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Pandwa Beach Bali
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Pandawa Beach in Bali – A Beautiful Secret Beach in South Of Bali

Pandawa Beach is one amongst the classic beaches in Bali. It is located south of Kuta. Reminiscing the past, this beach was not known by many and was a secluded attraction as it is in the rear of the mountains, hence it is called one of the secret beaches in Bali. The white sand beach is commonly known as the Kutuh beach by its localities. The secret beach is a perfect amalgamation of Fun, venture and an aesthetically appealing setting of the sun, giving an elbow room to keep our camera’s busy and take the perfect snapshot with your companions cherishing and catalyzing memories to have an amazing flashback to recall with your voyage.

Top Attractions at Pandawa Beach Bali

Pandawa Beach, Bali is one of the awe-striking tourist spots, a stretch coastline of 1km, the beach is located behind a high limestone cliff, and from the top of the cliff, you will be able to see the miraculous view of the Indian Ocean. It could be a true decamp from urban life and kick start to hold in high esteem towards the natural essence.

Statue Of Panca Pandawa

Arriving at Pandawa Beach, on the cliff, there are six statues of Panca Pandawa taken from the Mahabharata story. There are six fissures on the cliff. Inside this fissure, there are statues of Five Pandava and his mother, Dewi Kunti. Therefore the beach is called the Pandawa Beach Bali. The statues are beautifully engraved, bringing the outlook of Balinese architecture with a story talking about the myths of Hindu ethnicity.

Adventure Activities at Pandawa Beach Bali

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Pandawa Beach is also the prime hub for water sports. Adventure enthusiasts will find their idyllic choices here. The water sports are so adrenaline-charged and exciting, you can experience all kinds of aquatic sports here like surfing, kayaking, or even paragliding. Apart from these sports, you can also enjoy canoeing, one of the paramount things to do at this beach. it is advised to wear a life jacket. It can be borrowed at a cost of IDR 20,000 for an hour.

Apart from these things, you can always enjoy the mainstream things we do at any other conventional beach with our families and friends let it be walking along with your loved ones, hitting around the stalls for some appetizing and tempting food, splash and play around in the water, building sandcastles with your children, take pictures and watch the sundown going easy on the eyes.

How to reach Pandwa Beach Bali

The Pandawa Beach is just an hour’s drive from Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport and The best way to reach out is a taxi or hire a cab if looking for a splendiferous experience you can hire scooters and drive across the coast exploring the roads with candidness and atavism of the Destination.

Entrance Fees

It is to be noted that the sightseeing entrance fees are to be paid in local currency (IDR) at the site. This fee is collected for the welfare of the temple.

Adults: 15,000 rupiah (INR 73)

The parking fees are-
2-wheeler parking: 3000 rupiah (INR 15)
4-wheeler parking: 5000 rupiah (INR 25)

Opening Hours

There are no opening hours as such, as the beach is open for 24X7 throughout the week. It almost takes 3-4 hours to explore the white sand beach, starting from enjoying the water sports to pleasing your eyes with drop-dead gorgeous sundown with so much calmness and contentment in it that promises you of a New Dawn.


  • Pick a swimming spot close to a lifeguard.
  • Locker or a storage facility is very well accessible at Pandawa Beach
  • The Pandawa Beach is also a bed for the Simon-true Balinese massages
  • Sun loungers and umbrellas are provided and can be rented right at the beach

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