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4 NIGHTS: Reykjavik (2N) → Akureyri (1N) → Vik (1N)

Flights 3 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

9 NIGHTS: Reykjavik (3N) → Husavik (3N) → Vik (3N)

Flights 4 Hotels Shared transfer

8 NIGHTS: Paris (2N) → Reykjavik (5N) → Paris (1N)

5 Hotels Activities Private transfer Flights

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13 NIGHTS: Reykjavik (2N) → Edinburgh (2N) → London (2N) → Nice (1N) → Munich (2N) → Berlin (2N) → Paris (2N)

Flights 4.5 Hotels Activities Shared transfer

Iceland is best expressed as a country of stark variations. A country where you can witness the natural components enduringly sway between the poles of flame and frost, during winters with never-ending nights, and summers where the sun never sets. Check out the majestic views of the Snaefellsnes Glacier and Volcano and the natural treatments at the Blue Lagoon is where you can relax to the fullest. Reykjavik is awash in prolific cafes, night clubs, welcoming pubs, and a vividly painted old town with lines of wooden houses grouped together.

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