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Explore Hatta Rock Pools: Your Complete Guide to Adventure and Serenity

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Away from the city, Hatta Rock Pool is a paradise of enchanting peace and nature of Dubai Tourism. Here, the cool, azure, and clear water in the dry desert environment will give you a wonderful feeling on your Dubai tour packages. Hatta Rock Pool is a place amidst thousands of Hatta hills, providing you a landscape which is surely unforgettable addition to your Dubai Honeymoon Package. You will surely be amazed by everything here at the Hatta Rock Pools.

The Most Important Reasons to Visit and Explore Hatta Rock Pool

1. Get Ready to Be Mesmerised with Natural Beauty

The beauty of this freshwater pond, situated amidst the big Hatta mountains, is worth seeing on your Dubai holiday.

2. A Beautiful Backdrop of Huge Hills

You will not be able to stop yourself from being amazed after seeing the size and erosion of these hills of Hatta Rock Pool. Every hill will look different and unique to you.

3. Admire the Clean Water of the Hatta Rock Pool

The water of Hatta Rock Pool is azure and crystal-clear. You probably won't be able to imagine what kind of feeling the cold and clear water will give you in this dry environment of the desert.

4. Explore the Rich Flora and Fauna

In these hills of Hatta Rock Pool, you will get to see different types of animals, and plants which will add to the beauty of this landscape. 

Best Activities To Do at Hatta Rock Pool on your Dubai Trip

  • Swimming: You can enjoy swimming in the water of Hatta Rock Pool, this is a wonderful pleasure in itself.
  • Sailing: If you don't feel like swimming, you can also enjoy sailing in Hatta Rock Pool. With huge hills all around, sailing will give you a wonderful kind of feeling.
  • Picnic: While going to Hatta Rock Pool, do not forget to carry a picnic pack with you, you can enjoy a picnic at the foothills.
  • Long Hikes: You can go hiking along the hills to Hatta Rock Pool and discover new and picturesque views hidden in these hills.
  • Photography: Hatta Rock Pool is like heaven for those who like photography. The natural scenes here, animals, trees, plants, and hills will fascinate you.

How to Reach the Hatta Rock Pool?

The journey to Hatta Rock Pool is an attraction in itself, although the journey is a bit difficult but also very enjoyable.

  • By Taxi: Taking a taxi is the best, most convenient and fastest way to reach the Hatta Rock Pools from Dubai. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach the destination.
  • By Drive: Driving up to the Hatta Rock Pools from Dubai is the second best option for one to reach the location.

Know Before You Go to Hatta Rock Pools, Dubai

  • Though the residents of the UAE do not require a visa to visit the Hatta Rock Pools, the travellers and tourists are required to have an Oman Visa to cross the border and visit the location.
  • One needs to carry their passport and valid id as well to visit the Hatta Rock Pools.
  • One needs to pre-plan the timings in order to avoid confusion.

All the Basic Information About the Hatta Rock Pool

  • Location: The Hatta Rock Pools in Dubai is located in Hatta, Hajar Mountains which borders the UAE and Oman.
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Location: The pick-up location from Dubai is pre-decided and arranged accordingly and the same goes for the drop-off location.
  • Start/End Time: The driving time from Dubai takes on an average of 2 hours. The average time that one can spend at Hatta Rock Pools is from 3 to 8 hours and all of these can be pre-arranged.
  • Timing: The Hatta Rock Pools, Dubai is open 24 hours a day, all days a week.
  • Age Limit: There is no particular age limit to go to the Hatta Rock Pools, Dubai.
  • Price: Entry to Hatta Rock Pools is free. One needs to take care of the transportation fee only.

Hatta Rock Pools is one of the most pleasant and beautiful places in Hatta, which sets up perfectly for an ideal peaceful getaway. The stunning rocks and the clear water set up the perfect place for one to visit to have a day off from the cityscape. The place is a pleasant change of scenery that one needs for a relaxing holiday, customize your vacation at PickYourTrail. 

Here are some Common Questions on Hatta Rock Pool by our Visitors at Pickyourtrail

Yes, Hatta Rock Pool is completely safe for swimming but tourists should strictly follow the safety guidelines there.

Although this area is not very developed, basic facilities like parking and toilets are available.

Yes, tourists should carry food and drinks with them to enjoy the picnic.

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