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Similan Islands, Phuket: Revel in a Diving and Snorkeling Paradise

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Renowned for its iconic beaches and diving spots, Similan Islands is a land encompassing 9 islands stretching from north to south. If you love your time by the waters then you’ll surely love your time at the Similan Islands which offers you numerous opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling introducing you to an unbelievable world underwater. While the silent beaches make for a perfect relaxing session, the diving spots are the go-to places for water activities. Being secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Phuket, the Similan Islands serve as an ideal tourist destination for couples and families.

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How to Reach Similan Island

To reach there, you can consider taking a speedboat ride from the Khao Lak beach, a famous destination. With so much on offer, this place proves to be a traveller’s paradise which introduces you to serene views of the seashores and vibrant marine life. That’s indeed a strong reason why the SImilans witness millions of tourists each year from around the world. Explore the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic cuisine with our exclusive Thailand Tour Packages, offering an unforgettable journey through this enchanting Southeast Asian destination.

Highlights of Similan Islands Phuket

  • Embrace yourself for a memorable experience by the waters at the iconic beaches.
  • Enjoy Liveaboard tours, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the blue waters.
  • Spend a night at the plush properties on the islands.
  • The Similan Islands are best for both couples and families looking for a peaceful time.

The Best Time to Visit the Similan Islands

Phuket in May

The National Marine Park in Similan Islands opens its doors to tourists between mid-October and mid-May. Visiting the islands during the monsoon season would be a bad idea due to the high current making diving dangerous. It is best to visit the islands during late-Febraury when chances of rain are bleak and you can enjoy a smooth experience by the waters.

Things to do in Similan Islands

Donald duck bay

Explore Donald Duck Bay

The island gets its name from the famous duck-head-shaped rock that it encompasses. The bay features colourful coral reefs and crystal clear waters which make for a nice swim across the bay. It is a place where you can also hire Liveaboards which take you on a speedy trip showing you different sides of the island.

Snorkeling on Ba Ngu Island

When it comes to exploring the vibrant aquatic life of the Similan islands nothing can beat the snorkeling experience on Ba Ngu Island. Explore the different shades of the sea the site has in store for you. 

Relax at Miang Island

From comfortable and chic accommodations to vibrant shops for souvenir shopping, this place has everything a tourist would be looking for. Apart from this, Miang Island being the second largest island in Similan Islands is ideal for you to indulge in diving adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Similan Island is well-known for its diving spots, white-sandy beaches, and numerous opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling. 

You’ll find plenty of lively restaurants at the Khao Lak beach including Leo Restaurant, Chumpoo Bar, and P’Ann where you can enjoy some lip-smacking Thai food.

If you are planning to stay near the Similan Islands then it might be a good idea to look for accommodation in or near Khao Lak. Some options you can consider include the Khao Lak Paradise Resort, Graceland Khao Lak Beach Resort, and Kalima Resort and Villa.

The ferry ride from Khao Lak to Similan Islands will cost you around 2900 Baht. The journey will take you no more than one and a half hours.

Ko Similan and Ko Miang are undoubtedly the best beaches in the Similan Islands offering you a peaceful time with your loved ones along with being the perfect diving spots.

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