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As much as you'll want to laze around on the beautiful beaches of Cambodia during your honeymoon, what you should actually be doing is, trying out the delicious local food and sharing smiles with the locals. Visit the S.E. Mountains, the largest mangrove forest in Asia, take up an adventurous trek, head to the last natural Island, Rabbit Island of Kep, or sign up for a motorcycle tour to explore the remote and unexplored parts of the country with your special one.

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Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to travel to Cambodia?

Cambodia has weather conditions which strike a balance between warm and sunny conditions throughout the year and the temperature doesn't dip below (20°C) normally. If you are one of those travellers who feel like travelling when there is less crowd, then you can embark on a trip from May till early October.

What is the ideal duration of stay here?

The ideal time to spend in Cambodia in order to explore the best of Phnom Penh, Kampot, Siem Reap will be around 3-4 days. The temple visits in these top places can be done at leisure within the first two days after which you can visit the prime places like Koh Rong island, Rabbit Island of Kep, or even be all game for a motorcycle tour to explore the remote parts of the country.

What is the Cambodia Visa process for Indians?

Cambodia has a VISA on arrival policy, making it one of the hassle-free destinations to visit.

What are the must-visit places in Cambodia?

When you are touring Cambodia, make it a point to check out the beauty infested plains, art decorated Central Market, the ever glorious Royal Palace and the National Museum which boasts of historical and archaeological exhibits. Another must visit destination at Cambodia would be ruins of Angkor Wat temple complex.

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