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Imagine, getting cosy in cabins which have thick layers of snow on top - a tiny fireplace to keep you and your partner warm while you sip on a cup of hot chocolate. Now, imagine extravagant lodgings exposed to a remote landscape while you still have that romantic hot chocolate scenario in place. Tantalising much? Well, why not treat yourself and your special someone with a romantic getaway to one of Scandinavia’s hot spots? With an easy to reach from Reykjavik - the Blue Lagoon is Iceland is where you can relax to the fullest. The Geirangerfjord offers one of the most idyllic views in Scandinavia and not being there on your honeymoon will guilt trip you. Visit the historical town of Visby – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – embellished with rose-covered cabins, cobblestone lanes and souvenir shops for you to shop til' you drop!

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