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Explore Etihad Museum: Tickets, Timings, Access, Tips & More

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Are you also surprised to see the big buildings, modern architecture and big projects in Dubai or UAE and are forced to think that how did all this happen so quickly at Dubai Tourism? Located in the heart of Dubai, take a tour of the Etihad Museum. Come experience the history of Dubai and the UAE, the events that changed its destiny, as well as about the visionary leaders and their vision. Etihad Museum Jumeirah is a captivating tribute to everyone on Dubai tour packages. There is no better place to understand the history of Dubai or the UAE

All the Basic Information About the Etihad Museum in Dubai

  • Address: 1 Jumeirah St - Al Mina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Opened: 6 January 2017
  • Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Architect: Moriyama and Teshima Architects
  • Phone: +971 800 33222

Why Should You Visit the Etihad Museum Jumeirah on your Dubai Trip?

  • Well-known for its Amazing Architecture:The size and architecture of the Etihad Museum building will stun you. It resembles an emblematic manuscript inspired by the Constitution of the UAE and has seven pillars which represent seven pens used to sign the agreement for establishing the United Arab Emirates.
  • Explore the Interactive Display: Historical events appear very realistic as they are presented through multimedia displays, a must-visit on your Dubai honeymoon packages.
  • Interesting Artworks: Historic and rare works of art can be seen which shows how the United Arab Emirates was born which leaders played a key role and how the development
  • Historic Union House: You can find yourself standing in the Union House, where the United Arab Emirates was formally established in 1971.

What Activities You Can Enjoy at the Etihad Museum Jumeirah?

1. Participate in Guided Tours of Etihad Museum Jumeirah

If you want complete information about Etihad Museum Jumeirah then use the guided tour, the guide will share all the information and stories with you step by step which will make your visit very interesting and informative

2. Explore More in Workshops

Immerse yourself in a variety of hands-on workshops being held at Etihad Museum Jumeirah that bring the history of the UAE to life step by step.

3. Have a Bite at the Café Etihad

At Etihad Museum Jumeirah's café, you can have a coffee or a bite to eat while enjoying the stunning surroundings and architecture.

Attractions in and near the Etihad Museum

1. Union House Flag

The second-largest flag in the United Arab Emirates, this 110-meter tall pole is located right beside the museum and is easily visible for people entering or exiting the museum. This is one of the top photographed spots in the museum.

2. Traditional Spice Market

What is a Dubai tour without a visit to the spice market and loading yourself with Dubai's finest spices? Visit the Spice Market located in the vicinity of the museum, and take a walk through this street of charm. Purchase authentic Dubai spices at an affordable cost, and relish the local delicacies along the street as you head back.

3. Boating Point

Exploring the skyscrapers from the streets of Dubai is an experience, and viewing them from the waters is a completely different experience altogether. Take up a boat ride through the waters of Dubai which is definitely value for your money and time. Don't forget to click amazing photos of the buildings - this is your best chance to up your Instagram game!

How to Reach Etihad Museum Jumeirah?

Located in the heart of Dubai, Etihad Museum Jumeirah is conveniently located, easily accessible by car or public transport.

  • By Car: You can easily reach the Etihad Museum Jumeirah by following the directions on Al Wasl Road or you can also take navigation help.
  • By Public transportation: Can use Dubai Metro and bus services or taxis. The nearest metro station is ADCB Metro Station on the red line. Buses of number 28, X13, C1 and 8 also go through the same route of the museum.

The Etihad Museum houses several exhibitions that showcase the history of UAE, with both permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. This Museum will definitely leave you with a ton of knowledge of the becoming of the UAE. Add this wonderful Museum to your Dubai experience at PickYourTrail now! 

Here are some Common Questions About Etihad Museum by Our Customers at Pickyourtrail

Etihad Museum Jumeirah is open from 10am to 8pm, but the last entry is till 7pm, if you are going there then please enter 2 hours in advance so that you can enjoy the full experience of Etihad Museum Jumeirah.

Yes, photography is allowed for personal use, but please follow the guidelines of each location.

Yes, discounted rates are available for students and senior citizens upon presentation of valid identification.

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