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Coral Island, Pattaya, Thailand: Embark on an Island Adventure

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

One of Thailand's most urbanized cities is Pattaya. Excellent transportation connections, tall skyscrapers, bustling markets, and other features give every location a city-like feel. Now, Coral Island is a must-visit location in Pattaya if you prefer lush tropical forests and pristine beaches. Coral Island is also the largest island of Pattaya. This island is around 7 kilometers from Pattaya Beach and can be reached in 30 minutes by speed boat. In the local language, it is referred to as Koh Larn (pronounced Lan, with the "r" being silent), where "Larn" refers to the corals and "Koh" refers to the island. The fact that a sizable portion of the island was built from the remains of coral is the reason it is known as a coral island. In this blog, we will be helping you with what to do while visiting the island. Discover the vibrant allure of Pattaya with our curated Pattaya travel packages, blending beachfront bliss and thrilling entertainment.

Best time to visit Coral Island

The best time to visit the coral island is during the high season, i.e., from November to May. This winter season would be perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving because of the calm waves and high tide. In contrast, getting to the island is challenging during the low season, which runs from June to September, due to the low tide and choppy seas. However, things may be cheaper in the off-season, so with careful weather planning, one might try to visit this area in the monsoon season.

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Things to do in Coral Island

Try out water sports

Due to its distance from Pattaya’s mainland, its abundance of beaches, and the clarity of the water, Coral Island is the ideal location to practice water sports. Coral Island is known for the myriad of water sports opportunities it provides. Here, some of the well-known ones include parasailing, banana boating, kayaking in glass boats, and jet skiing. Additionally, they provide fantastic diving and snorkeling locations. The island's distinctive feature is sea walking. It entails exploring the ocean floor while looking at corals and other marine life. While sea walking, swimming is not necessary because you will have trained guides watching out for you.

Explore the coral Island

The coral island has plenty of places to explore sometimes one could prefer to stay here instead of day-tripping. In addition to the six main beaches, the island has numerous smaller beaches. So one could search the smaller beaches to find some privacy. Tawaen Beach, Nual Beach, Samae Beach, Tien Beach, and many other notable beaches can be found on this island. The island's restaurants serve both genuine regional cuisines and cuisines from other countries. One experience that shouldn't be missed is eating local cuisine while sitting on the island's coast. If one wanted to thoroughly explore the island, one could choose to stay in Naban Village because there are some excellent resorts there. Exotic species of sponges, sea anemones, shells, exotic shrimp, snake eels, and even octopuses are among the marine life found on coral islands.

Koh Larn Buddha Temple

If you enjoy the challenge of hiking, you must visit this location on Coral Island. The path to the temple, which is usually steep, is on top of the Koh Larn temple. Therefore, to complete this hike, one must be in reasonable physical condition. Both a statue of the old monk Buddha and a statue of a Buddha are located on top. From the top, there is an incredible view of the Tawean beach and the entire Koh Larn island. Aside from mountain hiking, one can also go biking and ziplining on the island. Inside the island, one could cover the entire island using motorbike taxis, baht buses, and motorbikes. Unlock the wonders of Southeast Asia with Thailand Tour Packages, offering a seamless blend of vibrant city experiences, cultural marvels, and tropical paradises for an unforgettable journey.

These are some of the best things to do in Pattaya!

How to reach Coral Island

To get to Pattaya Beach, take a bus, songthaew, tuk-tuk, or private vehicle from the U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport. From there, one could select their preferred travel option and arrive at the island with the aid of travel agencies and their tourist packages. One could also book their packages online to avoid last-minute mishaps.

Usually, there are two choices offered by the travel packages:

  • Pick and drop service with a complimentary lunch.
  • Pick and drop services with complementary lunch included with some water sports.

Typically, the boats start at 8:00 a.m. and return around 3:00 p.m.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Thailand is Pattaya. Therefore, covering all of Pattaya in a limited time can be a herculean task. To help you out with your travel, we at Pickyourtrail offer customized travel plans to Pattaya at the best prices. We at Pickyourtrail are always here to help you make your travel memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even though most of the tourists visiting Coral Island are day trippers, along the coast of Na Ban village there are both luxurious resorts to medium-budget resorts.

It is always recommended to carry cash while visiting Coral Island.

No, Coral Island has no entry fees as such.

It generally takes around 5-6 hours to cover the island. However, if one wants to explore the island, one could opt for an overnight stay.

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