinerary.

City of Klima: This city of Klima is a must visit in your honeymoon package to Greece. This city with ancient ruins is one of the most colourful villages in Milos. If this city of Klima is in your bucket list, there could be no shortage of colourful sights in our Greece honeymoon tour. The Papikinou beach and the volcano boat are not to be missed in Klima.

Places to visit in Thessaloniki

The White Tower - The white tower is the most iconic monument in Thessaloniki and a must include in your honeymoon. Since 1535, this place has served as the city’s main landmark. This tower has a history of bloodshed and is called ‘the tower of blood’. Climb this 34 metres tall building and witness the beauty of Thessaloniki with your loved one.

Thessaloniki waterfront - Hold the hands of your partner and stroll through the promenade of the waterfront. This place connects important tourist destinations and your honeymoon evening is actually made vibrant and relaxing here at the waterfront. Lined with restaurants and cafes, give a taste dip to your taste buds and you never forget how special it made you feel later. There are dozens of thematic gardens in Thessaloniki and visiting each of them makes your Greece honeymoon amazing.

Thessaloniki museums - Every museum bears the rich scar of history and each antique has a story to tell. There are numerous museums at Thessaloniki - the Archeological museum, the Jewish museum, the photography museum, the museum of cinema and much more. Make your couple tour packages for Greece intellectual by adding such significant places.

Places to visit in Naxos Island

Chora - Take a ferry down your arrival city - Athens and you will be in Chora in no time. This place is alternated with restaurants and cafes. Taste some of Naxos best delicacies to understand what this island’s local food has to tell you. The amazing waterfront gives you reasons to open up your heart to your loved one. The temple of Apollo and the Portora is what history has to give the Naxos island. Try not to miss this place in your Greece honeymoon package.

Halki - Halki is one of the best places to visit in Naxos. Located in the mountainous Tragea valley, Halki occupies the heart of Naxos. Discover romance flowing into your life effortlessly by picking up this place in your Greece couple tour packages. Stroll through the paved valley of this place and discover some of the best shops that sell Naxos memories. Do not forget to visit the local restaurants serving the best local delicacies and the Church of Agios Giorgios Diasorites is a must visit in Naxos.

Mount Zas - This is one of the main attractions couples opt for. Even if they go busy island hopping, they visit the island of Naxos to scale Mount Zas. Located 1.4Km above the sea level, this mountain is one of the tallest summits in the whole of Cyclades island. Hiking here makes your Greece honeymoon tour adventurous and remember your sweat breaks will have some romance to your resume.

Places to visit in Zakynthos

Zakynthos town - Exploring this city on foot should be your first priority. Located on the east coast of the island, this city was built with neoclassical architecture. History has known this place for centuries for its architecture until the 1953 earthquake reframed the city into a modern arena of restaurants, squares, boutiques, jewellery shops, bistros and cafes. Include this place in your Greece honeymoon packages for couples.

The Shipwreck beach - This is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece. Various cliffs have its back and the soft pebbles in the coastline makes this place truly a must visit. When stunning sky blues of water meet the splendid greenery of cliffs, that is when nature is appealingly wonderful to us. This is one of the largest expanses of beach. Sit on the edge of the cliffs and unfold your love tale in your Greece honeymoon.

Blue caves - Reflecting the blue shade of the sky, this place is located in the northernmost tip of the island. The cave along with its mountainous background makes it a perfect bed of water that matches every blue shade in your palette. Visit this place for a proposal that is dramatically picturesque. Save this place in your Greece couple package for catching up with the best moments of your love life.

Best time to visit Greece for honeymoon

Greece is an eclectic collaboration of philosophy, history and everything in between arts and culture. The rich flavour of mediterranean climate makes it the most preferred island holiday destination. Your Greece honeymoon package will definitely never stop you from reconnecting with your personal diary for recording the happy moments of your honeymoon days.

Peak honeymoon season

Is there anybody who hates the coolest of drinks, chillest of ice creams, warmest beaches and hottest sun shining all 12 hours of the day? Top destinations like Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Milos and an endless number of islands of what Greece is made of are all studded with peak tourist crowds. According to the summer season and best vacation vibe, the months between late June and early September are the seasons to enjoy your Greece honeymoon. Greece, being home to many beaches, the best beach life of Greece is lived in its summer. Greece packages become a little more pricier pertaining to the peak season reason. The flight expenses for your Santorini honeymoon package will cost you around 50% extra. Except for this, you will get to enjoy the advantages of the best season visit.

Shoulder honeymoon season

Visiting a country during its off season has its own beauty exposed that no one actually knows. This visit accompanies you with multiple other beneficiaries. And the introvert in you will enjoy visiting Greece during this season. Visit during the Spring between April and early June and during the Autumn in the September - October seasons. You will not only enjoy an awesome climate, along with it you will also encounter less crowds and you will be able to save a huge amount of money. Your Greece honeymoon during this season might cost you around 20% less. With so many advantages in your pocket, your Greece honeymoon tour packages can never go wrong.

How to Reach Greece

This cradle of western civilization being located in the eastern most part of Europe, acts as a buffer while taking long flights from India. Obviously, the best way to travel to Greece from India is by air. This is one of the most convenient and less tedious ways to reach Greece. However, let us explore the transport options that make your Greece honeymoon amazing.

By Air

This could be one of the most comfortable and quickest ways to travel to Greece. Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is the main airport that lands you in Athens, Greece when you take a flight from India. Generally, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have connecting flights to reach Greece. The average flying time is around 10 hours. The most popular route is Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Athens Eleftherios Venizelos. To have an affordable Greece honeymoon package, try visiting your favourite destinations in the shoulder season to get 20% off on flight tickets. Plan your honeymoon at the earliest and booking 3 months in advance is highly recommended to save money.

By Train

Greece is about 5775 km from India and travelling to Greece by train is highly a tedious process. Also, there are no direct trains connecting you from India to Greece. There are multiple trains to Greece from Croatia, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands. The Greece railway system is well connected and serves you to reach your favourite destination anytime.

By Road

A trip from India to Greece by road is very tedious and complicated. You will have to pass through countries like Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to visit Greece. If you are not a person who enjoys road trips, this trip will sedate you of all the tiredness you did not want to experience. This journey takes upto 10 days and is very tiring and complicated which on the other hand also turns out to be very costly. However, the internal transportation network is well connected for you to explore different modes of transportation in your Greece honeymoon.

Book Greece Honeymoon Packages at Pickyourtrail

Our Greece honeymoon tour packages include everything from flights and 4-star accommodation to itineraries and entry passes. Everything in our itineraries is customizable and that's what makes us unique. Make your own mix of fun, adventure, and history and we'll make sure your Greece honeymoon is as romantic as it can get! Pickyourtrail also caters to packages that suit Greece family vacations, Greece adventure holidays, Greece beach holidays etc. So, let us know where your theme and we'll ensure you have a great Greece tour!

Frequently Asked Questions about Greece Honeymoon

How to plan a honeymoon to Greece?

It is true that Greece has something to amaze the traveller in you. But it is highly necessary to pick destinations that match the flavour of travelling you and your partner prefer the most. Depending on your favourite destinations, package price preference, number of days and the kind of weather pattern Greece has while you are planning your Greece honeymoon, customise it according to your need. However, remember to hit on the popular Greece destinations like Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos to get the real flavour Greece.

Where to honeymoon in Greece?

Places like Santorini and Mykonos are undoubtedly the honeymoon hub in Greece. A flight from India should take you to the Athens international airport. A ferry from there is all that you will need to reach your popular honeymoon destinations. With island hopping being the favourite activity here, try not to miss Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Ios and Antiparos on your Greece honeymoon package. Though Santorini and Mykonos are going to be a costly game, it is worth all your money.

What are the romantic things to do in Greece?

From insanely beautiful beaches at Mykonos to amazing sunsets at Santorini, there are a lot of romantic things that will romanticise your Greece honeymoon. So here are the top 5 things you could spend your honeymoon on romantically.
- Talk some history at Rhodes. Rhodes is historically rich with many archeological sites and never forget Colossus of Rhodes in your list. Also, visit the valley of butterflies.
- Scale the largest island - Crete. This island has so much more than it appears from mountains, caves and powdery sand and astounding beaches.
- Admire the history and geography lessons at Meteora. From hiking to admiring the climate, this place never fails to romanticise your love tale.
- Watch a setting Santorini Sun - Santorini honeymoon definitely gives a unique flavour of honeymoon life. Grab a wine, sit back and watch the amazing sunsets and head straight to enjoy the vibrance of nightlife.
- Party like a Mykonian. This place is full of party energy and the aura of Mykonos is simple in the flavour of real enjoyment. Between the best sea life and an amazing party night, you will definitely enjoy honeymooning at Mykonos.

What are the best honeymoon resorts in Greece?

Choosing a honeymoon resort is as important as the destination you prefer to travel. The real warmth of Greece is seen in its resorts. Hence, allocating some rest time to rejuvenate yourself from the hassles of journey is very important. Choose the resort depending upon the places you plan to travel the next day, your budget and the amenities you prefer for yourself. And here are some of the best honeymoon resorts, located in popular destinations that will make your honeymoon in Greece amazing.
- Astra Suites, Santorini
- Minoa Palace Resort, Crete
- Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa, Corfu
- Rodos Palladium, Rhodes
- Saint Andrea Seaside Resort, Paros

What is the best time to visit Greece for a honeymoon?

If your interest is peak season, the summer season is just perfect to you. It has the best vacation vibe. The months between late June and early September are the seasons to enjoy your Greece honeymoon. The prices are relatively high and the places are also crowded. But if you choose to travel in the shoulder season, visit during the Spring between April and early June and during the Autumn in the September - October seasons. These seasons not only have the best climate, but you will also admit lesser crowds and lower prices.

Which Greek island is best for a honeymoon?

Every newly wed couple has their own kind of honeymoon fantasy. But it is at Santorini, the fantasy becomes a witnessing reality. From amazing red sunsets to enticing white buildings, Santorini is one of the best islands to visit in Greece. Your Santorini honeymoon is made amazing with the Fira and Oia streets. The beach resorts are one the best places to stay in the city. White sands, blue beaches and red sunsets are some of the amazing dream-like fantasies that give the best backgrounds to your memorable pictures.

What are the most popular destinations for a Greece honeymoon?

Greece is one of the best destinations in Europe. From archeological sites to contemporary architecture, Greece is filled with amazing destinations. Milos, Chalki Village, Skala Eressos, Meteora, Santorini, Mykonos are unbeatable destinations to include in your Greece honeymoon itinerary.

What makes Greece a romantic destination?

Greece is soulfully the best place to visit for your honeymoon. From ancient ruins to the most contemporary art, Greece has been a strong influence on this world. Greece definitely has a truly amazing and endless number of destinations. With almost 6000 islands spread across the Aegean and Ionian seas, the mediterranean climate, the blue seas, endless beach activities, forever amazing nature sites, untouched mountains, limitless food options, un-monotonous rich resort life and matchless island hopping make Greece the perfect place to celebrate your honeymoon. Your thirst for a honeymoon in Greece is satiated rightly here.

How much does a Greece honeymoon cost?

Greece obviously is one of the popular and expensive destinations to visit for your honeymoon. However, depending upon the honeymoon package to Greece you choose, the number of days you plan to visit, the season you want to travel, the destinations you prefer to visit and the places you choose to stay, your cost for your Greece honeymoon trip differs. However, on an average it would cost around 1,00,000 per person for the best experience.

What is the ideal Greece honeymoon itinerary?

An ideal itinerary for a honeymoon in Greece is 8 days - 3 days in Athens, 2 days in Mykonos and 3 days in Santorini. On your 3 days in Athens, hike the Acropolis, stroll the streets of Plaka, Enjoy a romantic meal at Orizontes Restaurant, watch the hourly changes of guards at Syntagma square, Taste some greek food at Monastiraki Square and shop trinkets at Athens Flea Market. In Mykonos, explore the windmills at Little Venice, go for Couple Water Sports at Super Paradise beach, go on a candle light dinner date at Caprice restaurant, take the delos tour and party at the Super paradise beach club. In Santorini, Hike from Fira to Oia and watch a gorgeous santorini sunset, go for a luxury catamaran cruise, swim at the Red beach in Akrotiri, visit the Santo winery and taste delicious wines and explore the white and blue houses at Pyrgos.

What should one wear in Greece on a honeymoon?

Pack light dresses as Greece experiences mediterranean climate and you island hopping would be favourable only when you wear breathable light clothes. Make sure to be in your comfortable wear when you choose to do beach activities and hiking adventures. Linen shirts have become splendidly stylish in Greece. Go barefoot only in beaches and holy places, else hop on your sandals to look naturally stylish. Make your Greece couple honeymoon interesting right from your planning and packing. Keep your style statement simple in Greece and you are all done.

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Relaxing 6 Nights Honeymoon Trip to Greece

  • Athens (2N)
  • Mykonos (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 576 /Person

Incredible 7 Day Greece Honeymoon Tour

  • Athens (2N)
  • Mykonos (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 1,074 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 5,635 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 1,019 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 3 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 1,110 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 1 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 914 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 1 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 685 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 4 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 911 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 3,721 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 5 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 881 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 3 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 1,184 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 3 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 551 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 13 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • 24x7 concierge

Starts from$ 2,254 /Person

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