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Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

Looking for something more customised to meet your taste?Create and book an itinerary in a jiffy. We are sure that you can get it done before your bread gets toasted!

The secret's out on Europe. Imagine spending your evenings in the beaches of Mykonos, Santorini where the sun shines the brightest. Now, move a bit to the West, and listen closely - do you hear the pizzas calling out for you in Italy? Don't just stop there, for the quintessential Paris experience would blow your mind. From gawking at the architectural magnificence of the European buildings to living the life at the cosy bars and happening cafes - our European packages will enthral you with a unique combination of art, history, culture and entertainment. What are you waiting for? Go on, unwrap the world right now!

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Frequently asked questions

What to do in Europe?

Europe is vast, so a trip planner like us would help you get across this continent for the best Europe holiday ever. Western Europe consists of popular countries like France, UK, Spain , Netherlands to name a few while Eastern Europe has its share of countries like Austria, Romania, Poland, Finland that are fast gaining popularity. With just one Schengen visa, you can hop across more than 26 countries in Europe, making it one of the most preferred holiday packages ever. Start at Moscow's magnificent churches and palaces, then hop over to Prague for a romantic evening by the River Charles. Not a history buff? The Swiss Alps and chocolate factories will have you floored - making the perfect Europe honeymoon package.

Best time to go

Europe welcomes travellers all year long, there is always some part that you can visit! Peak season for most of Europe would be between June to August - great time for a Europe tour package, but you won't avoid the crowds. What we call the shoulder season is between April to June and September to October - this is when a Europe holiday would make great sense! Of course if you can stand some cold weather, the off season is when you get great rates for Europe travel packages. This falls between November to March, and is also a time when you see Europe decked up for Christmas.

What is the ideal duration for Europe travel?

If you are planning to visit only the main cities of France, Germany, England and Italy etc- a minimum of 15 days is required.

Do I need Visa for Europe travel?

You might need a visa before you come to Europe on holiday, depending on where you're from and how long you're staying. A general visitor visa (tourist visa) will normally allow you to stay in Europe for 3 months. You can apply for up to 9 months in an 18 month period, but more than 3 months will only be granted in special cases.

What currency is acceptable in Europe?

The currency used in the countries of Europe except for Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Your best bet would be to carry a multi-currency card.

Do I need insurance while travelling to Europe?

Yes. You will need insurance if you are to visit Europe. Ensure, you have the needful medical and travel insurance in hand. Our travel consultants will give you more insights on the same. Contact them at +91 9731940739.

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