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Australia Vacation & Tours

The land of kangaroos and the vast outbacks, Australia has been romanticized by travellers across the world. Surrounded by the Indian and the Pacific ocean, Australia's iconic cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have left vivid imagery in the minds of travellers. The country's famed Great Barrier Reef and vast Outbacks top the list of Australia's tourist attractions. Australia has it all - adventure, leisure, romantic spots. Book an awesome Australia tour package for yourself!

Australia Tour Packages

Australia is the heartland of adventure and is a great place to explore nature, cuisines, watersports, drive through holidays, hikes, star-gazing, skiing, food and wine, you name it and Australia has it. It's not surprising that this country is the most popular tourist destination. The country is awesome in so many different ways. To start with, did you know there are more than 10,000 beaches in Australia? Start with Bondi beach and go on to the 75 mile long beach, tick off leisure on your Australia tour package. The Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Cricket Stadium and the Sydney Harbour are must-visit iconic places. A most popular to-do that is an essential on all Australia tour packages are the food and wine tours to popular vineyards like Barossa.

Best time to go to Australia

Australia is a huge country and the weather varies across different states. However on the whole, December to February is summer while June to August is Winter in Australia. Cities like Adelaide experience a spike in temperature in the summer months, but can be visited for most part of the year. Melbourne on the other hand experiences extreme cold weather, but can be visited if you are armed with winter clothing. Australia is a year long destination as long as you plan the right cities at the right time.

What you should know about planning a trip to Australia?

From the wild outbacks, Australian Fashion Week to Ashes test matches at Melbourne, Australia is a study in contrast and has a lot to offer. If that's where you are headed to next, there are a few points that must be kept in mind. It is always advisable to do a bit of research to be sure of what is to be expected from the trip. Highlighting some of the crucial points that will be helpful for a hassle-free Australian trip planning.

Getting a Visa for Australia

Tourists who are from New-Zealand do not require a visa for the Australian travel. Apart from that, every traveler should avail the visa for the trip. It is advisable to get the visa process started atleast a month in advance in anticipation of processing delays.

Best suggested timing & places

* Sydney and Melbourne can be covered from December-February where, the weather conditions are warm.
* Queensland is best suggested for a visit in the months of June-August
* The hot desert regions of Uluru can be visited in the winter time, i.e from June-August.

Know where to go

Australia has ample number of spots exhibiting awesomeness of their own kind. Some of the spots the travellers can check out during the visit.

* Travellers who enjoy good coffee, lively pubs, artistic galleries and bookshops should head straight to Melbourne.
* Sydney stands out for the surf beaches, top-rated restaurants, trendy bars and much more.
* Nature addicts will enjoy a visit to Australia's national parks; Kakadu, Northern Territory at Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Central Australia.
* A bit of snorkelling in the outer region of Great Barrier Reef in Queensland would be grand.

Follow the above mentioned know-hows related to your Aussie trip and have a legendary one by booking your trip with Pickyourtrail.

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