Germany Packages

4 NIGHTS: Hamburg (2N) → Berlin (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

8 NIGHTS: Berlin (1N) → Athens (2N) → Santorini (3N) → Athens (1N) → Berlin (1N)

3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Flights

5 NIGHTS: Berlin (2N) → Munich (3N)

Flights 3.5 Hotels Activities Private transfer

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6 NIGHTS: Frankfurt (2N) → Cologne (2N) → Berlin (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

8 NIGHTS: Munich (2N) → Triberg (2N) → Cologne (2N) → Stuttgart (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

9 NIGHTS: Paris (4N) → Lucerne (4N) → Frankfurt (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Private transfer

18 NIGHTS: Rome (2N) → Florence (4N) → Brussels (3N) → Berlin (4N) → Amsterdam (2N) → Paris (3N)

2.5 Hotels Shared transfer Flights

9 NIGHTS: Munich (2N) → Zell am See (2N) → Salzburg (2N) → Budapest (3N)

Flights 4.5 Hotels Activities Private transfer

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

14 NIGHTS: Frankfurt (4N) → Munich (2N) → Innsbruck (3N) → Salzburg (3N) → Vienna (2N)

Flights 4 Hotels Activities Private transfer

4 NIGHTS: Munich (4N)

Flights 3 Hotels Shared transfer
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Frequently asked questions

What is the best time to travel to Germany?
Between September and November is ideal period given the weather is pleasant and the prices aren't too high. To avoid price surge and crowds, skip any time between June and August. December is spectacular, but freezing, with Germany dressed in its Christmas best for the season.
What is the ideal duration of stay here?
Germany is a fascinating mix of buzzing, eclectic cities and gorgeous, picturesque countrysides. To cover atleast the important portions of this country an average of 7 to 10 days is a must.
What is the Visa process for Indians?
A Schengen visa will get you places.The visa processing takes anywhere between 10-15 working days. Ensure you apply atleast 3 weeks from your date of travel.
What are the main regions of the country worth exploring?
Germany has a fascinating mix of cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg that are worth exploring for a sneak peek into the country's art, culture and world of fashion. Black Forest is another place to add to your itinerary to just take it slow and explore some charming old towns and nature.
What is the local language spoken here? Can I survive with English?
While German is the official language of Germany, an average German speaks atleast a little English. English will be enough to get by here but downloading a translator app like Duolingo is always recommended.
What currency should I carry?
The local curreny here is Euros. Although hotels and popular tourist places accept cards, many shops and cafes don't. It is best to stock up on cash before you head out.
How reliable is the public transport here?
Germany has well-connected and fast railway network of underground trains(U-Bahn), suburban trains(S-Bahn) and trams. Buses are reliable but provide restricted service in the evenings and during the weekends. Taxis and renting cars are available too. They are expensive and recommended only if you have a time crunch.
What are the most scenic road trips to take here?
The Romantic Road, the Castle Route, the Fairy Tale Road and the German Wine Road are some of the top scenic drives in Germany

Germany Tour Packages

Germany is all about breath-taking castles, rolling countryside, beer festivals, street art, lively nightlife, buzzing breweries, and soul-stirring history. With Pickyourtrail’s Germany Tour Packages, be it the remains of the Berlin wall or Checkpoint Charlie that was once the crosspoint between east and west Berlin, our Germany holiday package will fulfil your rarest travel bets. Oktoberfest that speaks about German’s love for beers, sausages, currywurst, blutwurst to satiate every foodie’s taste buds, autobahn to break all speed limits and go fast and furious, plethora of German parks to breathe in mother nature, expressive mural street art to gawk at, gothic cathedrals with twin spires to catch eyeballs, Germany has something for all kinds of travelers. Discover Germany with Pickyourtrail’s Germany tours and be rest assured of a hassle-free vacation and also bankroll a miscellany of merriment. Pickyourtrail’s Germany tour Packages also helps you address and get answers to the question of why Germany is every immigrant’s dream destination.

Germany Tour packages No of days Price*
Affordable Germany travel 2019 4 days/3 nights Rs. 68,082
Fabulous 5 night Germany Package 6 days/4 nights Rs. 84,673
Ultimate 6 night Germany package 7 days/6 nights Rs. 89,505
7 Day Germany Tour Package 7 days/6 nights Rs. 84,791

Best places to visit in Germany

Be it the buzzing nightclubs of Berlin playing feet-tapping music, mural art display at the Eastside gallery expressing euphoria over Berlin unification, Brandenburg gate symbolizing Berlin’s division of east and west to now a reunified Germany, Hotel Adlon and it is deep Hollywood connection, the world-renowned Berlin film festivals attracting celebrities from all corners of the world, Holocaust memorial of murdered Jews constantly reminding the cathartic killing of Jews, Reichstag building representing the political transparency in the city and serving as the meeting point of the German Parliament, TV tower for panoramic views of the city and for watching a scenic sunset, Berlinale Dome for witnessing the elaborate decor and ornamental designs of the most important Protestant church and Currywurst to feast all your senses and fill up your soul. Berlin is a perfect combination of glamour and grit, and worth exploring with Pickyourtrail’s Germany vacation packages.

At Marienplatz square in Munich, be it Hofbrauhaus, a Bavarian restaurant serving beer in 1-litre glasses or St. Peter’s church for its grandeur and panoramic views of the city, Englischer Garten for cyclists, walkers, joggers to breathe in some mother nature or the magical fairytale castles of Linderhof and Neuschwanstein (from which the castles of Disneyland take inspiration) is one of the best places to visit in Germany to unearth, the first Nazi concentration camp - The Dachau Concentration camp built to capture political prisoners or a safari in the Munich zoo Hellabrunn for an unobstructed view of animals living in structured enclosures. Munich is the land of high-tech cars, edgy art, mesmerizing castles and home to Oktoberfest, the best German festival waiting to be unleashed with Pickyourtrail’s Germany tours.

Things to do in Germany

At the international maritime museum of Hamburg, discover how captains in the past mastered navigation and communication or at Tierpark Hagenbeck unearths a torrent of animals of all continents especially largest elephants herds, lions and leopards. At Museum ship Rickmer Rickmers, discover the museum ship decks, converse with the crew and learn about voyages or at Hamburger Kunsthalle explores the amazing collection of artwork by various German romantics. At the public park Planten un Blomen, sit back and relax and in the lush greenery of botanical gardens or at the Wax Museum Panoptikum meet famous people from the world of politics, history, sports and music and kick start your endless spree of selfies. At St Michael’s church admire the intricacies of the protestant church and absorb beautiful views of the harbour and the city from the observation deck or at Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s tallest building explore the acoustically advanced concert halls in the world. Hamburg is a cool city and an eminent centre for international trade. This city whose name is derived from the luscious Hamburgers is a must on the list of every traveller’s trip to Germany.

Best time to visit Germany

Of all the months, between May - September is when the weather is most pleasant and welcoming in Germany. Given this is when the country is at its warmest, it comes with its fair share of crowds. To beat the crowds, late October to November is perfect, especially if you don't mind a bit of chill in the air. Also, the time fits perfect to be a part of two of its biggest celebrations - Oktoberfest and Christmas. While Christmas is beautiful here with plenty of Christmas markets, the weather touches freezing temperatures so, go prepared with your winter clothing.

Germany Tour Packages with Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail’s Germany Packages give you a highly customizable trip to the nation known for its beer festivals and breathtaking castles. Pickyourtrail’s affordable 7-day Germany tour package covering Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin will sweep you off your feet. The scenic 5 nights itinerary covering the capital city Berlin and the city with one of the largest airports, Frankfurt will give you a soul-stirring experience. The 6 nights itinerary covering Berlin, Frankfurt, and Cologne for budget travellers is an ultimate itinerary to just take up and book away. Say goodbye to indecision, and book your trip to Germany with Germany holiday packages offered by Pickyourtrail. Visit Germany with Pickyourtrail’s itineraries tailored for a short escape and make plenty of memories.