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    Malaysia as a whole is known for its numerous extraordinary islands that include staggering shorelines, tropical rainforests, and different societies. Plenty of these islands present well-known plunging and swimming goals in view of their completely clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. Be that as it may, the islands of Malaysia are not just about shorelines and jumping. There is significantly more to encounter here, for example, pioneer towns, lovely sanctuaries, energetic resorts, and courageous exercises with a Malaysia tour package.

    Exclusive Malaysia Tour Packages from India

    Malaysia Tour Package No of days/nights Places to visit in Malaysia Price*
    The perfect 4 day Malaysia itinerary for the adventure lovers 4 days/3 nights Kuala lumpur (3N) Rs. 40,515* (with airfare, hotels)
    Luxury redefined : A 6 day Malaysia itinerary 6 days/5 Nights Kuala lumpur (5N) Rs. 41,147* (airfare,hotels included)
    A Family itinerary: A fantastic 5 night Malaysia trip 6 days/5 nights Kuala lumpur (5N) Rs. 41,147* (with airfare, hotels)
    Langkawi package 3 days 2 nights 3 days/2 nights Langkawi (2N) Rs. 44,103* (with airfare, hotels)
    Malaysia Honeymoon Trip Itinerary 4 days/3 Nights Kuala lumpur (2N) → Langkawi (1N) Rs. 46,2756* (airfare,hotels included)
    A 5 night trip to classic Malaysia 6 days/5 Nights Langkawi (3N) → Kuala lumpur (2N) Rs. 44,915* (airfare,hotels included)

    Places to visit on your Malaysia Holiday Packages

    Malaysia tour is a standout amongst the most practical destinations in Asia. It is fit for both extravagant explorers and hikers. The superb atmosphere is clearly a plus point. The place offers sun, sand, rain woodlands, slopes, and tasty nourishment making it an ideal destination for a fantasy Malaysia Trip. If you are going to customize your Malaysia trip package, then you shouldn’t miss these listed places.

    Langkawi Islands

    If you fancy getting out of the town on your Malaysia tour then head to Langkawi Island, truly a land of over 100 islands within the Andaman Sea, solely two of which are populated and of that Langkawi is that the largest with a population of over 60,000 inhabitants. Langkawi Island is popular amongst backpackers and honeymooners alike and has something to suit all budgets. The island additionally has non-taxable status thus guests fill up on cheap souvenir things on their Malaysia trip.

    Special Malaysia Cuisine

    Nasi Kandar could be a staple food in Malaysia but actually is basically ‘mixed rice’, as customers are given a plate with rice over which they opt for a range of toppings and sauces. Nasi Kandar comes from the origin of Tamil dishes thanks to the high number of South Indian immigrants; and also the flavours replicate this with a key addition on flavouring with chilli. Common Nasi Kandar dishes consist of chicken, fish, or variety of seafood like prawns or squid in curry sauce in addition to vegetables like okra and cabbage cooked along with mustard seeds.

    Twin Towers

    One of the most iconic sights within the world, the Petronas Towers, additionally referred to as the Petronas Twin Tower because of the very fact that they come as a pair, are unit situated within the capital town of Malaysian capital and is the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world. The main attraction is the skywalk over the sky bridge that joins them along and travellers come to admire the views that stretch across Malaysian capital and KLCC Park at the bottom of the towers.

    Climb the Kinabalu

    The highest mountain in Malaya, Mount Kinabalu sits within the Crocker mountain range and lies inside Kinabalu Park. Mount Kinabalu is a host of a variety of flora, fauna, and fungi. The trek to the highest of Mount Kinabalu is demanding and not suggested to inexperienced hikers. All hikers should be in the middle of a licensed guide at all times and there are two completely different routes to decide, even though these run towards the summit. An experienced hiker usually takes a day but majority choose the option of staying overnight in the accommodations available on course.

    Things to do on your Malaysia Tour

    It is not so popular, but you would be really surprised to know how much the country has to offer. And one of them is the Fireflies Night Excursion in Kuala Selangor. Spot the mysterious silvered leaf monkeys and migratory birds before enjoying a pleasant dinner at a local eatery. Your evenings will be occupied by watching the light fireflies that twinkle in the air. Just north-west of the capital, the personal guided tour begins at the rustic city of Kuala Selangor, where you get one of the most exquisite views of the Straits of Malacca. The previous royal capital of Selangor is thought for its vast mangrove tree swamps and spotting the silvered leaf monkeys. Along with these, it is the house to distinctive and attention-grabbing species of birds, either in residence or of migratory origin. Continue your exclusive trip with a tasty dinner at a restaurant before yachting along the stream. At sunset, end your charming night by looking at colonies of fireflies flash and glimmer, showcasing their synchronous soft lights all over the night sky.

    Malaysia Tour time is precious and a good spot would make it only better. This is a fascinating combination of attractions and a little bit of fun on a journey through the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. It has natural sculptures, estate, a rural lifestyle within the city's suburbs. Yes, it is the Batu Caves. It is the home to the 140ft tall statue of the Hindu God Murugan, and 3 caves that have temples inside them. Have a view of the beautiful sculpture and gain some facts about the place on your Malaysia holiday packages. Only viewing and some literature is no fun. The fun activity is trying to make some pewter and batik; an ancient form of wax painting, showcasing both hand-drawn printing methods of art.

    Adventures in Malaysia

    When you think of adventure you get the thought of skydiving, scuba diving or of anything that pumps your adrenaline. These can be done anywhere in the world, so here is an activity very unique and should be experienced in Malaysia. We are talking about a trek in the tropical rainforest of Langkawi. It is the perfect setup for the nature lovers. During the walk, you gain a lot of valuable knowledge about the diversity of plants and animals. You will get introduced to most of it if not all the 400 species of trees with incredible heights and some incredible birds and mammals. When the sun sets, your eyes go wide open. You can experience the shift change by noticing some animals emerge from their sleep. This is the time to spot the flying lemurs or the flying squirrels. The experience is one of a kind and a trip worth every second away from the buzz of the city.

    Best time to book a Malaysia Trip

    When you start customizing your Malaysia package never fail to take a glimpse about its weather. The weather in Malaysia is hot and humid most of the year with the rainfall coming to the west coast in the months of April to October, and November to February on the east coast. These will also affect the time you decide to go for diving. When it comes to peak season, there are two in Malaysia. One is during December and January with Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. The other one is in August with the hotels being booked due to the holiday time in the Middle East. December is surely the best time to visit, so plan your Malaysia tour bookings accordingly.

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