France Tour Packages

France Tour Packages

France is a love story for most travellers. With quaint alpine villages on one side and the cultural powerhouse that is Paris on the other, a holiday in France is a dream for many. The Eiffel Tower has become the symbol of romance for many and is also one of the top tourist attractions in Paris to explore on your France package. Then there’s the Louvre, which is the largest art museum in the world, home to the Mona Lisa and other works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Eugène Delacroix and more. For fashion enthusiasts, France is the high street of haute couture and houses all the top brands and leading fashion houses of the world.

France tour packages from India offered at Pickyourtrail have something to offer for every kind of traveller. Whether you are looking for adventure through outdoor activities in France, or you’re a shopaholic looking to find the best bargains in Paris as you saunter through France on a food trail, France tour packages have it all. France is scenic, iconic, romantic, and historic all at once.

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France Tour Packages from India

France PackagesDuration*Price(Per person)
Beautiful France Tour Packages 10 Days/9 Nights Rs.52,650(with hotels, activities, transfers)
Stunning Paris France Vacation Packages 6 Days/5 Nights Rs.43,409 (with hotels, activities, transfers)
Incredible France Packages from India 10 Days/9 Nights Rs. 82,666 (with hotels, activities, transfers)
Fun Disneyland France Holiday Packages 6 Days/5 Nights Rs. 39,366 (with hotels, activities, transfers)
Magnificent South France Tour Packages 7 Days/6 Nights Rs. 50,194 (with hotels, activities, transfers)
Magical France and Switzerland Tour Package 10 Days/9 Nights Rs. 1,76,600(with airfare, hotels, activities, transfers)
Gorgeous France and Italy Vacation Packages 11 Days/10 Nights Rs. 1,41,685 (with airfare, hotels, activities, transfers)

France Vacation Packages Highlights

  • Taking a day trip to the Magical Island of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy
  • Marvelling at the gorgeous lavender fields in Aix-en-Provence
  • Riding a bicycle through the vine covered rolling fields and grand castles of Bordeaux
  • Witnessing the mysterious smile of Monalisa up close at Louvre Museum
  • Shopping your favourite clothes & cosmetics at various stores in Champs Elysees
  • Savouring 360 degree views of Paris city from the Montparnasse tower
  • Visiting the most iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
  • Watching a terrific cabaret show at Moulin rouge in Paris
  • Raising a toast to the sparkling Eiffel Tower
  • Visiting the La Cité du Vin wine museum & ending the tour with wine tasting
  • Discovering 15th century La Grosse Cloche - old Belfry of Bordeaux
  • Exploring Bordeaux Cathedral - its grandeur & medieval gothic architecture
  • Visiting Place de la Victoire - monument built to recognise viticulture in Bordeaux
  • Savouring some Canelés - delectable pastries baked with Vanilla, Rum & Cane sugar
  • Taking a leisurely stroll down palm-lined Boulevard de la Croisette at Cannes
  • Catching a film at the Cannes Film Festival

More Activities to Include to your France Travel Packages

  • Strolling down the grand walkway of Promenade des Anglais in Nice
  • Marvelling at the spectacular Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille
  • Enjoying a relaxing boat ride at Les Calanques & taking in stunning views
  • Visiting The Vieux Port in Marseille for an awe-inspiring sunset
  • Discovering Marseille’s picturesque old town of Le Panier
  • Diving & Snorkelling in the stunning clear waters beaches of Corsica
  • Strolling down Le Suquet, the oldest area in Cannes with pastel-coloured buildings
  • Picnicking at The Roman Aqueduct, Pont du Gard & enjoying a good swim
  • Marvelling at the opulence and splendour of the Pope’s Palace in Avignon
  • Visiting Maison Bonaparte - the home to Corsica’s most famous son - Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Canyoning in the stunning canyons of Corsica

Places to visit on your Trip to France

Places to visit in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in France. Called the city of love, this land is filled with destinations that justify this statement. The Eiffel Tower, the wall of I love yous and the temple of love is surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. Other highlights include the Notre Dame Cathedral which boasts the rich French Gothic architecture, the Louvre museum being the most visited art museum in the world. The Arc of Triumph signifies the glory of the French military in history. Your trip to Paris France is made amazing if your itinerary is designed with all these important places included. Do not miss to shop the best memories of Paris at the Boulevard Saint Germain.

Places to visit in Nice

The beautiful climate, natural landscapes along with scenic seaside locations make Nice the most beautiful place to visit in France. This popular vacation spot is dipped in the mediterranean wave. Cobblestone street is one of the most picturesque places in the city. The maze street patterns reflect the beauty of the past this city is still preserving. Promenade des Anglais is a gorgeous beach area that is surrounded by white sands and palm trees that brings the right amount of refreshment in you. Strolling around, involving in the beach activities and relaxing in the luxury resorts gets the Nice game interesting. Nice gives the experience of the best France tours.

Places to visit in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is rightly called the ‘port of the moon’ for the kind of romantic vibe it instills in every newly wed couple. The elegance of the city is just amazingly classy preserving all the cultural heritage this city has. This city has a good travel infrastructure making it one of the cheapest European cities to travel. The Cathedral of Saint Andrew majestically bears the rich marks of history. This impressive architecture which is also an UNESCO world heritage site bears the sculptures of the Last supper. The Grand Theatre is one of the iconic attractions in the city. This neoclassical architecture is the place where important ballet and opera performances occur. Being in Bordeaux and missing its wine is a sin. Hit on your favourite vineyard and taste the richness of natural wine blissfully making your cheap France tour packages at its best.

Places to visit in Lyon

Lyon is one of the best cities to visit in France after Paris. This city is historically warm, bearing the scars of the oldest ruins of France. Musee des Beaux-Arts is one of the finest museums Europe has to offer. Having timelines of art works, this museum has antiquities, old coins, and modern artworks that grabs the attention of the beholder. Lyon has finest cuisines and tasting its delicacies is an important component to understanding the city from its root. The Opera de Lyon is a tourist wonder. Visit this place on Saturday afternoons. The printing press museum is one of the important sites Lyon has to offer from its history. Your France travel packages are made amazing with cities like Lyon.

Places to visit in Cannes

Cannes offers unmatchable beach life that has been luring travellers from all dimensions. The Cannes film festival is one of the best happenings in the city. This festival commemorates the celebration of world cinema. Visiting this city anytime between May and October is ideal to enjoy the best of the weather. Boulevard de la Croisette is one of the stylish corners of Canees. This place gives reasons to spend your time watching the magnificent views of the sea. There are various beaches that make the city beachy and vibrant. Plage de la Bocca is one of the best beaches offering a perfect getaway lifestyle with gorgeous views.Try not to miss this place in your France tour packages.

Places to visit in Marseille

This is one of the oldest cities in France. With the vibrance of the city still in place, this culture filled vibrant city maintains the authenticity to its best. The colourful streets of La Panier is truly a traveller's delight. Art galleries, food stops and artisan boutiques make this city more interesting. The MuCEM complex is simply splendid. The exhibits at this museum simply exposes the mediterranean culture and is vast like its ocean. The Calanques National park takes pride in the natural landscapes and scenic sceneries that keeps its tourists engaging. France packages from India should definitely have this place to understand the elegance of a vibrant city.

Places to visit in Strasbourg

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame boasts the beauty of Gothic architecture. This UNESCO listed cathedral is one of the must visit in your France tour packages. The Kleber square is located in the heart of the city and is the seat of important events in the city. Petite France is yet another beautiful component of the city. Studded with waterways and half timbered houses, this place lures tourists for the city arrangement it is made of. Bordered with greenery, the riverbanks will be your go to for any of your favourite picnics. Try not to miss this place in your France itinerary.

Places to visit in Toulouse

This pink city gives you the right reasons to explore your French holiday in your favourite way. Not just the archeological sites, art museums and architecture, the lifestyle and the warmth of the locals itself is the more than needed justification for visiting this city. Basilica of Saint-Sernin is an UNESCO listed world heritage site and is one of the must visit places in Toulouse. The intricate sculptures decorate the architecture of the cathedral making it look architecturally inspiring. Your France packages are made amazing with Toulouse being in the list. The place du capitole is one of the most beautiful places in the city revolving around classic architecture Toulouse is made of. Musee des Augustins is a must visit to get the flavour of Toulouse art. Toulouse in the itinerary is worth the visit.

Places to visit in Montpellier

Montpellier enjoys a sun soaked mediterranean climate. With aristocratic designs, iconic public squares and beautiful gardens, this place is all that you had been looking for. The Place de la Comedie is an emblematic monument that sees the hustle bustle of the city, the whole day. Musee Fabre is one of the best museums portraying the beauty of art and paintings in European style. Quartier Saint-Roch elevates the vibrance of the city. The restaurants, festive vibes, artisan boutiques, and bookstores makes it an ideal spot for some evening stroll. Your South France tour packages are just made complete with Montpellier.

Places to visit in Lille

Lille is one of the underrated gems that is rich in culture. This city enjoys a pleasant vibe that is warm to every tourist’s niche. This city is also highly engaging with cosy cafes, multiple cultural attractions, stunning architecture, world class art museums, cathedrals and much more. The Musee du Louvre Lens is a contemporary museum Lille is proud of. The stunning galleries and time frames of history makes this place one of the must visit in the whole city. The Eglise Saint-Maurice takes pride in the beauty of Gothic architecture. This church boasts the energy soulful paintings carry and tell stories of colours to the world. Lille is also known for its flea market shopping. Making memories never goes out of style and your France trip package is justified with Lille in the list.

Things to do in France

1. Watch the shimmering beauty of Eiffel at night

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic monuments in the whole planet. Getting yourself pictured around this monument could be a best lifetime memory. And if you are with your partner, there could be no other better place on Earth to make a memorable proposal. This tower is also called ‘the symbol of love’ for the same factor. Enjoying your favourite wine and cheese in the lawn around the Eiffel Tower never goes out of style. Grabbing a chilled white champagne and opening it at the height of the Eiffel tower sounds crazy but is possible. And at night, this tower glows like your favourite star in the night sky. Your Paris France Vacation Packages should definitely have this place in the itinerary.

2. Go for a scenic seine river cruise

This is one of the promising ways to witness the beauty of the city of Paris. This cruise ride will engage you until the minute hand returns back to the same place - a 60 minute. You will enjoy the wonderful sights of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Musee d’Orsay. Grab a campagne and enjoy the ride. However, cruising after the sunset has a separate fanbase and is unarguably the best. A place can never be more touristy than the glittering waters and shimmering monuments. Make your France tour packages complete with the floating pub and indulging in your favourite water activities.

3. Visit the majestic Mont Saint Michel

This iconic monument of France is an UNESCO world heritage site. This is a 3.5 hours ride away from Paris. This place brings into light the wonder of Gothic architecture to the world. Not just that, a medieval building is located along the coastline that lures the traveller in you to fall in love with the place and it is just non forcible. If you are visiting anytime between July to October, try not to miss attending live concerts that bring the heart of Mont Saint Michel alive. Your France tour packages from India should definitely have this place to get the best essence of your France vacation.

4. Explore the lavender fields in Provence

Lavender undoubtedly is one of those go to flavours everytime you feel you need a rejuvenation. This place also rightly serves its purpose of restoring your energy amidst your hustle bustle life. These fields come to life during the months of June, July and August. This undoubtedly could be the best place to visit in your France vacation tours. This is where you will be able to take beautiful pictures of France living in your instagram wall as a forever best memory. Best time to take these pictures would be during dawn and dusk and give thematic orange backgrounds to your favourite violet background. Plateau de Valensole, Luberon, Drôme Provençale and Pays de Sault are possibly the best lavender fields in Provence.

5. Feel the royalness of Palace de Versailles

This UNESCO world heritage site again is one of the top attractions of France. This palace was occupied by the royal family and now is the major destination for tourists where you will be able to feel the richness of what architecture can bring around. If you have been looking for some iconic place to learn the French history, then this place tells you a lot about what you expect out of it. The garden of Versailles is again a piece of wonder that occupies a 2000 acres land area, filled with lush green grasses, rare flowers, grand fountains and every other garden component.Your all inclusive France vacation should definitely have this to understand what different dimension a tourist place can be. The Hall of Mirrors and the Royal Chapel are frames of wonder Palace de Versailles has!

6. Go biking around Bordeaux

Bordeaux has got nearly 1600 cycling routes to unwrap and explore. The carefully designed street lanes definitely deserves a traveller like you to admire the wonder it is. You will be able to capture the most beautiful sights of the city which is not possibly enjoyable when boarded on a public transport. This cycle itinerary is designed such that it covers major destinations the Basilica of Saint-Michel, Gothic Saint-André Cathedral, Capucins Market and the modern town of Bordeaux. Connect to the different parts of the city with different zones of your itinerary timelines to enjoy your France travel packages. Explore the older and newer parts of the city to understand the beauty of what Bordeaux really is. Hit on your favourite vineyard in Bordeaux for some amazing fine wine.

7. Go skiing in the French Alps

The Alps is one of the tallest mountain ranges in the whole of Europe. If you plan to enjoy your winter holidays in Europe, then skiing in the French Alps should definitely make into the list. Visiting anytime between the end of December and the start of January will allow you to enjoy the perks of good skiing weather along with the festive season around. However, the month of January allows you to ski in the fresh snow at a much cheaper price. Nothing better than hot chocolate and onion soup could give you some comfort here. Your France packages from India will definitely remember this place!

8. Explore the magnificence of La cité, Carcassonne

Carcassonne bears a long page of 2000 years of history. This place is historically rich and touristy which lures a thick number of tourists from all over the world. Amazingly lit up night just appears like the stars that decorate the night sky. A mixture of puzzled alleys and asymmetrical buildings makes this place an absolute delight to anyone who adds this place to their France trip packages. The architecture and the minute detailing like the rose windows of Carcassonne cathedral is meaningfully magnificent. This place is definitely worth the visit.

9. Go sailing in Saint Tropez

Going on a sea sail amidst the dark blue waters, inhaling the salty oxygen and exhaling all the stress is that perfect kind of getaway you had been wanting. Sailing in Mediterranean is one of the favorite activities of any European. The French Riviera is filled with iconic yachts and beach loving people. The motor boats and yachts are generally available for hire on which you could enjoy your trip to France and make it memorable. The spectacular beauty of the mediterrean speaks volumes about the European beauty.

10. Attend the Cannes Film Festival

This is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France. This festival examines movies of all genres and this is one of the best places to see movies. This is one of the high end places where your favourite film stars and directors arrive wherein the red carpet witnesses the actual fan flooding. This is one of the best top 3 film festivals in the country and your France tour packages can be made amazing by including this in your itinerary.

Best time to visit France

France is definitely one of the best places you will ever see on this planet. France has been captured during different time frames of history and has a strong influence on the rest of the world from architecture to fashion. With the maximum number of UNESCO world heritage sites, this place cannot be more appealing to the tourists. As the time travels on the calendar, there are few seasons of the year that match your timeline of the ‘best time to visit France’. However, it is not the same on everybody’s calendar. It depends on your expectations from the trip, the place you have planned to visit and the budget you intend to spend for your France tour packages from India.

Peak season

France enjoys its peak season during the months of June, July and August. The nation celebrates summer during these months and it obviously is the best time to visit France. Be it your ever favourite landscapes or historical monuments or forever crowded tourist attractions, this month is unarguably the best. Your trip to France is amazing if you plan to visit during June to August. The temperature is around 14 to 28 degree celsius. Make up your mind for slight drizzles, pack an umbrella along and you are done. Pertaining to peak season, the airfare and the prices of hotels are relatively high. Hence understanding this fact and booking as early as possible could help you protect your fat Euros.

Shoulder season

France is at its best during the seasons of Spring and Autumn. During the months of April, May, September and October, France witnesses the colour of seasons. From brightest of greens to duskiest of oranges these months are simply enticing. Not just about the weather, the prices in hotels and flight bookings are also relatively lower. They offer huge discounts on account of it being the shoulder season. The temperature is also around 10 to 22 degrees for you to happily roam around your favourite nation. The places are also less crowded and you will get to enjoy your favourite places for any long hours. Forgetting to taste wine from the best vineyards here is a sin. Best France tours are enjoyed during these months of France visits.

Off season

The months of November to March are not that enjoyable when compared to other months of France visits. France experiences winter during these months and the temperature ranges between 3 and 8 degree celsius. You will witness snowfall in France and it is not quite easy to move around with that climate. However, France enters into celebration during these months enjoying the best Christmas and new year. With the calendar nearing February, the love season witnesses the best proposals in the city of love. For the best cheap France tour packages, visiting during these months is highly recommended.

How to Reach France

Your ‘how to go to France’, is always backed with the best option of transport - Airplane. This is less tedious and very comfortable since the distance between France and India is around 7364 Km and it is possibly tiring to visit France by any other means.

By Air

If you are planning for a trip to France from India, travelling by air is one of the most convenient modes of travel. The Charles de Gaulle is one of the major airports of France and is located in its capital city - Paris. Orly Airport which is located in the South of France is the second major airport. There are airports in Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux catering flights from France to India. Flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore with Jet Airways, Air India, Air France Gulf Air and British Airways offer an average flight time of 9 to 10 hours. All these cities have direct and stopover flights to France. Making sure to book flights along with your France tour packages is definitely worth it.

By Road

France is about 7400 Km away from India and travelling to France from India by road is a much tedious process. They look impossible but road trips from nearby European countries to France are ideally possible through Car, bike, taxis and bicycle. The countryside of France is amazingly picturesque that any Paris France packages should not be missing. However, the internal transport network is very strong connecting you to various destinations within the city. The hop on hop off, metros and trams are very convenient modes of transport for you to roam around France.

By Sea

Travelling to France by Sea has a different layer of adventure unwrapped. This could be made a little more flavorful by taking a road trip from your city to Mumbai and sailing to France from the Mumbai waters. It takes an average 28 days for you to reach the Basse Indre, Paris from the Mumbai Port. Not just the cost of a trip to France from India, the number of days you spend travelling are also high. It takes almost a month to reach France but if you are someone who love sailing and have so much days allotted in your itinerary, approaching one of your favourite ferry lines - DFDS, DFDS Seaways, Condor Ferries, Brittany Ferries, P&O Ferries and LD Lines would be ideal.

Book France Tour Packages at Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail’s France packages give you a highly customizable trip, available at the click of a button to whisk you away to Paris, the city of love and lights, as well as other sprawling cities. Pickyourtrail’s affordable 3 day Paris tour package or 5 day Paris tour package can be included in your France tour package from India to ensure that you spend enough time in one of the best cities in the world, but also get to see the rest of the wonders of France. For honeymooners, Pickyourtrail offers a personalised Paris honeymoon package that covers the city of love in 5 days. Book a France tour package with your family and plan and customise your trip with some of the best France itineraries we have for families and get the best France trip cost from India. Visit France with Pickyourtrail’s itineraries tailored for the perfect escape so you can have the trip of a lifetime, as we craft the best France vacation packages all inclusive with the intent of providing the perfect French holiday for all our travellers. We will be your perfect Europe tour package planner from India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel to France

What are the famous places to see in France?

The Eiffel Tower, Paris undoubtedly is one of the best places to visit in France. This is one of the most visited monuments around the globe. Other than the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral and Disneyland are a must to include in your France tour packages. All these places give an idea about what France has to offer to the traveller in you. Along with these places, make your visit to France complete by making time to hit on the famous vineyards like Chateau Gaudrelle, bistros and cafes and enjoy the flavour of France by engaging your taste buds.

What are the best things to do in France?

Visit the Disneyland: This Disneyland in Paris is one of the largest amusement parks that has all the fun to engage the kid in you. The parades and carnival rides are endless here. The cartoon characters that fascinated your childhood will appear before you making your childhood dream come true.
Watch the sunset at the Eiffel Tower: Visit this iconic monument and get panoramic views of the whole city of Paris from the top. Grab your favourite white champagne and watch the sun going down in the Paris sky. This could be one of the best things to do on your trip to France.
Relax at the beach resorts: There are a wide range of beaching options to choose from in France. Out of all exhaustive activities and fun, one of the best things to do in France is to stay in the beach resorts and enjoy the flavour of luxury. Biarritz and the Basque Coast, Saint-Tropez: Plage de Pampelonne and Cap d'Antibes could be some of the best options.
Shop at Boulevard Saint Germain: This place is saturated with shoppers stop and satiates the shopaholic in you. This major street in Paris runs for 3.5 Km and has endless shopping options from your favourite boutiques to food stops. Shop best home decors, party wears, home accessories and much more at one stop.
Enjoy the charm of Provence: along with the blue skies and mediterranean air of France, this place has a unique charm that entices the nature lover in you. Yellow sunflowers and purple lavenders just makes the scene more appealing. The ruggedness of raw rural areas makes it extremely vibrant. Try not to miss this place in your France tour packages.

What is the best time to visit France?

April, May, September and October are one of the most suitable times for you to visit France. The prices are lower. The places are also less crowded while France has the best atmosphere around for you to enjoy your trip to France the best way. However, if you are someone who enjoys sunshine to the maximum, visit France during the peak season of June, July and August.

How to reach France?

If you are planning for a trip to France from India, travelling by air is one of the most convenient modes of travel. The Charles de Gaulle is one of the major airports of France and is located in its capital city - Paris. This is one of the busiest airports in France. Direct and stopover flights operate from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. The average flight time is about 10 hours justifying it to be the best mode of transport to reach France.

How much does a France trip cost? How much does it cost to go to France from India?

A France trip generally costs around 1,75,000 to 2,00,000 for a week’s trip. But it highly depends on the number of days you plan your itinerary, the places you choose to visit, the France tour packages you choose, the mode of transportation you prefer to use, the place you happen to stay and the season you choose to visit. It is wise to plan ahead and enjoy the benefits of cheap France tour packages.

How many days are enough for France?

On an average, it is recommended you spend anywhere between a10 - 12 days in the country. This will allow you to indulge in a variety of experiences - from sightseeing to wine-tasting to lazing by the beaches and trying out some gourmet food here.

How do I get around France?

France has the best railway network and connects all important destinations like Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg, and Nice more effectively. Hence the first most preferred mode of transportation is by TGV trains. However, if you have your own timeline in visiting multiple places, then hiring a cab or Taxi would be ideal.

What is the cheapest month to go to Paris?

Early December, January and February are one of the cheapest months to visit Paris. These months experience winter and hence falls under the off season where there are less number of tourists and more discounts. Paris sees Christmas and New year celebrations during this time of the year.

Is Disneyland worth it in Paris?

Yes, Disneyland absolutely is one of the best places to visit in France. The night time witnesses the best light shows and fireworks. The fun rides, cartoon characters, parades and carnivals all make the Disneyland experience a celebration. Try not to miss this place on your trip to France.

How much is a ticket at Disneyland Paris?

A ticket anywhere between £40 - £65 depending on the month you are planning to visit. Prices are generally high during the summer months. But it absolutely is worth the money and time.

How many floors is the Eiffel Tower?

There are 3 floors in the Eiffel Tower - !st floor, 2nd floor and the top floor. The first floor has a museum and exhibits. The second floor is all about eateries and food stops while the third floor is the technical installations dedicated to the radio. All the 3 floors are accessible to the public.

Is it worth going up the Eiffel Tower?

Yes, the Eiffel Tower is one of the best monuments to visit in France. Going up the Eiffel Tower is worthwhile. The panoramic view of the whole city of Paris is just stunning. The bar and restaurant 58 up there is completely worth visiting. You will be able to enjoy your favourite champagne along with the spectacular view.

What are the best ski resorts in France?

The Chamonix, Serre Chevalier and Tignes are the best Ski resorts in France. The Chamonix is one of the most renowned ski resorts and Serre Chevalier is one of the largest ski resorts in France. The months of December and January are peak skiing seasons in France.

Which are the best monuments to visit in France?

Unarguably, the Eiffel tower is a must visit monument in France. Along with it, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe and Mount Saint Michel are the best monuments to visit in Paris.

Is it safe to travel solo to France?

Irrespective of any country, it is always advisable to take safety precautions from our side. Apart from this fact, France is one of the safest destinations to visit for any gender.

What are some of the best things to buy in France?

Chocolates are a must buy irrespective of any country you visit. French Macarons from Pierre Hermes, scented soaps, Picasso souvenirs from curated gift shops, best tea from Mariage Freres, fashion picks from outlet stores, French mustard and handbags at Brontibay are not to be missed.

What currency should I carry?

You should carry your money in Euros. Ensure you make the exchange before your departure. Cash will make your life easier especially since there is a lot of tipping involved at restaurants and even saloons.

What are the most scenic train journeys to take here?

With the French Rail Pass, you can explore the valleys, coastline and the mountains of France. Trains de Pignes, Bastia to Ajaccio and the Little Yellow Train are beautiful must-do train journeys to take here. They are quite memorable and promise an unforgettable time.

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Beautiful 9 Nights France Tour Packages

  • Paris (3N)
  • Marseille (2N)
+2 cities
  • Hotels
  • 6 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from52,650 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 12 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from43,409 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from39,366 /Person

Magnificent 6 Nights South France Tour Packages

  • Marseille (2N)
  • Bordeaux (2N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 2 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from50,194 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from40,528 /Person

Incredible 9 Nights France Packages from India

  • Nice (2N)
  • Bordeaux (2N)
+2 cities
  • Hotels
  • 7 activities
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees
  • Flights excluded

Starts from82,666 /Person

10 Nights France and Italy Vacation Packages

  • Rome (3N)
  • Florence (2N)
+2 cities
  • Hotels
  • 8 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,41,685 /Person

9 Nights France and Switzerland Tour Package

  • Paris (3N)
  • Lucerne (2N)
+2 cities
  • Hotels
  • 9 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,76,600 /Person

Breathtaking 6 Nights France Packages

  • Paris (4N)
  • Marseille (1N)
+1 city
  • Hotels
  • 7 activities
  • Flights included
  • Shared transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from1,49,507 /Person

  • Hotels
  • 12 activities
  • Flights included
  • Private transfer
  • Visa fees

Starts from2,12,094 /Person

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