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Colosseum Show Pattaya

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Experience the dazzling extravagance of Colosseum Show Pattaya, a world-class cabaret show that will leave you awestruck. With an incredible array of talented performers and stunning visual effects, the Colosseum Show Pattaya is the best attraction in Thailand. To get the most out of the experience, include the Colosseum in your Thailand vacation package.

What to Expect in the Colosseum Show Pattaya

Welcome to a world of glamour and entertainment at the Colosseum Show in Pattaya! This spectacular cabaret show features a talented cast who will mesmerize you with their outstanding performances, glittering costumes, and breathtaking sets. From traditional Thai dances to awe-inspiring acrobatics, the Colosseum Show Pattaya is a night filled with enchantment.

History of Colosseum Pattaya

The Colosseum Show Pattaya was founded in 2013 by Tanyarat Jirapatpakorn, a well-known Thai entertainment entrepreneur. The show quickly gained popularity due to its unique blend of cabaret, music, and cultural performances. Today, it's one of the top tourist attractions in Pattaya and has received numerous awards for its exceptional stage performances. The Colosseum Show Pattaya has become a must-see place for visitors to Pattaya who want to experience the best in entertainment and cultural diversity.

How to Reach Colosseum Pattaya

Conveniently located on Thepprasit Road in the Jomtien Beach area, Colosseum Show Pattaya is easily accessible by various modes of transport. Visitors can opt for a taxi, local songthaew (baht bus), or private vehicle rental. Alternatively, many hotels in the area provide shuttle service for their guests.

Best Time to Visit Colosseum Pattaya

While the Colosseum Show Pattaya is open year-round, we recommend visiting during the high season from November to February, when the weather is cooler and more comfortable. However, be sure to book your tickets in advance, as shows can fill up quickly!

List of Things to Do in Colosseum Show Pattaya

The Colosseum Show in Pattaya has so many glittering things to keep you entertained for hours. Here are some of the things to do:

  • Watch stunning cabaret performances featuring beautiful dancers and extravagant costumes.
  • Take photographs with the performers after the show.
  • Savor pre-show and post-show dining at nearby restaurants.
  • Buy exclusive souvenirs to remember your enchanting time at the Colosseum Show in Pattaya.
  • Experience the dazzling LED lighting and world-class sound system that enhance every performance.

Best Places to Visit Near the Colosseum Pattaya

Jomtien Beach

Enjoy a relaxing day by the sea, just a short stroll from the Colosseum Show Pattaya.

Pattaya Floating Market

Experience the unique local culture and purchase handmade crafts and delicious food at this vibrant Pattaya floating market.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Explore enchanting gardens, witness captivating cultural shows, and see magnificent wildlife displays of Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

The Sanctuary of Truth

Discover the Sanctuary of Truth an awe-inspiring wooden structure dedicated to the philosophies of ancient civilizations, highlighting human wisdom and spirituality.

Walking Street

Experience Pattaya’s famous nightlife destination lined with bars, clubs, and entertainment venues.

Your visit to Pattaya will not be complete without a magical night at the Colosseum Show Pattaya. This captivating cabaret show will immerse you in the vibrant culture of Pattaya. Don't miss it!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Colosseum Show Pattaya
The Colosseum Show Pattaya is a popular cabaret show in Pattaya, Thailand, featuring flamboyant costumes, stunning stage performances, and a fusion of cultural styles.
Ticket prices for the Colosseum Show Pattaya vary depending on the seat and package you choose. However, the prices are reasonable and affordable for most visitors.
The Colosseum Show Pattaya starts at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM daily. It's advisable to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show to avoid any last-minute rush.
No, photography and videography are strictly prohibited during the Colosseum Show Pattaya. However, there is a professional photographer available to take pictures of you before and after the show.
Yes, the Colosseum Show Pattaya is a family-friendly show, and children of all ages can enjoy the performances. However, parental guidance is advised due to some adult-themed performances.
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