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Asiatique, Bangkok, Thailand: Revel in Riverside Entertainment

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Shopping, cruising and a nightlife that breathes life - these are things that make Bangkok the party capital of Thailand it is fondly known and loved as. Among all the holiday destinations of Thailand, Bangkok offers a refreshingly cosmopolitan holiday experience that stays etched to your memory. The city is well known for some of the best shopping malls in all of Asia and is also home to some of the most amazing themed shopping malls in the world! For anyone looking for a thrilling exciting holiday while in Bangkok, the Asiatique is a must-visit destination!

The Asiatique is Bangkok’s first riverside tourist attraction that has in itself everything that the city boasts. Heritage, culture and tons of adventure! The attractions that Asiatique has to offer are a perfect mix between valuing and nurturing the cultural heritage of Thailand and a fun-filled adventure holiday vibe! The cultural embrace here at Asiatique is what sets it apart from all the other shopping malls in Bangkok. From sightseeing, dining and cruising along the Chao Phraya river, you can trust the Asiatique to hand you Bangkok on a silver platter! Read on to find out more about the riverfront boutique holiday experience and why it should definitely be a part of your itinerary. Explore the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history of Thailand with our curated Bangkok Tour Packages, offering an unforgettable journey filled with adventure and relaxation.

Things to do at Asiatique

  • Culturally significant attractions to look at

The open air mall Asiatique hosts the Sirimahannop Tall ship. This ship is a souvenir from Thailand’s glorious past. It is said that the ship was built to replicate and honour the ‘Thoon Kramom’, a 3-mast ship which is believed to have been the largest vessel belonging to the Siam kingdom. It was believed that the ship brought home prosperity from the western seas. The ship was later converted into a warship which is said to have protected the Chao Phraya estuary. While you are at the Asiatique, do pay the ship a visit to marvel at its brilliance!

  • Capture your precious moments against scenic views

The Asiatique is one of Bangkok’s gems that lights up along with its vibrant nightlife! Witness the magic as it plays out when the glittering lights go up in the late hours of dawn. The open air mall is decked up with several scenic restaurants and apparel stores selling fashion that is both traditional and western in nature. The ancient Thai grandfather clock, the ferris wheel and alleys inside the mall shining with fairy lights are just a few among so many elements offering you a picturesque background for beautiful photographs.

  • Shop till you drop

There are around six categories of shops tucked into this open air mall. There are shops selling fashionable clothes for women which include both western and Thai clothing. This would be a great place to make a stop before entering the cultural places of Bangkok which might have restrictions in the way their visitors dress when they enter. Usually both women and men are expected to cover their knees and their shoulders. The apparel stores sell amazing outfits designed especially for tourists. Apart from fashion, Asiatique also offers you bags, purses, souvenirs and so much more!

  • Dine at some of Bangkok’s finest restaurants

The Asiatique offers a boutique shopping experience while in Bangkok. The open air mall is famous for its beautiful restaurants offering some of the most delicious food in all of Bangkok. The dining includes a wide variety of food items for you to choose from starting from the crocodile grill, BBQ chicken, beef skewers and so much more! If you are someone who would enjoy a more sophisticated laid-back fine dining experience, then you could try the Kodalang Talay. This restaurant is beautifully set against the giant ferris wheel and gives you amazing seafood with a breathtaking view of the Chao Phraya river. Asiatique is also home to some of the best bars and pubs in all of Bangkok. 

  • Indulge in the Asiatique entertainment

The entertainment in Asiatique is something that ropes in everyone who stumbles across the mall no matter how old they are. Starting from the giant ferris wheel, and the grand carousel, the mall offers so much in such a small time! Hop into the ferris wheel and watch the whole city in all its glory under the night sky as you go high up in the sky. The carousel is a great choice if you are travelling with kids or would like a toned down experience. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could check out the mystery mansion inside Asiatique. Partner along with the bravest person you know and experience the thrill of horror as you have never known it before!

Highlights of Asiatique

Calypso Cabaret show  .jpeg
  • Structurally the map of Asiatique is divided into four districts which include the waterfront district, the factory district, town square district and the Charoencrong district that welcomes the visitor.
  • There are around six categories of shops inside this open air mall. These include fashionable outfits, traditional clothing, apparel shops dedicated to men’s fashion, shops selling cosy t-shirts for you to cuddle in, and so on. 
  • They even have a huge section displaying a wide range of bags and purses in different styles and textures. Moving forward, you can also find shops selling precious souvenirs you can carry back home with you.
  • Asiatique hosts the Calypso cabaret performance beautifully brought to life for about 90 minutes by talented transgendered dancers in and around Bangkok.
  • The mall also stages a live re-enactment of the martial art Muay Thai performed by real fighters. 
  • Joe Louis Thai puppet theatre is a puppetry performance hosted by the mall showcasing the brilliance and beauty of ancient Thai puppetry

Best time to visit Asiatique

The open air mall is open from 5 in the evening to almost midnight. The entry fee changes from entertainment to entertainment. Visit the mall in the late hours to witness it in all its glory. Explore the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic cuisine with our exclusive Thailand Tour Packages, offering an unforgettable journey through this enchanting Southeast Asian destination.

How to Reach Asiatique

Rent a car in Thailand

There are several ways to reach Asiatique from anywhere in Bangkok city. 

A few ways to reach it from the airport would be:

  • Renting a taxi directly to Asiatique which would take approximately 40 minutes
  • Shuttle service which would take approximately 30 minutes
  • Taking a train from the airport to Phaya Thai, from Phaya Thai to Siam and from Siam to Krung Thon Buri which in total would take about 90 minutes

Attractions near Asiatique

  • The living museum

The living museum near Asiatique contains in itself detailed information about the rich cultural and historical fabric of the royal Siam kingdom. The museum talks greatly about Thai history and civilization, the way of life here in Thailand and how culture got passed down through generations of Thai people. If indulging in the local culture and finding some food for your culture-curious brain sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely check this place out! 

  • Joe Louis Puppet theatre

This puppet theatre is placed opposite the Asiatique riverfront. It beautifully celebrates the beauty of traditional Thai puppet culture. Along with this, the theatre also offers you a range of delicious dishes charmed by traditional Thai cooking to finish your lovely evening. It is interesting to note that the themes of performance range from Buddhist to even Hindu gods and lores. The theatre offers both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asiatique Bangkok

There is no common entry fee for the mall. It changes from one entertainment to another. 

The riverfront mall of Bangkok opens at around 5 in the evening and goes on well into the midnight.

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