Europe Tour Packages

    Whether it's an opera show in Vienna, tasting the delicious waffles in Brussels or catching a theatre performance in London - we've got the top things to do, eat & experience with our Europe tour packages. Got more to add? Customize your Europe tour package from India with us the way you want.

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    Europe Tour Packages For An Intriguing Europe Holidays

    Europe tour packages are on every traveler's wish list. With its history, art, beauty, culture, and cuisine, this continent remains a favorite among travelers. Be it the rich history of Athens or churches of Florence, parties of Ibiza or grand bazaars of Istanbul, chocolates of Brussels or the oozing romance of Paris, scenic beauty of Interlaken or gondolas of Venice, Northern lights of Finland or breathtaking landscapes of Norway, Lavender fields of Provence or Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, beer fests of Munich or sugar-cubed houses of Santorini, tulips of Amsterdam or thermal spas of Budapest, gothic grandeur of London or bewitching beauty of Dubrovnik, magical islands of Normandy or belfry of Bruges - Europe has it all. A Europe package tour is bound to captivate you with its splendor. Be it a vacation with family, a romantic honeymoon with your partner or a fun trip with your friends, Pickyourtrail’s customised Europe tours can help you go on your dream trip to Europe without any planning hassles. The best Europe trips are the ones where there is no work and all play, after all.

    Planning customised Europe tours: What to do in Europe

    Europe is vast and diverse, so we as a Europe trip planner from India would like to help you get across this continent with our exciting Europe holiday tour packages and craft for you highly personalized itineraries that will perfect your Europe vacation.

    What to do in Western Europe?

    Western Europe consists of popular countries like France, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Luxembourg among others. The best package for Europe will help you dive right into the culture, scenery and history of each of these incredible countries.

    In France, discover the sky-high Eiffel Tower in all its glory while visiting Paris. Book a honeymoon package in Europe to spend time in the city of love. Drink the delicious wines of Bordeaux, discover the works of Cezanne in Provence, visit the magical island of Mont Saint Michel perched on a rocky islet amidst vast sandbanks, tour the dramatic coastal scenery of Etretat, walk by the beach and watch the sunset in the stunning seaside of Nice. France tours are commonly included in a travel package to Europe from India.

    While exploring Spain as part of your Europe packages, wonder at the works of Antoni Gaudi or run in to Messi at Camp Nou in Barcelona, party all night to feet tapping music and spectacular ambiance in the island of Ibiza or be a part of the Fellas festival in Valencia. You can eat, meet, greet and converse with people at the tapas bars in Madrid or watch a flamenco live at Andalusia, tour the Alhambra at Granada or Skydive and visit the Real Alcazar at Seville. Book a personalised Europe tour to explore this colourful country with a customized package tour to Spain.

    In your customized package tour to Belgium, gawk at the splendor of Grand Palace and visit the little Manneken Pis, or visit the Basilica of holy blood. Taste the Belgian beer and fill up your pockets with delicious Belgian chocolates, ride through the scenic canals of Bruges, travel to the home of baroque superstar painter Pieter Paul Rubens in Antwerp or feel cosy in the oldest trade and culture center of Ghent with your significant other on the best honeymoon packages Europe Pickyourtrail has to offer.

    In the Netherlands, take a stroll down the iconic red light district or tour the Heineken Museum, visit the Keukenhof tulips in Lisse or travel back in time to the villages of the 18th century in Zaanse Schans, admire Grote Kerk - the gothic style red brick church of the Hague - or visit the traditionally painted wooden houses of Marken village, enjoy the scenic location of the windmills of Kinderdijk, explore the culture using a complete guide to Amsterdam, or visit the historic town of Valkenburg that lies in the Geul Valley and is home to the only hilltop castle in the Netherlands. Book custom Europe tours tailored to your interests to ensure you experience all of these and more.

    What to do in Central Europe?

    If you’re looking for the best Europe packages, make sure it includes countries within Central Europe. Central Europe has its fair share of beauty that can be explored in countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Poland among others. Our personalized Europe holiday tour packages will help you experience the true beauty of these countries.

    As part of your Europe trip package, include a stop at the cultural seat of Europe, Germany. Take a stroll down the stretch of the Berlin wall that still remains in Berlin, which is one of the best things to do in Berlin, or visit the Brandenburg gate that speaks volumes on German history, participate in the Oktoberfest in Munich. You can also visit the magical fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein with family Europe tour packages, explore the acoustically advanced concert halls of Elbphilharmonie or admire the intricately designed St. Michael’s church for beautiful harbor views in Hamburg. Visit the gothic cathedral with twin spires in Cologne or explore the Ludwig museum that houses multi-million-dollar worth of 20th-century art. Find packages with Germany tours to explore this historic country.

    In an itinerary for Czech Republic, visit the Prague castle that has been the seat of power for many rulers or walk the historic Charles Bridge on the Vltava river, wander through the Krumlov Castle in Český, or visit the Astronomical clock and St Nicholas Church in the Old Town Square in Prague with a Prague tour package. Explore the prominent and lovely glassmaking centers of Karlovy Vary or admire the decorated interior and frescos of St Barbara’s Cathedral in Kutná Hora. Book custom Europe tours to explore the political history of the continent.

    There are a number of activities in Switzerland to explore during your trip. Visit the snow-capped mountains of Interlaken and take the train ride to Jungfrau, known as the top of Europe. With our family Europe trip packages, you can make lasting memories amidst the snow-capped mountains. When are building your customised Europe tours, make sure you include the old town of Zurich where you can purchase small-exclusive hand-made chocolates or cruise down the Rhine river and come across ancient castles and lush vineyards, take a river cruise at the beautiful Lake Lucerne or walk around the Chapel Bridge at night to savor breath-taking views, witness Jet d’eau, the tallest water fountain of the world in Geneva or kayak on the beautiful Lake Geneva. Pickyourtrail’s Switzerland package helps you explore this exquisite country just the way you want to!

    What to do in Eastern Europe?

    The best European tour packages from India usually include stunning gems from Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe, although less explored than the rest of the continent, is gaining popularity lately. This region comprises countries like Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary amongst others waiting to be discovered. Uncover the magical beauty of these countries with our customised Europe tours for Eastern Europe travel.

    In Russia, when you are getting ready to visit Moscow, make sure you plan a visit to the Kremlin and Red Square, the official residence of the President of Russia. You should also visit The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and Peter and Paul Fortress that was used as a prison and execution ground by the Bolshevik government in St Petersburg. While undoubtedly a grim experience, these sites help you understand the history of Russia and gain a whole new understanding of the country.

    In Norway, hike the Kjerag mountain to click million-dollar pictures at a boulder crevassed between two mountains or hike to Trolltunga, a special cliff jutting out horizontally from the mountain at 1100 meters above sea level in the municipality of Odda in Hordaland county. Book a personalised Europe tour with Pickyourtrail to discover your adventurous side in Norway, which is one of the best places to view the Northern Lights.

    What to do in Southern Europe?

    Southern Europe is absolutely picturesque and comprises famed destinations like Italy, Greece, Turkey among others waiting to be explored with the best Europe tour package from India.

    On your customized package trip to Italy, visit the Colosseum and witness the amphitheater which once hosted umpteen gladiator fights or toss a coin and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Cruise through the grand canal in a gondola ride and or indulge in some yummy Rialto ice cream in Venice, visit Michelangelo’s masterpiece of Sistine Chapel or discover the grandeur of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican city. Explore the best Europe tours online with Pickyourtrail to soak in the culture of Italy.

    Our Greece holiday packages include activities where you can witness the changing of Evzones at Syntagma square or hike the Acropolis to witness the Parthenon in Athens, walk through the narrow streets of Little Venice in Mykonos painted in only shades of white and blue or gear up for some adventure watersports in Europe at the Super Paradise beach. Hike from Fira to Oia and settle down at Oia for a heart-melting sunset and indulge in some mouth-watering wine and pita pockets to fill your soul with the help of our ultimate guide to Santorini. Find the best tour packages for Europe to experience history in Greece

    With just one Schengen visa, you can hop across more than 26 countries in Europe, making it one of the most preferred travel destinations. Pickyourtrail offers the best package for Europe for travelers looking for the best Europe tours online and offline.

    Best time to visit Europe

    Europe welcomes travelers all year long. The best time to visit although would be between June-August when it is summer and the weather is pleasant, but that comes with its own shortcomings of greater crowds and higher accommodation rates. Book a personalised Europe tour early on to avoid the masses.

    April - June, and September - October is the shoulder season in Europe when the crowds are average and accommodations reasonable, making it a good time to visit. Pickyourtrail offers the best European tour package from India to enjoy this beautiful middle. Train travel in Europe will also be a pleasant experience in this weather.

    November - March is considered as the offseason in Europe when the weather is cold. But if you can stand some cold weather, then Europe fits the bill. You are at an advantage as the accommodations can be booked at economical rates. Find the best tour packages for Europe so that you can witness the beauty of Europe decked up for Christmas.

    It is recommended that a Europe tour from India package be for around 15 days. A Europe itinerary for 15 days is ideal if you want to cover at least the major attractions in the continent.

    The Best European Tour Packages from India by Pickyourtrail

    Pickyourtrail offers Europe holiday tour packages that are easily customizable at the click of a button. Be it 4 days Europe tours, a 10 day Europe trip, or a full 15 day Europe itinerary, we offer customizable packages to suit your needs. Leave the planning to us book the best Europe holiday tour packages with Pickyourtrail. We will be your complete Europe trip planner from India.

    Europe holiday tour packages for the wanderlusters

    Best Deals For Ideal Europe Trip Packages No of days/nights Price*
    A 6 night trip to awesome Europe 7 days/6 nights Rs. 96,750
    A 13 night trip to incredible Europe 14 days/13 nights Rs. 98,135
    Blissful 9 night Europe itinerary 10 days/9 nights Rs. 1,19,538
    An epic 10 night Europe itinerary for the marvellous 11 days/10 nights Rs. 1,00,039

    FAQs: Trip to Europe

    1. How much does a trip to Europe cost?

      The cost of a trip to Europe will largely depend upon the countries you plan on visiting as well as your tastes and preferences. Largely, your expenses will be divided into flight tickets, local transport, accommodation and food. To minimize your local transport costs, we recommend you purchase a Eurail pass. The cost of this pass will depend upon the number of days you want to use it for. When it comes to food and accommodation, you can choose between budget options and luxury options depending upon your total travel budget.

      When you book your entire European holiday with a trusted travel advisor like Pickyourtrail, you could potentially save a lot on your trip by getting access to the best deals.

    2. How do I start planning a trip to Europe?

      Unsure about how to go about planning your trip to Europe? Just follow these steps and you will be ready for a hassle-free holiday of a lifetime!

      • Get your documents in order. A trusted travel advisor will inform you about the documents required for your visa and travel

      • Establish a budget. Make sure you account for flight tickets, local transport, food and accommodation.

      • Pick a destination or destinations within Europe to travel to. This will depend upon your budget and interests.

      • Create a rough itinerary based on the number of days you are travelling and your interests.

      • Book your airfare. You will also need to book the return tickets to be eligible for your visa.

      • Book your accommodation. Choose from budget, mid-range and luxury stays depending upon your available budget.

      • Consider travel insurance. As your travel advisor on the cost and documents required for it.

      • Book local transportation and day tours.

      • Get packing!

      Planning a trip to Europe might seem complicated, but with Pickyourtrail at your side, your next European holiday will be a breeze! Just choose where and when you want to travel and we’ll take care of the rest.

    3. What should I bring on a trip to Europe?

      This is an extensive list covering pretty much everything you will be needing on your trip to Europe.

      • Europe-friendly Luggage

        • Rolling Luggage

        • Travel Backpacks

      • Packing & Organization

        • Packing Cubes

        • Packing Folders

        • Toiletry Bags

      • Travel Clothing Packing List

        • Travel Underwear

        • Travel Socks

        • Shoes for Travel

        • Shirts & Tops for Travel

        • Jeans, Pants, & Bottoms

        • Outerwear for Travel

        • Winter Clothing

      • Travel Accessories Packing List

        • Daypack

        • Travel Towel

        • Travel Flashlights

        • Eye-mask & Earplugs

        • Water Bottle

        • Sleep Sheets

        • Travel Laundry

        • Travel Utensils

        • And More

      • Electronics Packing List

        • Electric Plug Adapters

        • Travel Power Strip

        • Phone Chargers

        • Digital Camera

        • Travel Hairdryer & Straightener

        • And More

      • Travel Toiletries

        • Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

        • Toothpaste & Toothbrush

        • Travel Toilet Paper

        • Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes

        • Body Powder

        • Pepto Tablets

        • And More

    4. How do I save money to travel to Europe?

      Many people put off doing a trip to Europe because of the high costs commonly associated with it, However, the following things can help you save on your upcoming holiday to Europe!

      • Travel off season

      • Try sticking to family run businesses in Europe, as they are cheaper

      • Only visit the sites that you are really interested in as many popular tourist attractions have steep ticket prices.

      • Eat where the locals do! Touristy restaurants tend to have higher prices than many local (and equally delicious) joints.

      • Try and explore cities on foot rather than by cab. This will not only save you a lot of money, but will help you really soak in the culture of the city.

      • Free Wi-fi is everywhere, so make use of it!

      • Travel between countries by rail.

    5. What do I need to know before travelling to Europe?

      Make sure you check off every point below before you leave for your trip to Europe:

      1. Make sure you have a valid passport

      2. Pack super light

      3. Pack an extra bag

      4. Combat jet lag, by getting on local schedule quick

      5. Always pay in local currency

      6. Inform your credit card company before leaving

      7. Download apps like Google Maps and Google Translator

      8. Check your phone plan to see if you need an International roaming pack

      9. Get an Adapter / Power Strip

    6. How many days should you spend in Europe?

      You should decide the number of days you want to spend in Europe, depending on the cities you are planning on visiting. Mentioned below are the average number of days one ideally requires in each type of city.

      • Huge Cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, etc, need at least 3-4 days

      • Medium Cities like Budapest, Prague, etc, need at least 3 days

      • Small Cities like Dublin, Bratislava, etc, need at least 2 days

    7. When should I go to Europe?

      You can decide the time that best suits you on the following basis:

      • Peak Season – June – August

      • Shoulder Season – April – May, September – October

      • Off Season – November – March (except Ski destinations, and Christmas period)

      The most amount of rush would be during peak time, but to avoid the steep prices, you can travel during November to March, which is considered as the off-season. During this time, prices are generally lower as the demand is also reduced.

    8. Which places should I visit in Europe?

      The best places to visit in Europe are:

      • Paris, France

      • Florence, Italy

      • Santorini, Greece

      • Amsterdam, Netherlands

      • London, England

      • Barcelona, Spain

      • Rome, Italy

      • Reykjavik, Iceland

      • Edinburgh, Scotland

      • Prague, Czech Republic

      • Galway, Ireland

      • Nice, France

      • Istanbul, Turkey

      • Naxos, Greece

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