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When in Singapore with your loved one, make sure you visit the wonderful Flyer during your Singapore trip, where you'll enjoy the unparalleled views from the top as you go round and round in the Singapore Flyer. Unwind by the East Coast Park and shop for the souvenirs from one of the many shopping centres. More of a shopping couple? Singapore has a sea of shopping malls where you can browse for hours. After all the shopping, settle down for delicious Singaporean food which will surprise you with hints of Asian and Western cuisines.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Singapore have for nightlife lovers?

Club-hopping? Take a uber back to your hotel. Here are some famous clubs 1 - Clarke Quay and Riverside- Singapore’s most famous party hub, Clarke Quay is a labyrinth of bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, retail stores and recreation outlets with buzzing nightclubs, dazzling lights, and party freaks. Singapore Riverside is also another happening arena to visit a kaleidoscope of mind-blogging concept bars and pubs and dance the night away. 2 - Marina Bay Sands - With plenty of rooftop bars dotted around the bay, offering superb views of the city, and refreshing breezes, enjoy your drinks and party all night. Also, witness the famed light show by the bay that attracts a plethora of visitors. 3 - Zouk - One of the best clubbing places in Singapore, also compared to some of the best clubs in Europe, is built with high levels of sophistication and mainly plays house music to young crowds. Zouk’s music is spun by 7 resident DJs and finds regular live acts from visiting artists, right from The Chemical brothers to Kylie Minogue. 4 - Orchard’s Road - You will find pulsating nightlife at this famous shopping belt of Singapore. Emerald Hill, a tucked away strip flanked by elegant row houses, is the place to go for atmospheric pubs and bars to taste strong tasty cocktails. Orchard Towers, the red-light zone has 4 floors of girlie bars and clubs with live music and dance shows.

Where are the best shopping places in Singapore?

Shop till you drop on your Singapore Honeymoon on these streets! 1 - Bugis Street - One of the biggest, cheapest and hottest places to shop in Singapore, shop anything from souvenirs, accessories, clothes, cosmetics to electronics and houseware. Find keychains, postcards and stationary for as little as S$1. Enjoy a good experience with over 800 shops of all haps and sizes to buy from and enjoy a bargain. 2 - Mustafa Center - For designer products at low prices, and for a 24-hour market style shopping experience, find everything from textiles, watches, and electronics on sale. Also, this place is famous for its jewelry section where gold can be picked up inexpensively. There is an eclectic ethnic touch to the products from here, be it bags or costume jewelry making it one of the best places for brilliant buys. 3 - Orchard’s Road - Named after nutmeg and pepper plantations that lined this boulevard once, Orchard’s Road is the epicenter of shopping in Singapore that is flanked on both sides by local and international department stores, boutiques, salons, spas, restaurants, and cafes. The boulevard finds shops that sell everything from consumer electronics to international fashion labels. 4 - Chinatown - One of the best budget shopping places in Singapore, to buy spices, satin Chinese style robes, souvenirs, and clothes at throwaway prices. Chinatown is for low-cost shopping budgets. Bargain till your heart’s content here and buy your favorite products. 5 - Vivo city One of the largest shopping malls in Singapore renowned for an ultimate luxury shopping experience, coupled with unlimited entertainment, this mall is every shopper’s paradise. You can buy stylish clothes, elegant homewares, and accessories of all kinds at this shopping hub.

What does Singapore have for nature lovers and beach escapes?

Care for a breath of fresh air. Don't forget to visit these spots in Singapore. 1 - Gardens by the Bay - It is a highly colorful, futuristic park where mother nature seamlessly mixes with the metropolis. Taking a walk through a 419-foot aerial walkway called the OCBC Skyway, supported by Supertree groves gives a fantabulous view of the surrounding gardens and Marina Bay. To understand the sheer size of gardens, the view from Marina Bay Sands is where you must head to. 2 - Botanical Gardens - Country’s first UNESCO heritage sites, this 60-acre property has been converted into a recreation property. Take a walk through the peace and tranquil, and lush greenery of the gardens and choose your spot to relax, laze around and completely unwind. 3 - National Orchid Garden - Derive the pleasure of flora in this garden that boasts the world’s largest display of plants and orchids. With over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display, the beauty of these gorgeous blooms at this really famous Singaporean garden remains unmatched. 4 - Cloud Forest - A large climate controlled glass dome that is stunning inside out, has spiraling walkways, and houses one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls is Cloud Forest, Singapore’s one of the most impressive attractions. Entering the Cloud Forest seems like entering a mysterious world veiled in mist.

What does Singapore offer for the spiritual?

Welcome the culture of temples on your Singapore Honeymoon. 1 - Thian Hock Keng Temple - It is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore, dedicated to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea. This shrine is one the oldest and the most prominent shrines of the Hokkien community. Seafarers and immigrants of the Hokkien community gave thanks to the Goddess Mazu for a safe sea passage on their arrival to Singapore. 2 - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - It is a temple with richly designed interiors and comprehensive exhibits on Buddhist art and history. This temple also holds high prominence because it is home to one of Buddha's left canine tooth which has been recovered from his funeral pyre and now displayed on the temple’s grounds. 3 - Sri Mariamman Temple - This temple is a prominent place of worship for the Tamil Hindus in the country. The temple was built to honor Goddess Mariamman, a deity of disease and protection. The temple served as a center for the registry of Hindu marriages during the colonial era and now stands as a proud representation of rich Hindu culture in Singapore. Since 1973, the temple has alos been recognized as a national monument. 4 - Sultan mosque - This mosque is one of Singapore’s most impressive places of worship. The story behind the building of the mosque’s dome’s base touches the heart. The dome’s base is decorated with glass bottle ends, which were donated by the poor Muslims during its construction, so that all Muslims, not just the rich, could contribute.

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