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Dhow Wharfage Dubai - Preserving History, How to reach, When to visit, Pricing, Things to remember and more!

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Embark on a voyage through time along the Dubai Creek, where Dhow Wharfage emerges as a living canvas painted with the vibrant hues of Dubai's maritime history. The very essence of "Dhow" resonates with tales of trade, resilience, and cultural intertwining.

The basics to know:

  • Location: Dhow Wharfage, Baniyas Road, Port Saeed, Riggat Al Buteen, Dubai, UAE
  • Pick-up Location: From your hotel
  • Drop-off Location: Port Saeed
  • Timings: Open 24 hours 
  • Duration: Maximum 2 hours
  • Age Limit: No age Limit 
  • Price:
    • Marina Dhow Cruise: AED 165 (Rs. 3725)
    • Dhow Dinner Cruise with Entertainment: AED 205 (Rs. 4630)

What to know to enjoy the activity:

  • Tour around the place and learn about the ancient history of Dhows and significance in the history of Dubai transportation. 
  • Satisfy your appetite with a delectable buffet supper at Wharfage’s floating restaurants
  • Spend two hours cruising around Dubai Marina and taking in the stunning vistas as you sail your yacht. 
  • You can choose to eat on the upper deck or inside the Dhow cruise and enjoy a view of the sparkling Dubai metropolis.
  • Admire the beautiful sunset and the stunning Dubai Creek as you explore the different traditional dhows in the wharfage. 
  • During your enjoyable journey, take in live performances and get access to refreshing beverages and water. 
  • This historic area is home to a vibrant community of traders and merchants. Explore the place and learn about its rich trading history. 

A Quick Look at the Past:

A Chronological Record of Dubai's Maritime Traditions

Experience a trip down memory lane as Dhow Wharfage tells the enthralling tale of Dubai's maritime heritage. This historical enclave vividly recreates the tales that have shaped the city's identity, from the busy trade routes to the fine craftsmanship.

Stunning Views:

A Tapestry of Old and New at Creek Vistas

Admire the charming scene as traditional dhows sail smoothly through Dubai Creek in contrast to the contemporary skyline of the city. This visual symphony captures the peaceful coexistence of Dubai's past and present and is a photographer's dream come true.

Dhow Activities:

Peace in the Motion of the Sea

Feel the dynamic energy of Dhow Wharfage, where artisans skillfully rebuild dhows and goods flow in a syncopated ballet. Discover the everlasting appeal of marine life beside the creek, from the lively ambiance to the creaking sounds of the wooden boats.

Cultural Experiences:

Luxury and Tradition Blend Together on Dhow Cruises

Experience a voyage through culture with traditional dhow cruises, which expertly combine the allure of antiquated nautical customs with contemporary comforts. With dinner and entertainment included, these experiences offer a special window into Dubai's diverse cultural fabric.

Getting Your Direction:

Journeying to Dhow Wharfage's Maritime Haven

Learn how simple it is to get to Dhow Wharfage, which is ideally located in the center of Dubai. This historic gem's accessibility is enhanced by its close proximity to popular destinations like the Gold and Spice Souks. Visitors can choose between gliding through the waters on a traditional abra or using more contemporary modes of transportation like taxis and ride-sharing.

Conserving Cultural Legacy:

Preserving Dubai's Marine Heritage

At Dhow Wharfage, discover the continuous initiatives to protect and honor Dubai's nautical legacy. Participate in programs designed to preserve the maritime customs and traditional craftsmanship that are still practiced in this historic district.

Amidst the architectural wonders of Dubai, Dhow Wharfage is a living reminder of the city's maritime heritage. A visit to this iconic location promises an immersive experience along the waters of Dubai Creek, where history, culture, and the resilient spirit of Dubai come together in a captivating maritime tapestry. It is more than just a trip through time. Experience Dhow Wharfage in your Dubai Tour Package at Pickyourtrail.

Frequently Asked Questions

The region has long relied on wooden boats, or dhows, to support its thriving fishing, pearl diving, and trade industries. The coastal tribes of Dubai walked the sandy shores in dhows long before the five-star beach bars opened.

With a length of nearly an American football field, the 92-meter handcrafted boat named "Obaid" holds the record for being the largest boat of its kind according to Guinness World Records.

Typically with long, thin hulls, dhows are trading vessels that are used mainly along the coasts of Yemen, East Africa, Eastern Arabia, and coastal South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) to carry heavy goods like fruit, fresh water, or other heavy merchandise.

The elegant shape of the Burj Al Arab is designed to resemble a dhow sail, a type of traditional wooden cargo ship.

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
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