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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the best time to travel to Austria?
    April to May is the best time to head over to Austria given the crowd is moderate and the prices are reasonable. Between September and October, both temperatures and hotel prices drop. Christmas is also a spectacular time to see Austria in, but pack your winter best before you head here.
    What is the ideal duration of stay here?
    An average of 7 days are required to cover at least 2 - 3 regions properly in Austria.
    What is the Visa process for Indians?
    A Schengen visa will get you places.The visa processing takes anywhere between 10-15 working days.
    What are the main regions of the country worth exploring?
    Filled with cities, getaways and cultural experiences, the cities of Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and the fairytale village of Hallstatt are a must do while in Austria.
    What is the local language spoken here? Can I survive with English?
    Although the official language spoken here is German, you can get by with just English at restaurants, local stores and shops. The locals are said to, in fact, be eager to practice their English with you.
    What currency should I carry?
    The official currency used in Austria is Euro. Both credit and debit cards are accepted mode of payments, too. It is recommended you make the exchange before your date of departure.
    How reliable is the public transport here?
    Austria has a reliable system of public transport consisting of buses and trams. Most of them are functional till midnight. Only Vienna has a Metro rail system in place. Tickets, one-day passes, and week-long passes are available at tabak shops.
    What are the most scenic road trips to take here?
    Given the alpine landscapes dotting Austria, an opportunity to take any of these drives shouldn't be passed. The Grossglockner High Alpine roadtrip, the Gerlos road from Salzburg to Tyrol and Goldeck Panoramic Road are some must-do road trips.

    A Musical in the Making: Customized Austria Tour Packages

    Another country of the Central European region, Austria has endless Alpine valleys, baroque architecture, charming towns, picturesque mountain villages, meadows, vineyards, river gorges and the birthplace of legends like Mozart, Freud and more. Austria is one of the richest countries in terms of culture and has something to offer for everyone, making it a must-see destination. There is no dearth of excitement everywhere, especially when you enter its glitzy capital city, Vienna. Book an Austria tour package and prepare to be blown away by the art, music, culture, and the easy charm the city exhibits. This country also shares its borders with Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, making it a great place to tick off destinations from your bucket list. As Maria from The Sound of Music proclaims, surrounded by rolling hills all around her - the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music. All you need is a good Austria holiday package with a customizable Austria itinerary for a culturally immersive experience.

    What to do in Austria

    For the ones interested in adventure, Austria offers numerous options. Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of nature or get your adrenaline pumping with action sports, there are many places to visit in Austria, making it the perfect spot to book your next holiday!

    Visit important historical sites

    On an Austria vacation package, you can immerse yourself in the history of the place. There are many Austria places to visit with ts buildings, monuments, and heritage towns that allow you to do exactly that. The place has an intriguing history, which is perfect for history buffs on an Austria tour package from India.

    With gorgeous cathedrals, historic castles and grand palaces almost everywhere, you’ll never run out of things to do in Austria. On the top of the list of Austria attractions is the lavish Schönnbrunn Palace, one of Austria’s well-known sites. Head over to the ornately decked 11th century Melk Abbey, the grandiose City Hall of Vienna, and the awe-inspiring St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

    Dive into the art scene

    With history, comes culture. You should not miss out on the vibrant art and culture scene in Austria. You will be certain to come back from your package trip to Austria with a renewed love for the arts! Don’t miss out on visiting the museums during your Austria package holiday. These museums are the perfect way to understand the unique history of Austria.

    Art lover or not, a visit to the Vienna State Opera must feature on your Austria trip package. With its share of museums, you can steal a closer look at history, art and relics from the past. Another must-see location to include on your Austria tour package is the enthralling Hofburg Palace that is almost synonymous with the city of Vienna. There are many places to see in Austria, Salzburg being one of the top contenders. Remember to pay a due visit to the master at the Mozart Museum in Salzburg. There are many other things to do in Salzburg, which you can add to your customized plan

    Stroll through picturesque towns

    Some of the best places to visit in Austria are its quaint towns. For a day under the sun, you can visit the bathing lake of Wörthersee which is especially popular during the summer. For a stunning view of nature, take a trip to the charming fairytale town of Hallstatt. The town is a surreal experience, facing the beautiful Lake Hallstatt, which is one of the top tourist attractions in Austria. It even made it to the list of the most picturesque towns in Europe! There are also some road trips, which given the alpine landscapes dotting Austria, are an opportunity not to be passed up. The Grossglockner High Alpine road trip, the Gerlos road from Salzburg to Tyrol and Goldeck Panoramic Road are some must-do road trips. There are also some great things to do in Innsbruck.

    Try delicious new delicacies

    For the foodies, Austria has some great delicacies. Austria is known to be rich in the realm of the culinary arts, so make sure to indulge yourself in the exquisite cuisine of Austria which is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Make sure you explore a list of the best places to eat in Austria to discover tried-and-tested favourites by travellers from across the world. But for the best cuisine, here’s an insider’s tip: always eat where the locals are eating! This will guarantee that your food safari in Austria will leave you feeling satiated and happy.

    Things to know before travelling to Vienna

    Although the official language spoken in Austria is German, you can get by with just English at restaurants, local stores and shops. The locals are said to, in fact, be eager to practice their English with you.

    With just one Schengen visa, Europe allows you to travel to 26 countries! Make sure you check out if Austria accepts a Schengen visa to make your travel easier. Pickyourtrail offers the best Austria packages for travellers looking to explore this unique country in an unconventional way. Explore our packages to find the best Austria tours online. Get in touch with a travel expert from Pickyourtrail today and start customizing your dream vacation to Austria!

    Best time to visit Austria

    Austria welcomes travellers all year long. But its weather conditions can reach extremes, being susceptible to extreme weathers with freezing winters where temperatures remain below zero, and sultry summers, with temperatures that soar and can touch the 40°C mark.

    The best time to take your customized Austria tour package holiday would be between April and May, and September and October. During these select months, the weather is mild and pleasant and places are relatively less crowded, which means you won’t have to pay for inflated prices. Accommodation is also more reasonably priced during these months. Pickyourtrail provides the best Austria tour package from India to enjoy this beautiful destination.

    It is recommended that an Austria tour package from India be for around 15 days. If your Europe itinerary for 15 days includes Austria, make sure you carve out enough time to explore all the wonders Austria has to offer. Pickyourtrail’s Austria package is available all around the year.

    Packages for Austria trip by Pickyourtrail

    Pickyourtrail offers Austria tour packages from India that are easily customizable so that you can visit the top Austria tourist attractions. Be it Austria honeymoon packages, an Austria itinerary 7 days, or a full 15 day Austria tour itinerary, we offer customized Austria tours. And since Austria has something for everyone alike, we have packages to Austria for families, as well as packages for solo travellers. Private Austria tour packages can also be arranged to make it one of your best European Trips. We craft the Austria package from India with the intent of providing travellers with a vacation that you can cherish for an entire lifetime. Leave your planning hassles with us and book the best Austria packages with Pickyourtrail. We will be your perfect Europe trip planner from India.

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