Sekumpul Waterfalls

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Visit Sekumpul Waterfalls in Bali to have a memorable and fun experience of nature and explore the depths of nature. About 80 meters high, this waterfall offers a breathtaking landscape that makes visitors work to witness it. Sekumpul Waterfalls can be regarded as one of the ‘hidden gems’ of Bali and you would feel the presence of heaven One of the best things to do in Bali while visiting this place. The place is a great way to be away from commotions and connect with nature. The dense greeneries in this area are another highlight that elevates the entire experience. The waterfall is surrounded by several trees including coffee and cocoa and you explore the waterfall on foot. And the walk itself is tricky as the path is slippery and you need to be careful and slow about each step you are taking. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and to keep in mind that it would be a long walk to and back. But once you reach the waterfall, the refreshing space gives you a fresh start. The combination of trees, the waterfall and hills, when illuminated by the sunlight gives a sensational ambience that you must not miss. The entire experience would take up an entire day but is worth it.

Things to do at Sekumpul Waterfalls


This is one of the most perfect ways to explore the Sekumpul Waterfalls. The path down the waterfall is a bit difficult and you must be very careful while hiking here. You would be able to witness the beautiful sceneries up close and be transported to another world with the experience. Trekking or hiking at Sekumpul Waterfalls is highly recommended to have an unfiltered experience.


What better way to explore the Sekumpul Waterfalls than by taking a happy dip in the waterfalls? You can enjoy the amazing experience of swimming here. The water is cold and clear, making it a perfect activity for you to do in Bali’s weather, especially if you are visiting during summer. The water here is also friendly and it is suitable for everyone to swim

Enjoy the Experience

The Sekumpul Waterfalls is one of the best places to visit in Bali to witness the most breathtaking vistas. This is also an amazing place for you to explore nature and take photographs. The entire experience of this place would take up an entire day and you would have new memories and experience out of it. Try out and enjoy the variety of foods and coffee available here.

Highlights of Sekumpul Waterfalls

  • Visit Sekumpul Waterfalls and enjoy the incredible views of the unfiltered nature of Bali.
  • Plan a day trip and Sekumpul Waterfalls and enjoy a fun day with friends and family
  • Take a hiking trip and explore the incredible scenery around 
  • Capture the stunning views of lush greenery and picturesque landscapes of Sekumpul waterfalls.

Things to Know Before Visiting Sekumpul Waterfalls

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you would need to walk on a difficult path. Travelling with light luggage is also recommended.
  • Visiting Sekumpul Waterfalls during the daytime is highly recommended. 
  • Hiking here is not recommended for children and toddlers.

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Timings and Entrance Fees for Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfalls is one of the breathtaking attractions in Bali that must be visited. The Sekumpul Waterfalls is open to the public all day a week and the viewpoint of the waterfall is open to the public 24 hours a day. Depending on the ticket option, Sekumpul Waterfalls entry fees vary. The ticket fee is 20,000 IDR (104 INR), for a short track, it is 125,000 IDR (650 INR) and 200,000 IDR (1040 INR) for a Long track per person.

How to Reach Sekumpul Waterfalls

The Sekumpul Waterfalls has one of the hardest paths to reach in Bali and there are several options for you to reach your destination. In terms of public transportation, you can take a bus to reach the destination. Renting a scooter is recommended and you can have an intimate experience with nature with this option. Renting a car and hiring a driver is the most convenient option as the trip would take a long time. Any how, you are required to walk during most of the trip, you come prepared. 

Distance for Other Cities to Sekumpul Waterfalls

PlacesKilometersTravel Duration
Gitgit22.3 km55 mins
Sawan13.5 km29 mins
Catur27.9 km56 mins

Best Time to Visit Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfalls is one of the breathtaking waterfalls in Bali that is a perfect spot for an experience of nature. The Sekumpul Waterfalls is an attraction that is good to visit throughout the year. Although it is good to visit Sekumpul Waterfalls during the rainy seasons, it is harder for you to hike at this time. So, visit the place during dry seasons, which are from April to October, you can have a great experience here.

Places to Visit Near Sekumpul Waterfalls

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This is one of the most amazing beaches in Bali that must not be missed. Known for its long black sand beach and gentle waves, Lovina Beach is a perfect place for you to visit if you are looking for a calmer ambience. This is a resort area and you can enjoy the beach to its fullest here. Another interesting element of this beach is that you can have a dolphin tour and can experience dolphins up close here.

Handara Gate

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali that must not be missed. This wonderful architectural attraction is a background for a perfect photograph and the best time to visit this place is early in the morning, during sunrise. You can witness amazing views here. The Handara Gate is open to the public all day a week, with the opening hours typically from sunrise to sunset.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is one of Bali’s significant landmarks. The wonderful architecture of the temple along with the presence of the serene and picturesque natural ambience makes the trip worthwhile. The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is open to the public all day a week, with the opening hours from 7 in the morning to 7 at night, except on Saturdays, when it is open from 5 am.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The water is clear and cool and swimming at Sekumpul Waterfalls is a wonderfully refreshing experience in Bali.

Trekking at Sekumpul Waterfalls is worth it and is highly recommended. It is relatively a difficult trek but it pays off.

Hiring a driver and renting a car is a popular option and also highly recommended. you can have a convenient experience throughout.

It takes on average 2 hours to complete the hiking at Sekumpul Waterfalls.

No. The paths here are difficult and it is recommended not to visit Sekumpul Waterfalls with kids and/or toddlers.

Get in touch?We’ll start with some questions and get you to the right place.
10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting