Vietnam Tour Packages

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5 NIGHTS: Hanoi (5N)

Flights 3.5 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

5 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (3N) → Hanoi (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

5 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (2N) → Da nang (1N) → Hanoi (2N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

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8 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (3N) → Hoi An (2N) → Hanoi (3N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

5 NIGHTS: Hanoi (2N) → Ho Chi Minh (3N)

Flights 4 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

4 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (2N) → Hoi An (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

6 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (2N) → Hoi An (2N) → Hanoi (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer Visa fees

7 NIGHTS: Siem Reap (3N) → Phnom Penh (1N) → Siem Reap (3N)

4 Hotels Activities Private transfer Flights

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

8 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (3N) → Hoi An (3N) → Hanoi (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

4 NIGHTS: Hoi An (2N) → Hanoi (2N)

Flights 2 Hotels Activities Shared transfer
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Vietnam Tour Packages

With a Vietnam tour package explore the exotic and compelling natural beauty of Vietnam, a dynamic nation famous for its hill-tribe villages, terraced rice fields, rich culture, dreamy boat rides, outstanding spas, luscious food made with incredibly subtle flavours, jaw-dropping historic architectural wonders and much more. A Southeast Asian country situated in the South China Sea, Vietnam draws tourists in plenty to explore its culture and staggering natural beauty with Vietnam tours. Be it its various beaches, historical monuments, old quarters, picturesque landscapes views of the paddy fields, stunning limestone outcrops and natural caves, explore the dynamic megacities of Vietnam with Vietnam Packages. Also home to one of the UNESCO world heritage site at Halong Bay which is a combination of nearly 2000 limestone islands and islets rising from the jade emerald waters, due to water and wind erosion over a million years, these limestone formations have created impressive caves, stalactites, and stalagmites, making it another reason to plan a Vietnam trip.

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Trending Vietnam Holiday Packages

Vietnam Tour Packages No of days Places to Visit Price*
Incredible 5 nights Vietnam trip itinerary 6 days/5 nights Ho Chi Minh (3N) → Hanoi (2N) Rs. 48,789(with airfare, hotels)
The perfect low priced 5 nights Vietnam holiday package 6 days/5 Nights Ho Chi Minh (2N) → Da nang (1N) → Hanoi (2N) Rs. 54,284(with airfare, hotels)
An epic 8 night Vietnam trip package 9 days/8 nights Ho Chi Minh (3N) → Hoi An (2N) → Hanoi (3N) Rs. 55,848 (with airfare, hotels)
The best ever luxurious Vietnam travel package for 5 nights 6 days/5 nights 5 NIGHTS: Hanoi (2N) → Ho Chi Minh (3N) Rs.56,500 (with airfare, hotels)
The 4 night Vietnam vacation itinerary for fun lovers 5 days/ 4 nights 4 NIGHTS: Ho Chi Minh (2N) → Hoi An (2N) Rs. 56,582(with airfare, hotels)

Things to do on Vietnam Tours

The below are the best Vietnam tourist places.

1. Sailing at Halong Bay - One of the most famous places of Vietnam, visit the Halong Bay and get amazed by its emerald green waters and limestone caves arising from the water like sea dragons. Home to over 2000 islands stuffed with caves and pristine beaches, this place is absolutely breath-taking and the most ideal to indulge in watersports like scuba diving and kayaking. So with your Vietnam Tour Package take an overnight cruise which will include accommodation, meals, and excursion to different attractions within the bay and enjoy its picturesque beauty. Whether you want a luxury cruise or a budget trip, you will find an option for your choice.
2. Discovering the Cu Chi Tunnels - A network of tunnels over 250 kilometers long created by the soldiers in the year 1940 as a hiding spot during the Vietnam war is for the history buffs a historic gem. Be it its numerous hidden doors, weapon storage facilities, winding tunnels, secret paths for canals and rivers, you can explore its tunnels and secret weapons with Vietnam holiday packages to get a feel of the wartime.
3. Exploring Ninh Binh - Located in South East Hanoi, discover on your Vietnam travel packages the stunningly picturesque postcard-perfect paddy fields, limestone outcrops and naturally formed caves and feast your eyes. Visit Van Long Nature Reserve for breathtaking landscape views and Thing Nham Bird Garden to birdwatch a diverse collection of various bird species. At Hoa Lu, also explore the historical cathedrals, temples, pagodas and local markets to shop and taste some authentic Vietnamese food.
4.Visiting Ba Na Hill - Discover the magnificent architecture of Golden Bridge and marvel at the two giant hands that emerge from the dense forests and offer stunning views of lush green surroundings. Also, visit the French village and walk past the cobblestone streets built-in European style architecture and click those million-dollar selfies. At the entertainment zone, be it the mystical fairy forest or adrenaline-raising free fall tower, take the amazing fun rides and make cherishable memories on your Vietnam tours.
5.Strolling down Hoi An Ancient Town - The very first international commercial port in Vietnam, Hoi An, once a busy harbour for merchants from around the world is a must-visit on Vietnam tour packages from India. Explore the ancient town and discover that despite the time and war, the whole town is almost intact. A walk down the square is a must on your Vietnam trip.
6. Trekking the rice fields in North Vietnam - The region is home to one of the highest mountain ranges in Indochina (Fansipan Peak in Sapa). Northern Vietnam is where you find in the world the most incredible terraced rice fields. Imagine you will trek through seemingly endless rice fields and get to know local people who have created it. The local culture of ethnic minority group adds to the uniqueness of your journey in the North.
7. Enjoying World-class beaches in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang - A wonderful thing about beaches in Vietnam tour package is the low cost. Long Beach (in Phu Quoc) ranks third in the world's top cheapest beaches, followed by Nha Trang City Beach. Sun-Drenched beach with turquoise water and the beautiful coral reef is just a perfect place to spend your Vietnam vacation.
8. Visiting the Reunification palace - A palace located in the Ho Chi Minh City that once served as the residence to the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War holds a lot of historical significance making it a must-visit place with your Vietnam travel packages. This palace marks as the iconic spot where an army tank crashed at the palace entry gate to declare the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. The army tanks still remain parked outside the palace. The palace although has now been turned into a museum and houses many historical pieces of equipment from the 1970s.

Best time to visit Vietnam

February to April and August to October are the best months to visit Vietnam as the temperatures are moderate and the rainfall is less. The months of March and April have the lowest rainfall making it a pleasant time to pay a visit to Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Packages

What to pack for your Vietnam travel?

Below the knee skirts and trousers for temples and pagodas, power outlet adapter, sun hat, sunscreen, insect-repellent, waterbottle for diarrhea treatment, a dry towel, durable shoes and flipflops.

What is the most spoken language in Vietnam?

Vietnamese is the most spoken language in Vietnam. French is the most spoken foreign language in Vietnam owing to a legacy of colonial rule. Russian, Czech, German, and Polish are other languages spoken in small sections in Vietnam.

What is the most commonly used currency in Vietnam?

Vietnamese Dong (VND) is the most commonly used currency in Vietnam. However big shops and hotels accept US dollars as well, so if you bring some US dollars, they can come handy.

What should you not do on your Vietnam trip?

Don't jaywalk, don't take a photo of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, don't go for a traditional taxi, choose Uber/Grab instead, don't buy without bargaining - try out your haggling skills, don't leave your belongings unattented as robbery is very common in Vietnam.

Do I need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam offers visa on arrival for Indians. Apply online for an approval letter by filling up a form online at and have the letter sent to your email (takes about 3-5 working days), take a print of the letter and furnish it at the airport and pay the visa stamping fees to get your Vietnam visa.

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