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Calypso Cabaret Show, Bangkok, Thailand: Dazzled by a Spectacular Cabaret

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Due to their flawless fusion of music, performance, costumes, and sets, cabarets are well-known in Thailand's nightlife. Numerous factors contribute to the success of a cabaret show, including the theme, choice of material, location, technical direction, stage presence, and marketing. Despite the fact that there are many cabaret performances in Bangkok, the Calypso Cabaret Show is one of the most renowned and enduring. They have trained professional ladyboys who are passionate and put on a show for the guests that shouldn't be missed. In this blog, we will be sharing things to do at and around the Calypso Cabaret Shows. Explore the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history of Thailand with our curated Bangkok Tour Packages, offering an unforgettable journey filled with adventure and relaxation.

Why visit Calypso Cabaret Show?

The Calypso Cabaret Show, located on the Asiatique Riverfront, has been a long-running cabaret show for at least 30 years. They provide entertaining dance featuring themes from various cultures, such as American, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Korean, American, and many more. As a result, this show is more than just a lip-sync dance performance and draws tourists from around the globe.

Additionally, the Asiatique offers a variety of activities such as dining, shopping, rides, and other attractions; as a result, a visit to the Calypso Cabaret Show can be made in the evening in addition to a tour of the Asiatique location. The Calypso Cabaret Show is also making a comeback in 2023 after the pandemic, so one should go see this entertaining show to welcome in style.

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Best time to Calypso Cabaret Show

The Calypso Cabaret Show is an indoor tourist destination that is open all year. The Cabaret Show is one of the best places to explore the nightlife in Bangkok if you're traveling there off-season to take advantage of the low cost of lodging. The show is presented here every day at 7:30 p.m. on the Asiatique Riverfront. 12–15 acts are performed in each act of the show, which lasts for more than an hour.

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Things to do at the Calypso Cabaret Show

Numerous attractions in Bangkok are located along the Asiatique Riverfront, which is close to the Chao Phraya River. One of the most well-liked attractions in this area is the Calypso Theatre.

More than 70 skilled ladyboy performers participate in the show, which takes place here at night and lasts for more than an hour. The audience will undoubtedly be entertained by the theater's ambience, which includes vibrant lighting designs, well-known hit music, and graceful performances. The performances are a fantastic blend of comedy, drama, and music.

In addition to being original, the acts are designed to appeal to a broad range of audience members. The dancers wear themed clothing and imitate or perform in line with the theme. Elvis Presley, a Chinese ballad, Geisha, a Japanese comedy performance, Arirang, a Korean love story for broken hearts, and other well-known performances are just a few of the well-liked acts.

Not to mention that they have a theatre setup where the seating is arranged so that viewers can get the best views of the performances. The 480-seat theatre is arranged in an oval shape with a focus on dance performances. After the show, audience members had the opportunity to take pictures and selfies with these engaging performers.

Along with your ticket, you also receive a free drink. You could also check out the nearby Cabaret restaurant to sample authentic Thai food. The Asiatique Riverfront also offers a variety of attractions, including a shopping centre, dining options, and entertainment venues.

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How to reach Calypso Cabaret Show

Thailand Transportation by Bus

Depending on where you are, there are various ways to get to the Calypso Cabaret Show in Bangkok.

By Boat: You can get to this location along the Chao Phraya River by boat, which will cost you between 30 and 60 THB, or you can tour the riverside attractions by boarding at Phra Arthit Pier, which will cost you between 60 and 150 THB (an all-day pass used to board boats along the Chao Phraya River). There is also a free boat service to the Asiatique Riverside from Sathon Pier.

By Train: Use the BTS Silom Line rail system to travel to Bang Wa; exit at Saphan Taksin station; proceed to Sathon pier; and then use either free or paid boat services to travel to the Calypso Theatre.

By Bus: The Calypso Cabaret Show is accessible from the bus stops served by routes 1, 15, 17, 75, 504, and 504. 

Other means of transport: Depending on how convenient it is for you to travel, you can take a taxi, cab or rented vehicle, the Calypso Cabaret.

Things to do near Calypso Cabaret Show

The Grand Palace

A boat or car could be used to travel the less than 10-kilometer distance between the Grand Palace and Calypso Cabaret Show. The beautiful buildings that make up the Grand Palace have served as locations for official events, some offices, and formal ceremonies. Currently, Thailand's most visited tourist destination is the palace, which has served as a royal residence for almost 200 years. Some of the areas in the Grand Palace that can be explored include the royal residence, the Emerald Buddha Temple, and Wat Phra Chetuphpon, or the reclining Buddha Temple. Explore the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic cuisine with our exclusive Thailand Tour Packages, offering an unforgettable journey through this enchanting Southeast Asian destination.

King Power Mahanakhon

Only 4 kilometres separate the Calypso Cabaret Theatre from Bangkok's Silom District, where the 314-meter-tall King Power Mahanakhon is situated. The observatory is a relatively new and unique tourist destination in Thailand that only opened to the general public in 2018. Its indoor and outdoor observatory, VR gaming opportunities, video-themed elevators, and roof-top dining options are just a few of the area's attractions. But what really draws people in is the glass tray where we could see the cars passing beneath the foot. In addition, this tower has many other fascinating features that make it a wonderful location to visit with family and kids.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Calypso Cabaret Show

For adults and kids over the age of four, the price is around 900 THB. The Calypso Theatre offers free admission to children under the age of four.

The seating arrangement is determined by the first-come, first-served rule. It is therefore advised to arrive early in order to secure your preferred seating.

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