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Upside Down House in Phuket, Thailand: Delight in Gravity-Defying Fun

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Phuket, a well-liked vacation spot in Thailand, is renowned for its stunning beaches, exhilarating water activities, and exciting nightlife. The island does, however, have a few unusual and distinctive attractions that are interesting to explore. The Upside Down House, where everything is figuratively turned upside down, is one such attraction. This imaginative and eccentric home has been created to excite your senses and provide a singular experience. Visitors are welcome to tour the fully furnished home, which includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even a bathroom that has been turned on its head. This attraction is a must-visit for those looking for something different and fun things to do in Phuket. Explore Phuket's beauty with our curated Phuket tour packages for an unforgettable island getaway.

Why Visit Upside Down House

A unique tourist attraction in Phuket, Upside Down House provides guests of all ages with an original and enjoyable experience. The furniture, appliances, and decorations are all suspended from the ceiling, and the entire house is constructed upside down. When you enter, it will seem as though you are walking on the ceiling and that everything is backward. A fantastic way to experience a unique sensory illusion and take some fantastic and hilarious photos is to visit the Upside Down House. The attraction is ideal for families with young children as it gives them an enjoyable and educational experience. Additionally, the house's upside-down layout is ideal for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries of their perceptions and discovering novel and exciting experiences.

Best Time to Visit Upside Down House

Since The Upside Down House is an indoor attraction, the weather has no bearing on it. The Upside Down House is open to visitors throughout the entire year. Although peak season, which runs from December to February, should be avoided because of potential increased crowds and wait times. The best time to visit Upside Down House is during the low season, from May to October, when you can expect fewer crowds and shorter waiting times. Additionally, visitors can avoid the midday heat by visiting in the early morning or late afternoon

About Upside Down House

A peculiar and intriguing tourist destination called Upside Down House can be found in Phuket, Thailand. Visitors have the unique opportunity to explore a house that defies gravity and everyday reality thanks to the upside-down design. For those looking to add something unique and exciting to their travel plans, it is the ideal location. Explore the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic cuisine with our exclusive Thailand Tour Packages, offering an unforgettable journey through this enchanting Southeast Asian destination.

History of Upside Down House

The Upside Down House first opened its doors to the public in 2014. A local Thai artist created it, drawing inspiration from a comparable German attraction for its design and construction. The anonymous artist worked with a group of carpenters and engineers for more than a year to design and build the house. The entire house is built at a 180-degree angle, with everything from the furniture to the ceiling hanging from the roof.

Attractions and Features

Visitors can enjoy a special and entertaining experience at The Upside Down House. Visitors begin their tour of the two-story home on the second floor, which is also the roof. The tour guides lead guests through every room of the home, including the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen, all of which are decorated in a contemporary and vibrant manner. The Upside Down House offers visitors the chance to capture unique and entertaining images, which is one of its highlights. Visitors can pose in various ways inside the house, giving the impression that they are hanging upside down from the ceiling, standing on their heads, or engaging in other gravity-defying feats. The furniture in the house, which is also upside down, is also available for photo ops.

How to Reach Upside Down House

Phuket, Thailand is the city where The Upside Down House is situated. The residence is located in the Kathu district of the island's south. It is about 25 kilometres from Phuket International Airport and 10 kilometres from Phuket's city centre. There are several ways to reach the Upside Down House, including by car, taxi, or tuk-tuk. If you are coming from Phuket town, take the Patong-Kathu road (Route 4027) and turn left at the intersection with the red and white gasoline station. The house is located just 300 meters from there. If you are coming from Patong, take the same road and turn right at the intersection with the gasoline station. The house is just a short distance from there. It is also possible to use public transportation, such as the local bus, but this may take longer and involve multiple transfers.

Places to Visit Near Upside Down House

Vanich Farm

Vanich Farm is an agricultural attraction located in the Phuket province of Thailand. This farm offers a unique experience for visitors who want to escape the city and learn about traditional Thai farming practices. The farm is situated in a lush green valley surrounded by hills, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers. Visitors can explore the farm on foot, by bike, or by taking a horse-drawn carriage tour. The farm offers a variety of activities, such as fruit and vegetable picking, cooking classes, and traditional Thai farming demonstrations. Visitors can also taste fresh, organic fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, including papayas, pineapples, and coconuts. Overall, Vanich Farm is a perfect place to visit in Phuket for those who want to experience the beauty of nature while learning about traditional Thai culture and farming practices.

Kathu Waterfalls

Kathu Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Phuket, Thailand. It is easily accessible and is situated in the Kathu district, drawing both locals and visitors. The main cascade of the waterfall has several tiers and is about 20 meters high. The water is crystal clear and cooling, making it the ideal location for swimming and escaping the tropical heat. In addition, the surrounding jungle and rock formations offer a beautiful backdrop for admiration tourists. Along the way to the waterfall, there are several small food and souvenir stalls, offering a glimpse into local life. Overall, Kathu Waterfall is a great destination for nature lovers and anyone looking to experience the beauty of Phuket beyond its beaches.

FAQs on Upside Down House

The Upside Down House is a unique attraction in Phuket, designed to create the illusion that visitors are walking on the ceiling.

 The Upside Down House is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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