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The Pointe Dubai: Waterfront Bliss & Entertainment Galore

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Are you ready to discover Dubai's best shopping and entertainment destination? Spend some time at the exquisite The Pointe. It is Dubai's famous waterfront attraction, where you can spend the day having fun and chilling. It's difficult to be bored here, with its luxury boutiques, delectable cuisine, thrilling events, and so much more. Also, don't miss the world's largest melodic fountain, the Palm Fountain, and its captivating displays. Let us learn more about this intriguing location for your Dubai trip from India.

Essential Information about The Pointe 

  • Address: 44GC+PQP St – Palm Jumeirah – Al Mirziban - The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Hours: 10 am – 10 pm
  • Phone: +971 54 583 2754

How to reach The Pointe

  • By Car: The most convenient method to travel to The Pointe is via care, taxi, Uber, or Careem. If you're driving, follow the well-marked signs on Sheikh Zayed Road or use GPS to get to The Pointe. 
  • By Public Transportation: To get to The Pointe quickly, use Dubai's excellent public transportation network, which includes the Dubai Metro and buses. 

What to Expect at The Pointe

  • Luxury Shopping Therapy: Get ready to explore a shopping paradise. It is a place that caters to every shopper's fantasy, from high-end designer labels to boutique businesses selling one-of-a-kind treasures. Stroll around and make some great memories on your Dubai family trip.
  • Culinary Delights: Whether you are looking for cosmopolitan flavours, traditional local cuisines, or unique fusion food, you can have it all here. Just make a wish and you get it at The Pointe. 
  • Spectacular Fountain Displays: The Pointe is popular for its amazing fountain performance, which will captivate you with mesmerising water and light performance. It is a true remarkable work of art and technology, perfectly synchronising music, colours, and water jets.
  • Cultural Happiness: Get ready to experience traditional dances, music, and art that highlight the region's rich past. The Pointe comes alive with cultural events. 
  • Beautiful Waterfront: Discover the enchantment of a waterfront promenade filled with enthralling sculptures and art installations. You will love it here for sure!

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Although there is no dress requirement, it is encouraged that you wear smart casuals.
  • Take your camera or smartphone with you to record the stunning vistas, especially during the fountain display.
  • Reservations for upscale dining places should be made in advance.
  • Accessible ramps and lifts make it possible for those with impairments to visit The Pointe.
  • The Pointe provides entertainment for people of all ages, making it an ideal family getaway.
  • Private meetings and celebrations may be held in event locations with breathtaking views.
  • Currency exchange services are offered to ensure smooth transactions.
  • Pets are not allowed indoors; but there are some certain outdoor locations that can be pet-friendly.
  • The Pointe is open all year and provides a joyful environment even on holidays.
  • Arrive by boat and use the designated marina to get a different view on the destination.


With extraordinary dining, entertainment, and leisure, The Pointe is ready to provide you with the finest of Dubai. The Pointe adds new life into the entertainment and eating scene for everyone. So, don't wait any longer and purchase Dubai Family travel packages from Pickyourtrail at the best pricing. You can even personalise your Dubai itinerary and enjoy the trip of your dreams. See you soon :)


The best time to visit The Pointe is in the evening when the place lights up creating a magical atmosphere that's not to be missed.


No, there is no entry fee to visit The Pointe. You can expect to explore  its attractions, shops, and dining options without any cost.


Yes, you can reach The Pointe by boat and have a unique perspective of the location.


Pets are not allowed indoors, but there are some designated outdoor spaces for pets.


Yes, The Pointe offers a wide range of entertainment options for everyone, regardless of age. Families can enjoy a great time here.


It is not necessary, but it is recommended to make reservations in advance for a smooth experience. Although many cafés and eateries welcome walk-in guests as well.


Yes, currency exchange services are available at The Pointe, making transitions easier for tourists.


Yes, The Pointe is open every day of the year, including holidays. This guarantees that tourists may enjoy its lively and festive environment at any time of year.

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