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    Europe Tour Packages

    A Europe tour package is on every traveler's wish list. With its history, art, beauty, culture, and cuisine, this continent remains a favourite among travellers. Be it the rich history of Athens or churches of Florence, parties of Ibiza or grand bazaars of Istanbul, chocolates of Brussels or the oozing romance of Paris, scenic beauty of Interlaken or gondolas of Venice, Northern lights of Finland or breathtaking landscapes of Norway, Lavender fields of Provence or Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, beer fests of Munich or sugar-cubed houses of Santorini, tulips of Amsterdam or thermal spas of Budapest, gothic grandeur of London or bewitching beauty of Dubrovnik, magical islands of Normandy or belfry of Bruges - Europe, to be precise, has it all. A Europe package is bound to captivate you with its splendour. Be it a vacation with family, a romantic honeymoon with your partner or a fun trip with your friends, Pickyourtrail’s Europe packages can help you have your dream Europe trip without any planning hassles.

    Places to Visit on a Europe Packages

    We have curated some of the best places to visit Europe for you. Check them out to make the most out of your Europe tour package.

    Braga, Portugal

    Braga has been drawing in travelers from everywhere throughout the world for a great many years. Braga (1 hour via train from Porto) is beautiful, enchanting and loaded with life. Walk around its shopping avenues and roam around the magnificence of its Gothic Cathedral.

    Enjoy a romantic walk in the Santa Barbara Garden or stroll to the highest point of Bom Jesus do Monte. Indeed, even the sky doesn't appear to be a breaking point for Braga and its occupants. Regardless of whether you are an adherent or not, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro is stunningly wonderful and a must be on your Europe packages. In Braga, there is a blend of traditional shops, designer shops, and shopping malls. Adventure lovers and foodies must visit this place for sure.

    Monte Isola, Italy

    Monte Isola is one of the best places to visit in Italy. Situated on Lake Iseo, only 2 hours from Milan, Monte Isola is a picturesque destination. This extraordinary mountain developing in a delightful lake is heaven on earth. The place has been granted as "EDEN - European Destination of Excellence" by the European Commission.

    Monte Isola welcomes explorers from around the world. Try salami, fish in oil, wild asparagus, additional virgin olive oil, sun-dried sardines, crisp tomatoes, arugula or chubs, and roosts for the best cuisine experience. Italy is also considered as the best place for a honeymoon. You can always spot couples here.

    Metz, France

    Situated in the north-east of France and just 82 mins from Paris via train, Metz is the ideal discovered town for a brief break. Its blend of vivacious shopping avenues and riverside strolls makes it perfect for walkers, cyclists, and individuals searching for entertainment and unwinding on Europe tour packages. Family-accommodating parks and gardens are a piece of the city way of life, much the same as the vivified patios, bistros and bars.

    Great quality food is anything but difficult to discover. The Covered Market, patisseries run by grant winning baked good culinary specialists, and the numerous cafés serve the European dishes and also different cuisines for each spending limit. Youthful fashioners, financial specialists, new businesses, have settled in Metz for quite a long time. Many new tourists are exploring this place.

    Malaga, Spain

    Málaga is an exceptional goal in Europe and a blend of present-day and conventional. The city joins recreation, the travel industry, seashore, gastronomy, and shopping together with business and broad social contributions and occasions of overall acknowledgment.

    Walk around the doors of the old memorable point, fill your lungs with crisp ocean air on the quays, shop on the Marinha or taste a mixed drink on the housetop of an in vogue bar. For an all-encompassing perspective on the city, bounce on the Grande-Roue or move to the highest point of the Gibralfaro Castle for a 360-degree perspective on one of the most wonderful urban communities in Europe. Visit "Caminito del Rey", one of the most beautiful attractions in Málaga territory on your Europe holiday packages.

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva offers a buffet of unmissable adventures in a stand-out natural environment. From the shores of the greatest lake in Western Europe in only 60 minutes, wind up at the foot of Mont-Blanc, the country’s most noteworthy pinnacle.

    Have an inclination that skiing in the first part of the day and shopping toward the evening? Don't worry about it! The sky is the limit here! With its stunning perspectives, Geneva will flabbergast you over and over on your Europe tour packages! From the celebrated Jet d'Eau streaming water 140 meters above Lake Geneva to the beautiful open country and its vineyard ways, appreciate being hypnotized by its various and captivating scene.

    Sainte-Maxime, France

    Sainte-Maxime is known worldwide for the excellence of its scenes, its turquoise waters, its wonderful seashores. It is well known with explorers from around the globe for its bona fide Provencal soul. If you want to explore the best of France, meet new people in France, taste new flavours then Sainte-Maxime is the perfect spot for you.

    Sainte-Maxime is one of your preferred spots on your Europe trip. It is a shelter of harmony, an ideal goal for a vacation with family or darlings. Situated among Provence and the French Riviera, this spot is bona fide, warm and inviting. Sainte-Maxime offers the best of Provence, the French Riviera, and even some Corsican scenes.

    Athens, Greece

    Sunny days, culture, nightlife, landmarks, the ocean, a blue sky, all this can be experienced in Athens, Greece. Athens is in the main 15 destinations consistently and the entire year through it pulls in visitors looking for their celebrations yet in addition explorers from everywhere throughout the world.

    The city is notable and is the support of the European way of thinking. Athens is both saturated with history and always focused on advancement and tomorrow's social and financial issues. Visitors love its structures, the region of Plaka, landmarks around it, and nightlife which makes the perfect spot to explore on your Europe packages.

    Florence, Italy

    Florence is exceptional: its excellence, light, and environment will lure all of you. Florence has for quite a long time been rousing the best craftsmen. The city has seen the introduction of the best perfect works of art at any point created by mankind. Its engineering is massively rich and its historical centers, models, and canvases are known around the world.

    Florence is a city with deep culture in it, a city that is well managed and loved ones among tourists making it a must have on your Europe tour package. Florence is likewise extremely worried about the future, nature and significant issues identified with cultural and ecological changes.

    Best Time to Visit Europe

    Europe is excellent and worth visiting whenever of the year, contingent upon the climate you like, your plan of vacation and your enthusiasm for social activities. In spite of the fact that Europe is an all year travel goal, the best time to visit Europe is throughout the mid-year-long stretches of June to September. This is the point at which the sun is high, the seashores are warm and the climate is bright. This is additionally when the greater part of the nation's brag of social occasions, affairs and even finish of season style deal. Summer is likewise a perfect time for climbs, travels and experience exercises.

    Best Time for Visiting Historic Sites in Europe:

    Europe is loaded up with noteworthy locales, archeological remains, and eminent palaces; numerous that are on for all tourists that each explorer can list. But this implies for them who want to explore it without going with any partner. Some of the solo tourists often visit these historic sites. Historical sites like Roman Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, and the Acropolis are the best sites that can be explored. To spend time in the north and west, the best time to go for at these locations is in either May/June or mid-to late-September. If exploring east is on your list, visit during mid-April or mid-September might be perfect.

    Best Time to Visit Europe for Beaches:

    Europe is known for the best beaches. Taking a sunbath or just swim in the ocean is the best way to spend time at the beach. If you are looking for the same, the best time to visit Europe's beaches is late June through September. Visit late May or else early June so that the water temperatures at the beach will be low. Always avoid going in summer. In case you're looking for a solo visit with a great atmosphere, plan your visit around mid to late-September when the climate is frequently ideal and the water is warm.

    Best Time to Visit Europe for Skiing:

    Coming to Europe and not experiencing Skiing is not fair. In Europe, most ski resorts start from late November and work till April. For ideal conditions with a great environment in Europe, fewer tourists, and the best costs on flights, housing, and skiing experience, opt to go in January. Avoid going during peak season including Christmas, New Year, Easter. You will not get the best offers.

    Best Time to Visit Europe for Good Weather:

    Northern nations like Iceland, Sweden, and Norway, July and August have the best climate of the year. Temperature ranges from 20 to 22°C. In a lot of mainland Europe, you can, for the most part, expect charming climate from mid-May through mid-September, with the most noteworthy temperatures in July and August, going from the low 20s to the low 30s, contingent upon your precise area, with eastern nations, for the most part, encountering more warmth. Summer is sweltering in the Mediterranean, so on the off chance that you need to stay away from the warmth yet at the same time appreciate the genuinely gentle climate, go in April/May or mid-September through late-October.

    Things to do in Central Europe

    If you’re looking for the best Europe packages, make sure it includes countries within Central Europe. Central Europe has its fair share of beauty that can be explored in countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Poland among others. Our personalized Europe holiday tour packages will help you experience the true beauty of these countries.

    As part of your Europe trip package, include a stop at the cultural seat of Europe, Germany. Take a stroll down the stretch of the Berlin wall that still remains in Berlin, which is one of the best things to do in Berlin, or visit the Brandenburg gate that speaks volumes on German history, participate in the Oktoberfest in Munich. You can also visit the magical fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein with family Europe tour packages, explore the acoustically advanced concert halls of Elbphilharmonie or admire the intricately designed St. Michael’s church for beautiful harbor views in Hamburg. Visit the gothic cathedral with twin spires in Cologne or explore the Ludwig museum that houses multi-million-dollar worth of 20th-century art. Find packages with Germany tours to explore this historic country.

    In an itinerary for Czech Republic, visit the Prague castle that has been the seat of power for many rulers or walk the historic Charles Bridge on the Vltava river, wander through the Krumlov Castle in Český, or visit the Astronomical clock and St Nicholas Church in the Old Town Square in Prague with a Prague tour package. Explore the prominent and lovely glassmaking centers of Karlovy Vary or admire the decorated interior and frescos of St Barbara’s Cathedral in Kutná Hora. Book custom Europe tours to explore the political history of the continent.

    There are a number of activities in Switzerland to explore during your trip. Visit the snow-capped mountains of Interlaken and take the train ride to Jungfrau, known as the top of Europe. With our family Europe trip packages, you can make lasting memories amidst the snow-capped mountains. When are building your customised Europe tours, make sure you include the old town of Zurich where you can purchase small-exclusive hand-made chocolates or cruise down the Rhine river and come across ancient castles and lush vineyards, take a river cruise at the beautiful Lake Lucerne or walk around the Chapel Bridge at night to savor breath-taking views, witness Jet d’eau, the tallest water fountain of the world in Geneva or kayak on the beautiful Lake Geneva.

    Things to do in Eastern Europe

    The best European tour packages usually include stunning gems from Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe, although less explored than the rest of the continent, is gaining popularity lately. This region comprises countries like Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary amongst others waiting to be discovered. Uncover the magical beauty of these countries with our customised Europe tours for Eastern Europe travel.

    In Russia, when you are getting ready to visit Moscow, make sure you plan a visit to the Kremlin and Red Square, the official residence of the President of Russia. You should also visit The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and Peter and Paul Fortress that was used as a prison and execution ground by the Bolshevik government in St Petersburg. While undoubtedly a grim experience, these sites help you understand the history of Russia and gain a whole new understanding of the country.

    In Norway, hike the Kjerag mountain to click million-dollar pictures at a boulder crevassed between two mountains or hike to Trolltunga, a special cliff jutting out horizontally from the mountain at 1100 meters above sea level in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county.

    Things to do in Southern Europe

    Southern Europe is absolutely picturesque and comprises famed destinations like Italy, Greece, Turkey among others waiting to be explored with the best Europe tour packages.

    On your customized package trip to Italy, visit the Colosseum and witness the amphitheater which once hosted umpteen gladiator fights or toss a coin and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Cruise through the grand canal in a gondola ride and or indulge in some yummy Rialto ice cream in Venice, visit Michelangelo’s masterpiece of Sistine Chapel or discover the grandeur of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican city.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Europe Tour Packages

    Which countries are included in the Europe package?

    You can customize the package as you want. The countries that are included in Europe package are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey.

    What is the Netherlands famous for?

    Netherland is the most famous country that many tourists opt for. The Netherlands is famous for Dutch cheese, windmills, tulips, Dutch licorice sweet candies, canals, beautiful paintings and many more.

    When is the best time to visit Europe?

    Visiting Europe will be the best decision for your next international trip. The ideal time to visit is May, June, and September. During these months, hotel prices are also cheaper and you can easily roam around.

    What are the advantages of booking a Europe tour package?

    Going to Europe is fun. You will get to explore the best cities in Europe and many popular destinations. Traveling to Europe is one of a kind experience. Every country in Europe has its unique popularity and witnessing it live will be a wonderful experience

    What are the best countries to visit in Europe?

    There are a total of 44 countries to visit in Europe. Some of the popular countries that you can plan for are France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, England, Spain, Iceland, the Czech Republic, and many more

    What bank account/credit cards are accepted in Europe?

    Choose credit and debit cards with no foreign transaction fees. Credit cards are accepted worldwide, and in case you want to use a card, use Visa/Plus and Mastercard/Cirrus networks.

    What are the best places to visit in London?

    London is known for the most iconic city in the world. The modern vibes of London will give immense pleasure to roam around. The best places to visit are the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Warner Bros. studios, Kew Gardens, London Dungeon and a lot more to explore.

    How well connected are the hotels offered in the package with public transport?

    The hotels offered in the package are quite close to public transport. There are various options like bicycles, trains, and buses. You can get it very easily.

    What are the traditional food items in Europe?

    European cuisines are the best. Every country has its own specialty. You can try Arancini in Italy, Pierogi in Poland, Waffles in Belgium, Currywurst in Germany, Cheese Fondue in Switzerland and a lot more. Get the most out of it.

    What is the best way to commute across countries in Europe?

    There are different bus companies that provide services to roam around in Europe. Or you can look out for budget airlines for quick and easy transport. There is also a Eurail option for a short city to city travel.

    What are some of the places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey?

    The city of Istanbul is great to explore. It has different sightseeings around the city. The most popular are Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome, etc.

    Which time is suitable to travel to Europe?

    The ideal time to take an international trip to Europe is in the summertime. The summer in Europe is from June to August. But there are tourists who visit at any time in the year. Many people plan for new year celebrations and Christmas celebrations.

    What are the must-have things to pack for Europe?

    There are plenty of essential things that you would require for your Europe trip. Important items are Universal adapter, clothes according to the season, nutrients, laundry soap, and not to forget self-care items.

    How safe is Europe for female travelers?

    Europe is safe for female travelers. The safest country in Europe is Iceland. Rest all other countries are also safe but you never know what will happen. To secure yourself, be confident and stay alert. Stay in touch with the locals and check twice while drinking alcohol.

    Do these packages include travel insurance for a trip to Europe?

    Taking insurance while traveling to Europe is a good idea. Not every Europe tour package provides you insurance but its better to get one.

    Which are the best beaches to see in France?

    France is known for its beaches. Every tourist out there plans their itinerary to visit famous beaches in France. Popular beaches are Corsica, Etretat, Wissant, Crozon, Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

    Is it advisable to carry cash in hand?

    You can take cash along with you but limited. It is advisable to take EUR 10,000 at a time and also you have to declare that while traveling.

    Should one get their money exchanged before arrival?

    It is not that important to exchange your money before arrival. If you do so, you will lose a minimum of 8% while exchanging.

    How do I plan a trip to Europe for a honeymoon?

    The honeymoon trip to Europe is an ideal destination. You can plan to visit a specific country like France, Prague, Switzerland and many more. Take a guide and you can explore the best places in the country.

    What is the cheapest honeymoon destination around Europe?

    Cheapest European honeymoon destination is Corfu. You can also visit Florence, Rome, Milan, Prague, Vienna that gives wonderful vibes to spend time with your loved ones.

    How much does Europe trip for a honeymoon cost?

    Total European honeymoon trip costs around a lakh per person. It also depends on your comfort whether you want 5-star hotels, business class flights and more. It will vary accordingly.

    What should I bring for a honeymoon trip to Europe?

    The packing list includes sunburn cream, power adapter, clothes according to your days, perfumes, beach bag for excursions.

    Which is the best country to visit in Europe for a honeymoon?

    Italy is considered as the best country for a honeymoon in Europe. Following Croatia, Greece, Spain, France are also equally considered.

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    Beautiful 11 day Spain itinerary for the Family travellers

    • Barcelona (4N)
    • Majorca (3N)
    • Malaga (3N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Columbus Monument Ticket with Upgrade Wine Tasting in Barcelona
    • Skip the Line La Sagrada Família Express Tour
    • Banana Boat Experience +5 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 8 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 572 /Person

    Glorious 7 day trip to Iceland for Honeymoon

    • Reykjavik (3N)
    • Vik (3N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Free Walking Tour Reykjavik
    • Icelandic Sagas: The Greatest Hits Theater Show
    • Aurora Reykjavík, The Northern Lights Center Entrance Ticket

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 3 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 594 /Person

    The best ever luxurious Italy itinerary for 6 nights

    • Milan (1N)
    • Rome (3N)
    • Sorrento (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Spanish Steps
    • Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide
    • Roma Pass for 48 hours

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 3 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 615 /Person

    Classic 7 day trip to Europe for Family

    • Amsterdam (6N)
    • Attraction
    • Kid_friendly
    • De Gooyer
    • Amsterdam: 1,5 hour Boat Cruise
    • 2H Segway City Tour (Private) Language:English, French, Dutch +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 678 /Person

    Amazing 7 day trip to Europe for Family

    • Amsterdam (6N)
    • Attraction
    • Kid_friendly
    • De Gooyer
    • Amsterdam: 1,5 hour Boat Cruise
    • 2H Segway City Tour (Private) Language:English, French, Dutch +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 679 /Person

    Beauty overloaded : A 8 day France itinerary

    • Chamonix (1N)
    • Lyon (2N)
    • Paris (4N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Lyon Croix-Rousse City Tram Tour with Audio Guide
    • Explore Montmartre
    • Val d'Europe VIP Shopping and Gourmet Break +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 686 /Person

    An incredible 10 day Italy itinerary for an unforgettable Honeymoon vacation

    • Venice (2N)
    • Florence (2N)
    • Rome (3N)
    +1 city
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Venetian Islands Tour: Murano, Burano & Torcello
    • Saint Mark's Basilica
    • Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Entrance Ticket Skip the line! +4 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 7 activities
    • Private transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 723 /Person

    The fabulous 7 night Italy Honeymoon itinerary

    • Rome (3N)
    • Florence (2N)
    • Venice (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide
    • Spanish Steps
    • Roma Pass for 48 hours +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 725 /Person

    Amazing Italy Couple Package

    • Paris (3N)
    • Rome (2N)
    • Florence (2N)
    +1 city
    • Kid_friendly
    • Attraction

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 1 activities
    • Private transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 750 /Person

    Magnificent 11 day trip to Spain for Honeymoon

    • Madrid (4N)
    • Ibiza (3N)
    • Valencia (3N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Visit Basilica of San Francisco el Grande
    • Visit Casino de Madrid
    • Visit Market of San Miguel +7 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 10 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • 24x7 concierge

    Starts from$ 968 /Person

    * prices are subject to change

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