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Fan of the Australasia region on the whole? Yes! We are talking about the Australia- New Zealand trip combos we offer. You get to combine scenery, adventure and culture together. Start with the ever-enchanting lands of Auckland and move to Rotorua and get the Waitomo Glowworm caves ticked off your list. Not enough? Well, you can always extend your trip to the neighbouring OZ lands and get the best of Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. Excited much? Don't ponder now and choose your favourite Australia - New Zealand package. To plan and get the perfect itinerary for you, is what we are here for. Get started already!

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Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to go to Australia, New Zealand?

Australia enjoys temperate weather for most of the year and New Zealand is blessed with mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and a good load of sunshine. We'd suggest the months of February, March and August.

Do I need to apply for two separate visas for Australia and New Zealand?

Yes. You need to two separate Visas for Australia and New Zealand. Normally it takes around 15 days of processing. We suggest you apply it at least 3 months prior to your travel.

How many days will I need to tour Australia and New Zealand?

If you are looking to cover only the major cities of Australia and New Zealand, then we'd suggest a total of 15 days for the same. For those who feel like covering both the important and off-beat sides of ANZ, we'd suggest around 20 days for the same.

If I have only 15 days in my calendar, what are the must-visit cities I need to include in my ANZ itinerary?

A minimum of 15 days is more than enough to cover the cities of Auckland, Cairns, Hamilton Island and Sydney.

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